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I just have this to say, Elon Musk is a prickly pear cactus. Doesn't care whose pants he rips up.

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I don't think you read the article bub. This art has a qr code,

In the coming weeks, reports Artnet News, visitors will be able to activate a QR code near the sculpture and literally ask the “oracle” figure a question. They may then receive an answer from one of several unnamed celebrities, who will take turns answering queries with “mysterious, poetic vagaries"

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I just watched a video on Bitchute, conversation between the host and a hardworking Venezuelan man in Oklahoma who has lived in the US since he fled the early months of Hugo Chavez. He said the first thing Chavez did was round up the guns then described how quickly the living conditions deteriorated; shortages of everything, crime, and currency debasement.

I was just going to repost it here /but it's gone from bitchute. Vanished when I hit the refresh button and I can't remember the name of the channel. Here's the URL - https://www.bitchute.com/video/nZh4neJp6Fxb/

What's up at bitchute?

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Who dumps little girls on a river bank? Cartels do. I would never have thought to see my country at any time in any way, place or form; acquiesce to the trafficking of little girls.

But here we are.

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The part I have trouble with is government *giving me special privileges" to lead a normal life. These are also known as 'individual civil liberties' which I own as bestowed by god; and which they are trying to thieve with threats and lies. That's the problem.

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I was absolutely flabbergasted by that election. Who defeats their own national independence in an opportunity they've wanted for 500 years? Could not believe it.

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I don't want to get into petty catcalling and downvote wars here, that's why we left reddit.

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I didn't come here to argue with you, provide evidence, or dig up old youtube videos that are probably long gone.

I believe Ezra deleted a lot of the videos on their old channel very quickly, and I have no idea where to find that slapshot expose that the hot blonde Brit guy did on the Tommy Robinson swindle.

It all fell apart and Ezra ~shut the channel down~ .... and then it was reborn.

I'm not digging through the internet to re-live five years ago.

Look, you think whatever you want. I remember how it went down.

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Ezra was all about collecting email addresses and then extracting money through rebelnews; that was the actual purpose of the website to dun the public for money and more money to support his aims. And he has been involved in other questionable financial dealings.

Rebel news ceased to exist after all that shit went down, I have been astounded he has been able to bring it back to life again because his reputation was in tatters.

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I liked her better than Southern, she was a pistol. What's FG doing these days?

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Does he need to be Canadian to have an opinion on Rebel News? Ezra Levant is not an ethical man.

And if you had been paying attention during the Lauren Southern/Tommy Robinson days, you'd know why.

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Didn't they vote down their own independence about 5 years ago? Pfft.

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They're so desperate to get rid of their vaccine oversupply here in the People's Republic of Seattle, they're resorting to roving vax teams sent out

to target young adults at breweries, outdoor dining areas, parks, and beaches


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Perhaps you don't understand the difference between eschew and 'avoid'.

I like the New York Post and they don't have a comment section. I forgive them.

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consanguineous - having the same ancestry or descent; related by blood.

My new word du jour.

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Just a reminder that Obama signed a bill a decade ago which literally gave government permission to openly propagandize the American people, where before it had been prohibited. I believe it was the same legislation with the NDAA for which Chris Hedges sued him up to the Supreme court.

Is it any wonder that social media and journalism and TV and the whole lot are being whipped into a frenzy because flu? They own us now.

Government gave itself the right to do this years ago. It has been more effective than I ever imagined.

Obama passed two of the three worst pieces of legislation of the last 20 years, Obamacare as a runner-up. And of course the Patriot act comes in as #1 worst.

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I was expecting articles/opinions/statements, with titles, and stuff. I give zero shits what DT writes in his daily diary.

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Surely he could have found a more competent web designer? And that no interaction is possible makes it deadville. I generally eschew any site that doesn't allow comments/replies.

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I took a look at Trump's website today. It's awful. Barrenness, lack of interaction, and no titles nor descriptions of the content.

Complete dud.

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I saw one at Safeway last week. startling. They put it next to the lotto machine.

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I believe it was a woman who 'fell'. Her name has not been released anywhere I've found.

Switzerland's Tehran mission has a critical role in Iran's international relations. The US, which has adversarial relations with Tehran ever since the Islamic revolution in 1979 and has no diplomatic mission in the Iranian capital. It is the Swiss embassy in Tehran that represents the diplomatic interests of the US in the middle eastern country.

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The window tinting was completely darkened, almost impossible to see inside.

Still I'm sure word will get around to avoid randomly hijacking this guy.

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