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I use to live in Humboldt Park/Logan Square. It's actually one of the good neighbourhoods; no where near the green line/East Garfield.

Honestly though, this stuff can happen anywhere in the city. It keeps getting worse and worse too.

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I got this game years back and never got very far with it. The drifting mechanics are super frustrating and I could never get the hang of them.

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or don't be a pussy and exercise your human rights to medical privacy.

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Something few people bring up: the guy with the Confederate Flag .. it's brand new. You can see the crease marks on it. He just pulled it from the package.

There are not a lot of confederate flags at Trump rallies and most of the Trump supporters had the confederate flag. Why? Because the South fucking lost. Trump is a winner, and he doesn't stand for half of America. He stands for all of America.

That guy with the brand new confederate flag was a fucking plant or a moron .. or both.

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Listen to No Agenda Podcast.

("punching in the mouth" is their term for getting new listeners)

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"Health Integrity Program" .. It's called Newspeak. They literally believe logically contradictory ideas and see no issue for them.

I swear Project Veritas is the only organization doing any real investigative journalism any more. I hope they win every fucking liable lawsuit against all the big media and tech companies, and crush every fact checker under the boot of their honor and integrity.

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I've always viewed Snowden as a Limited Hangout (I think he still works for either the State Dept, or a three letter agency like the CIA/NSA .. leaking information intentionally). His story doesn't make any sense. Some guy, earning six figured as an NSA contractor, working remotely from Hawaii, with his smoking hot girlfriend, somehow got several laptops filled with classified information (that he just downloaded over VPN?), suddenly got a moral conscience and hopped on a plane to give his information to Greenwald and DerSpegial and no one has been able to find him?

I don't think he's legit in any sense, but he's been saying a lot of stuff lately that sounds .. well .. sound. Everything from COVID19 response and taking away our liberties to this.

I wonder if we'll ever learn his real motives, backers and endgames.

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I love Barnes. He does a weekly livestream with Viva Barnes where they break down a lot of major legal topics. It's really good stuff; highly recommend. They're one of the very early live-streaming betas on Rumble along with Crowder (for when both of them get perma-banned from the YouToobes)

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I think you mean 24/7 hate. Orwell never predicted news networks would be this vigilant for the party.

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It's kinda long, I'm ~20 min in and it's really good but also heartbreaking. I'm sure some of you have seen other videos of these women. I think they're totally legit. Their symptoms have gotten better, but they still have convulsions during this interview.

Millions of people will get this thing and probably not have issues, but people who are having issues like this are being totally dismissed and ignored. It's super fucked.

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The next thing that's coming down the slippery slope? Paedophile acceptance.

Let's start letting 25 year olds and 13 year olds fuck. It's just like the crazy hard core cults that allow child marriage, but for all genders and without the marriage.

You every read Brave New World? It is prophecy.

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Please, he probably doesn't do any bending over, unless it's to clean the house. People like that don't have sex.

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I don't see it on page 65. I just see stuff about pregnant women. I can't find the word "shedding" either. What's the section number you're looking at?

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This is how the case against the police in Rodney King went down. Rodney King later went on to be arrested 11 more times for crimes such as assault and drunk driving. He took the millions he got in a state settlement and tried to create a record label which failed. He died drowning a pool while drunk and high and absolutely nothing of value was lost.

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I can't finish watching it. So much cringe. You know, it's terrible to say this because it would be horrific ... but part of me hopes this barely tested medication (that's not a vaccine) does render 60%+ of these people sterile, if only as a lesson of how dangerous this type of experimentation is at this scale.

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I've been using name.com for years. I don't know what their response on censorship is though.

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This is a hypothetical scenario designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges that could potentially emerge during a naturally occurring infectious disease outbreak requiring development and distribution of novel and/or investigational drugs, vaccines, therapeutics, or other medical countermeasures. The infectious pathogen, medical countermeasures, characters, news media excerpts, social media posts, and government agency responses described herein are entirely fictional.

Yes, it says so and we all see that. Now look up Vigilant Guardian. I think everyone here realizes this is a document about a future fictional situation, but in the past those fictional situations have been used as either playbooks for actual events, or as smoke screens to distract from actual events. That's what you should be seeing when you read this document.

They want to lay out their means of control so they can say, "We planned for this," not "we're creating this."

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He's said on Rogan that he did believe homosexuality was a choice, but he wish he didn't choose it. ?!?

I think the pedo stuff that got him axed is the reality: in his mind he used those priests .. and maybe he did. Maybe he's such a psycho he used sexual favours with persists as a kid to get advantages ... or maybe he's not a psycho and convinced himself to believe that, to with his abuse.

The hard and even moderate left doesn't want to even touch on the delicate issues of homosexuality and pederasty. Homosexuality is likely a mix of nature and nurture ... but how many gay man were abused as children ... and how many wouldn't be gay if they hadn't been?

People cancelled Milo after some of his comments .... but maybe he shouldn't have been. Maybe people needed to listen to that man, because within those words was the cry of a tortured generation.

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I don't think we'll even have viable self driving cars, even within 15 years. There is no way to realistically get fully autonomous vehicles without solving general AI and if we do, Marvin the Robot isn't going to be happy wasting his time, with all the computational power in the universe, driving your lazy fat ass to work.

Even if we could somehow figure out consciousness and sentience, and reproduce it partially in some kind of machine, it would likely not scale like you see in the movies. You cannot just add more cores to a brain and suddenly be able to do math faster. Consciousness/intelligence scaling might not be possible.

Also, our first general AI may have the intelligence of a dog, suitable for doing simple tasks, but not suitable for driving a vehicle. How do you even measure intelligence in that regard? How intelligent is a plant? How much of our subjective measure of intelligence is based on evolved behavioural traits and instincts.

I agree though. It's unlikely we'll see conscious machines, unless someone has a truly eureka moment and delves into a new field of machines that are not based on semiconductors and silicon.

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I avoid used laptops or hard drives, but video cards are very safe. They have a low failure rate and a lot of them are built to last years. My oldest video cards worked long past their usefulness. If you find an old GeForce2, it will likely still work.

Speakers are another great thing to look for used. I got a pair of KEFs off of Craigslist for $380 two years (retail for $450 each!) and they've been totally solid since.

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