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Grim Dawn is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2. Can vouch for it.

It's a solid ARPG with a kick ass setting. The class combinations are absolutely off the chain, the leveling is broad and impactful, it's well balanced and the combat is solid.

It's everything you want out of Diablo and more.

I do think it gets a bit repetitious and even on my first playthrough on veteran it got painfully easy after a short while and it pretty much stopped giving me interesting gear.

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I dunno. There are a lot more games now and a lot of them are decent. But when was the last time anyone played anything that really blew their minds?

We haven't had a Diablo or Myst or Ocarina of Time or Skyrim or Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII in well over a decade.

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What an absolute hard core gamer chad would you have to be to be able to answer any possible query that any random caller could have for you? You'd have to be prepared for anything and quite possibly have that particular level of that particular game ready to play in a second, or a photographic memory of it.

Granted, they probably had their own guides and write ups if not the official guides themselves, but still, you'd have to be a walking video game encyclopedia.

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It's always the same small cast of actors on the same tiny stage. We just keep letting them get away with it over and over and over again.

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Yeah, it might have been evangelical wackjobs like Cracker Jack Thompson and the televangelist dipshits talking about "MuH eViiLz oF VidEya gAyeMzz!!"

but it was the democrat politicians (and their fat fucking unelected wives) who actually took that shit to congress.

Of course, the whole point was to get the industry to lobby so the gubment could bring them into the racket.

The worst that gameing ever had to contend with on the right was Thompson, and it's comical thinking that at one point Cracker Jack was actually considered a threat.

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If the constitution's that good then this resolution can't be any better.

Hello Abbot is just wasting space again. All this is, is another strongly worded letter.

Anyone who's actually interested in upholding the constitution would have DONE SOMETHING by now. And Abby is all theatre. He's had numerous chances to make actual chad moves and he's flaked out on every one of em.

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Never said I was. Do you often have feelings of insecurity that you project onto others?

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What a useless faggot this guy is. Fucker signs a resolution for shit that's already outlined in the fucking CONSTITUTION!

For what? Funsies?

What an absolute dipstick.

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A game no one played gets a sequel no one asked for.

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Wait wait wait. Is this a parody of the trailer or did Obsidian actually do this?

Because if so, The Outer Worlds 2 will be worth it for the reveal trailer alone.

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What good do you think these morons would be to you even if you could get through to them? Why waste your time trying to convince crayon eaters not to eat crayons? If they weren't hopelessly stupid they would already know this.

Are you really going to go door to door, one by one, trying to enlighten every single oblivious twit from coast to coast? WHY??? What would it accomplish? Do you expect them to actually do something with that information, even if they somehow did finally get it?

You'd be wasting your breath.

Less talk, more ACTION.

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Whew. I won't give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're not either a 10 year old wimp whos mommy has kept sheltered or someone with the mind of one.

So I'll just ignore you from now on, confident that your own nonsensical posts alone can indicate to anyone with sense that you're just not very bright.

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Jackass, I just told you reasoning with them won't work.

Then I told you what will work that's even more aggressive and takes even more guts and your dumbass pretends that I'm being defeatist?

Are you that stupid or are you a shill? Probably both.

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Not exactly.

Most people raising children are conservative.

Most people having children are liberal trash because they'll fuck anything with a face.

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