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No that’s neoconservatism. Neocons are liberals riding the brakes.

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The next step in the narrative is going to be "The FBI was involved in facilitating Antifa breaking into the Capitol, but here's why it was necessary"

I can see some communist outlet like Slate Wapo or CNN publishing this

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Apparently runway models are now transphobic or some shit.

From the article: “ Victoria's Secret has done away with their world-famous Angels supermodels. In their place, Victoria's Secret has launched a campaign with high-profile women known for their accomplishments rather than their figures.

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe, freestyle skier Eileen Gu, model and advocate Paloma Essler, actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas, transgender model Valentina Sampaio, model and South Sudanese refugee Adut Akech and photographer Amanda de Cadenet are among those to spearhead the campaign, according to the outlet.”

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Sport ball player is BASED?!?!

Seriously though, corporations today are extremely risk averse. The slightest action will send the stock to the moon or into the ground. Ronaldo literally moved the soda can away from him and asked for a glass of water, and Coke lost $4 billion.

I’m all for Wokeacola deservedly losing money, but this is a gotcha headline that makes you think they’re losing big money. The stock will recoup the $4 billion by tomorrow.

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shaming me and bribing me with a donut

Yeah it’s pretty fucking pathetic

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Exactly. Just because they control the platform doesn’t mean we should cede ground to them and remove our ability to spread America First messaging.

That said, Tiktok is a data farming spyware app that funnels your personal information right to the CCP. As long as you know it tracks literally every root level function on your phone, and you’re willing to sacrifice your personal data to the Chinese communist government, feel free to use Tiktok and bombard it with MAGA

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I’m pro vaccine and honestly it’s ridiculous that the antivaxxers are roping us in with them just because we don’t trust this particular vaccine.

Saying I won’t get the vaccine because it was rushed and untested and is technically still in clinical trial phase does not make me an antivaxxer

Vaccines do a tremendous amount of social good and have eradicated dangerous illnesses that would have otherwise killed our grandparents as children. As a man of science I encourage you to vaccinate yourselves for known dangerous diseases.

Covid is not one of them.

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Well of course it doesn’t “stay in your arm”. The whole point of a vaccine is to stimulate an immune system response. The vaccine enters your bloodstream, naturally it will circulate your whole body. This is true of any vaccine ever.

What we don’t fully grasp is the nature of the spike protein (ie why otherwise healthy people occasionally react horribly to it) and the long term effects of it.

Until this comes to light, do not get the vaccine.

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Even putting aside the degeneracy factor, what you choose to do in the bedroom isn’t an accomplishment. If you’re a man and you like dick, the world doesn’t need you to broadcast it.

The pride people spent years claiming we shouldn’t care what others do in the bedroom, only for them to force us to care about what others do in the bedroom.

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Steven Crowder is pretty MAGA. Like us, he’s pissed at current GOPe leadership. He did his own private investigation into Nevada fraud and YouTube booted him from the platform over it.

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Over the last few years I have come to realize the civil war is likely not one with violent armed conflict, but rather slow social and political manipulation.

And I got news for you pedes. We’re already in it

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Our country is run worse than a 3rd world shithole

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Tbf I’d probably fold it up tight and shove it in my pants. Are they really gonna strip search you? I mean maybe, they’re communists and communists are pretty into being gay and all that

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How do people keep bringing flags into the stadium? Like knowing the communists at the MLB I’m sure if they found the flag in your bag at security they’d confiscate it (hella unconstitutional too but I’m surprised they aren’t doing this already)

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