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2015 a SARS like virus explains the protocol.

He's wrong that it necessarily involved a single ancestral virus and serial passage.

Instead you can get two ancestral viruses. Chop their RNA into parts then shuffle them.

Two viruses are actually hundreds of viruses or near infinite.

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There are worse implications of this people don't realise. Denying truth so things can't be used "as tools for racists" is the scientific method.

The scientific method is something like this...

Is X true?

  • Can can X being true be used as a tool for racism?
  • If yes than X is not true.

People don't realise but it's almost international law for all scientific methods to incorporate that logic. It's a UN declaration.

There are enormous problems with this. This is where the scientific denial of races comes in but the problem here is that race can be used as a tool for racism and denying race can be used as a tool for racism.

Science officers hold as an axiom that all races are biologically the same other than in their appearance.

However, there has never been any scientific basis for this claim. In fact there's considerable empirical data to the contrary. Racial capabilities do indeed appear to vary and there appears to be a biological basis for that.

If you read the UN's declaration on race since the second world war it has egg on it's face. To give an example, when only a handful of scientists had access to genetics they said there were no differences between races and that you can only identify individuals with genetics but not their race.

We've always known this is false based on directly observable traits resulting from genetics. We've also always known because even without accept to genetic data we know the data scheme as well as processing and can formally prove race. It gets worse.

Now that genetics is available to everyone we've proven that's false to the most extreme degree. Statements like their being more genetic differences between individuals of a race than between different races collapse.

You can take a thousand genetic samples and cluster them by statistical similarity. When you look at the people surprise they're grouped by race. How did that happen? Are genetics racist?

They conceded this point. The UN issued a declaration saying it was becoming impossible to fully maintain their scientific method due to the advance of consumer genetics then raised the risk of genetic discrimination. Unfortunately it's too late.

The political method is deeply embedded in the scientific method as an overriding force. There are some million or so publications all based on that foundation in layers up to a thousand layers deep.

They have this belief that all races are fully interchangeable. They believe that you can have all parents in a white country like Germany adopt their children from Africa and they'll all grow up the same as Germans with no difference made.

If there is a difference well it can't be biological so it must be racism right?

There's really no basis for this succeeding. It hasn't worked in the USA. The black population isn't particularly beneficial to the USA. Most analysts would come to the conclusion the USA would be better off without the black population. If historically they weren't shipped to the USA then it would be better.

What they are doing now where they want to import millions of people from bottom performing countries into top performing countries is really not something that has been done successfully especially as of late where most barriers for success have been removed leaving biological constraints as now a major proportion of the cause for lower success.

Because it's a priori treated as undeniable truth then when it doesn't match up with the empirical data they'll insist that it must be some other force. It's like dark matter which is why you end up with things like magic invisible racism or systemic racism to explain it.

There's no such thing as wind. Must be ghosts. All the dead racist people of yore must be floating around haunting everything.

This is a far serious problem than just debate. This UN approved version of the scientific method is used for policy such as ethnically cleansing a town of its white population and replacing it with a black population.

When the town the does poorly blame the opposite political party or something for sabotaging the town because they're racist with no evidence of anything like that happening.

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I'm certain there are a few here. I think when the traffic drops you're left with a much higher concentration of infiltrators.

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I'm not sure what you mean but I just have experience in research.

I consider our war to be against NATO because if you look in some of the links I've gathered there's a NATO document on disinformation disclosing that it's using information warfare against its own people.

It's combatting disinformation but what is that? It presents that as for example information that had the impact of people voting to leave the EU in Britain.

What business does NATO have in that?

I don't thing NATO realises what they're doing otherwise why publish that? It's a confession.

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It's obvious that 5 eyes is becoming increasingly corrupt. In principle it should be a good thing. In practice what has been readily apparent is that it has been abused and has taken on a life of its own.

I think a lot of people miss that the deep state is one form of a concept which is manifest in other ways such as global networks.

The thing is not enough American's as asking questions about British ties and political interference. We sort of have a blank cheque to interfere with each other.

If you think my take on five eyes is from Q, it's not. I was raising this back in 2016 and Q's discourse is often derivative of conversations already going on. It was blatantly obvious at the time that the Anglosphere or 5 eyes was against Trump and resources were being drawn from it to try to depose Trump or basically trying to implement regime change in the USA shifting from the NATO narrative of Assad must go to Trump must go.

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People believe stuff too easily including screwing around. Like believing Q is an insider just because he says when all his stuff is just what you get if you study and then speculate.

I'm not sure I understand why anyone seriously followed him in the first place.

The first thing he did was to post fake news then just led people along being deliberately difficult.

Also that always struck me as someone complaining Trump wasn't fulfilling his election promise of putting Clinton in jail.

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It's called a joke.

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I did, they downvoted it. I'm not going to blame them to be fair.

I'd rather do more research first. My pattern recognition can flair up sometimes.

The thing it taking it there is like going to Christianity and saying your God doesn't exist. That's arrogance.

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Why is it that after having one little kerfuffle with you which you take way too seriously, someone is suddenly going through and downvoting all my shit automatically?

You're also the type. You started downvoting my stuff immediately after replying and only narcissists or sociopaths from reddit do that.

I was going to leave this as you're being stubborn, with your dial stuck and something is wrong with your tone detection but I take back all that now.

I can take an insult that's fine, your behaviour is different to that. It's puerile unadulterated hostility. You can't see the funny side of anything, you're stuck up, full of yourself, this is not normal.

You are a reddit tranny. I'm certain of it. They did all these things to take over reddit and it was really obvious. The thing is, out of ten thousand user interactions, even some dumb fights, almost none of them behaviour like you are.

It really stands out. Normal people don't get butthurt so easily they can be bothered to hit the downvote but going through and downvoting everything I'm doing I think the moderators should start looking into your IP address and try to figure out how to detect you lot over from reddit.

I think if they start applying statistical analysis it would catch people like you easily. This is a test in academia for sociopathy. They push the electric shock button too much. I think the mods only need program a simple quota system for users and downvotes based on the averages and then flag users like you.

The thing is there's one bit of friction and then you hold this fucking epic grudge and it gives you away. Your ability not to take a jab gives away the cut of your jib.

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It's not really the appropriate place. They take Q seriously. I don't want to go straight in with something they'll automatically dismiss on face value saying Q is a sham.

If we can get proof then it's different but there's enormous circumstantial evidence for him being Q.

I matched this guy to Q using only data from mid 2016 or older and Q's posts.

Then when I looked into him further he works in military intelligence, specifically propaganda, he explicitly advocates lying and infiltration, working in things like counter insurgency, is pro-intervention, pro-NATO and to top it off he released a paper on pol in 2020 around the time Q disappeared.

I really think he's potentially behind Q.

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I emailed him to see if he'll confirm or deny. I just asked straight up rather than pretending to be a blackmailer or something.

Either way I really think we need to start the hunt for Q.

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I added a comment with links in and a bit more at the root.

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May add more later.

Involved in Libya propaganda campaign.

Public support for military interventions is both critical to secure and invariably difficult to maintain. While foreign-policy specialists frequently underscore the importance of having a compelling strategic narrative to legitimise military intervention, most studies fail to explain how transmitted government narratives are actually mediated by the press and ultimately received by the public. Thomas Colley examines the public's response to the UK's strategic narrative on the 2011 military intervention in Libya, assessing the UK government's use of several strands in its messaging and exploring how these were mediated and received by the British media and public.

He was almost definitely working on the Syria campaign, in Clinton's camp effectively. Clinton lost votes because of her interventionist policies and because of the collapse of the narrative in Syria. Trump ultimately signified the failure of their war campaign.

/pol was a major source of counter propaganda. NATO took over reddit (Atlantic Council is NATO, who because their chief of policy).

I'm a British sleuth. We put enormous efforts into manipulating US politics and controlling its interventions. Christopher Steele was one of ours. There's a good chance Q was too. Heck Guccifer 2.0 could have been one of ours.

There's a special relationship we have where usually we can do stuff the US can't with intelligence and vice versa so we use each other for loopholes. The DNC is able to use British intelligence against its opposition in the US for example in ways it wouldn't get away with domestically.

If I was looking to hire someone with the skills and experience, including the background to be Q, this would be the perfect CV.

Q Data:

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Just look him up.

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I reposed it to conspiracies because I don't think it will easily gain traction here. It's a bit downer if it's true that it was a British spook like Steele, though makes sense if you think about it.

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There's software out there for it but I just downloaded a text file of all the Q posts, then skimmed it for a low frequency colloquialism that stood out, then just did a google search for exactly that with the date set to nothing after end of 2016 and hit this.

"Much will be revealed," < 6/6/2016 was enough. Skimmed it and a hit for that style a few results down. Then checked a few other things and it looks like it could well be him. Fifth result had a sentence starting with that.

Checked it out then holy...

Someone should do more research into this. Don't need to script unless you need to do in bulk. Manual is fine. Never followed anything to do with Q before. I get fed up and take a look because someone is whining that it's Putin and takes me a minute to find this prime suspect.

I am going to mess around with JGAAP later. This is an exciting find.

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I'm fairly confident Q is just 4chan screwing around. The user Q' is not really relevant. I don't think they have ever said Trust the plan. It's someone else, some other force that picked that out. If you look at the Q' posts they're garbage. Junk mail. Spam and trash. Reminds me of a low quality bulletin board.

There was some impetus for 4chan to create a religion for jokes seeing how easy it is to create one from scientology.

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The prosecutor is an absolute idiot. Complaining that Putin wouldn't criticise China for abstaining in the UNSC on Crimea?

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