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To your point I am continually amazed at friends that I assumed were versed in the history of media obfuscation and manipulation who aren't even familiar with the nyt 1930s coverup.

Why 1932 and 1939? These are the years that the NY Times chose to ignore, cover up, and whitewash for ideological purposes what were among the worst genocides of the 20th century -- the Ukraine famine and the Holocaust.


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That's a great point. It outlasted even Rush. The last caller brought a tear to my eye.

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To your point, LBJ stole the 1948 TX senate race with Coke Stevenson.

"Of course, in many instances, physical voters weren’t used at all. In precincts where the bosses had total control, such as the Salas-run Precinct 13 in Alice, TX, they would simply add to the tally sheet as many votes as their candidate needed. This was the case with the scandalous 200 votes, which were a product of Parr, seeing that Johnson was still about 150 votes short a week after the Election..."


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The optimism and humor is something I so miss as well.

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