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"People who ask you to ‘educate’ yourself while not having actually read any books themselves, while not being able to intelligently defend their own ideological positions, because by ‘educate,’ they actually mean ‘parrot what I say, flatten all nuance, wish away complexity." While i may not agree on all points with Chimamanda's life choices, she does know how to put the essence of the modern liberal into words.

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its Lt. Mike Byrd, i highly doubt the lawyer will make the info "we believe its the same guy who left his gun in a bathroom" public without having more than just a strong suspicion, they may be Ciaramella'd from saying it out loud, but this is a nice secondary avenue, and lets face it, if it werent Byrd they would open themselves up to one hell of a libel lawsuit, so at this point we can be 99.9% sure.

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the person who originally made that can most likely be found in the next revision under 2017.

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the longer you look, the worse it gets.

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kinda smells like shit, doesnt it?

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Skim Beeble!

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Her Name Is Victoria "Tori" Rose Smith: Three-year-old White Girl Beaten To Death By Her Black Adoptive Parents.

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theory: we have one president at a time, and the last time i checked Trump was still the commander in chief, so all the troops are directly under Trump's command. Nobody needs 20k+ troops to "secure" an inauguration where literally nobody will show up, but those troops and fortifications will come in handy when crazy leftists go balls out insurrection after finding out their puppet wont be president. Just saying.

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the vaccine is officially more deadly than the virus