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Elon Musk is likely doing this to stay in the good graces of the USDT, the Fed and the SEC.

Thinking a billionaire like Musk is based is a big mistake.

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I love Mass Effect 1 and 2 but I won't be buying this censored version.

I already have the pc versions of all three originals and I mod them so why should I buy this gimped shit and end up giving my money to EA?

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I agree that pretty much every Trump voter despises these neocon traitors.

McConnell needs to be removed as Senate minority leader as well but I have heard he is going to retire soon and push his boy John Thune as his replacement. Primarying Thune is a must.

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McCarthy needs to be removed but I don't see that happening.

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Taking any of these experimental vaccines is assuming a good amount of risk.

Safe and effective my ass.

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I guarantee you they will uphold the verdict.

The left has absolved Blacks of all accountability.

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Seriously fuck Andrew Yang and his psychotic UBI proposals.

I despise this clown.

He is a complete embarrassment to Asian Americans.

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We should never allow the intentional harm of any children just to spite the feminist cunts.

Both little girls and little boys should not be harmed by these big pharma experimental vaccines just because their feminist mothers are retarded.

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We don't even need to check early life for this crazy bitch.

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Yep trannies don't count as trannies if they run as a (R).

The state of the left 🤡

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I finished the whole game and only the main villain deported some illegal aliens.

Some of the secondary villains like Mabuchi and his crew were illegal aliens themselves.

Kume/ Bleach Japan were secondary villains and essentially sjws who wanted to enforce their morality on everyone. I see Bleach Japan as basically Antifa/BLM.

The two Omi clan lieutenants even worked with illegals when it suited them: Tendo and Ishioda didn't care about anything except their own rise to power.

I don't think the game was trying to preach opening the borders as a good thing.

The main takeaway theme from the game is essentially it is never too late to work hard and try to fix your life back from rock bottom. Ichiban exemplifies that. The other main theme is the power of friendship cliche.

Overall I really enjoyed the game and I don't think that they were trying to push the message of diversity or open borders as a good thing.

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That still doesn't undo how terribly they have treated men for years.

No one can unring that bell.

No one can fix the damage that has already been wrought.

Bitterness, disgust, resentment cannot be erased.

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This happened because:

Female hypergamy is through the roof.

Women's expectations for partners are very unrealistic.

Dating apps like Tinder have helped foster the degeneracy of hookup culture where young women whore it up with Chads then after they hit the wall they try to find a rich beta male to marry.

Society has been heavily favoring women in education and in hiring. There are a lot more well paid college educated women than there are college educated men.

The widespread rise of feminism in western society means there is a pervasive anti-male sentiment in society. Women can easily ruin the lives of any man with a few words of a false sexual allegation.

The witch hunting culture of the metoo movement has caused a lot of men to be rightfully wary of blindly trusting women not to ruin mens' lives.

All of these previous mentioned factors have caused a rise in MGTOW where smart men realize that gambling on women is not worth all the potential risks.

I myself am a MGTOW who doesn't want to date, fuck or cohabitate with a woman and I definitely will never marry.

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I despise corporate "journalists" as much as you or maybe even more.

I agree that this is a freedom of speech issue as well as Padilla attacking a journalist who he hates.

There are very few people that are actual journalists. Glenn Greenwald, Whitney Webb, Patrick Howley and Alex Berenson are some of the few real journalists that actually write about the truth even when it goes against the uniparty.

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Alex Padilla, one of CA's two senators, calls for the silencing of Tucker Carlson by falsely claiming that Tucker is dangerous for America.

This is a blatant attack on the freedom of the press.

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It is not 68 percent who are not vaccinated sadly.


45.26 are partially vaccinated, 32 percent are fully vaccinated.

Good news is that they still haven't hit the 50 percent mark of the country's overall population.

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You can thank Lyndon B Johnson for that.

The motherfucker's Great Society programs utterly destroyed the self sustainability of Black Americans and made them into what they are now.

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I love this.

This guy treats corrupt western journalists like how they deserve to be treated.

Based as hell.

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After seeing the ending I became disappointed that I ever liked ASOIAF. In hindsight, it is clear that everything after Season 4 was complete shit.

I have no more interest in anything to do with Martin or his works.

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If you define Minorities as only Blacks and illegal alien Hispanics then yes.

The current system definitely does not favor Asians who are also minorities.

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