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Then tell that to the people who says that CRT is JUST ahistorical, not anti-white, which is BTW, CUCKING. If that is brand of optics, by lying through omission instead of telling the truth, that is also CUCKING.

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I know several people who simp for this landwhale on the OPs I've dropped about this same bitch is saying that CRT isn't anti-white because it just fuels white determination, which is this bitch scared of.

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I know there are fslurs in this very forum that simps for this whale and calls people stormcucks unironically for saying that CRT is anti-white and should not be called as such because optics. They'll be here any minute now, oh just so you wait.

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If you're going to sugarcoat the truth, you might as well lie. If you're going to dumb down the truth, you might as well as say nothing. Is the optics worth more than the truth?

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Let's ask the shaboz on the previous OP, they're really defensive and pushing that CRT is ahistorical instead of anti-white, which raises red flags to me. I wonder what they're up to.

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Nice diversion, shaboz. CRT isn't anti-white isn't it and doesn't advocate for a white genocide. Next thing you'll tell me that the genocide under the Cultural Revolution didn't happened and the Holodomor is just a myth.

Okay shaboz, it's okay to come out as one now.

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These scumbags only target Christians. And the left says they're inclusive and tolerant. Fuck them.

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For someone who says they are "anti-fascists", they seem to use fascist tactics to silent dissent.

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He's been crazy, from the very beginning. I don't know why people get attracted to an obnoxious Brit who have the wits of a moron and have the apperance of a beluga, just to seek opinions about video games. Are people too brainless to even make up their minds themselves?

That's why we got famous article readers like Yongyea and Quarterpounder, who reads articles and say lukewarm takes like they're intelligent. You built this monster, folks. Admit it.

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That's baby level punishment. They do what they call The Rack, which ties the limbs and head of the punished and slap the horses at the end to peel off every limb and heads with brute force.

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Because they're wearing skirts and perfumes, they are asking to get raped!

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Him and his family. And the whole Democrat party. And the whole Marxist media.

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He should've gave a right hook so that soy beta cuck had kissed the canvass. A slap won't even do much damage.

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