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install the program "youtube downloader"


It can download videos from many different platforms, including twitter etc. If you can't download with that from odysee, you should be able to use it to download from bitchute:


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agreed. this was a fake. people can't seem to let it go though. Especially the flat heads among us.

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The final segment of the film (last 20 minutes or so) gives an excellent summary of the minutae of the rival theory to germ theory, terrain theory, first identified by Bechamp. The explanation covers the tiniest fragments of life, as identified by Bechamp, which likely produce DNA itself. The documentary makers are working on a short version, without the lengthy proofs provided in this version, which are extended clips of Dr. Lanka Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Cowan, among others.

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Video of Dr. Derek Knauss, a clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory, talking about this:


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Obama's mama had a nifty talent involving inserting a beer bottle... somewhere

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Ok, looks like it was an election 2020 libtard larp:


The address of the corporation is Trump Tower in New York. But the corporation doesn't exist anywhere.

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This page has a breakdown and screenshots of the PDF for those who don't want to download:

(scroll down to the second story)

The PDFs are scans of printed pages. The pages were apparently printed PDF files on a usb. The first page of the PDF is a cover letter in German explaining the provenance of the documents (translated excerpt):

I have usb sticks ordered via Amazon and received it last week. A stick was opened packaging and were also data on it (PDF texts). So I wanted to send the stick back first thought no first look exactly what that is. I can't read English very well, but what I understand is a list of abducted people Children! They are probably caught and exploited, it is terribly sad. A company CYM runs camps and evaluates children. They offer the adrenochrome and sell it!!! Diposal means disposal! There are hundreds of pages and I can only recommend a few of them print.

If it's a larp, it's a very elaborate one. The pages and tables would have taken quite a bit of time to do and get right, they look like legitimate documents from a real company.

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I think it's a old timey selfie - selftimer on a camera. The camera is either on a tripod or just sitting on a kitchen counter. The video of him dancing was also self done. You see him turn around, approach the camera at the end, and reach out as if to pick up the camera.

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The image gave me pause when I first saw it, since one strand of research into the Sandy Hook event has Lanza not being into guns, or being unable to handle large guns like these.

I ran it through one of those free photoshop detectors online and it doesn't have any artifacts that would denote a fake (though of course there could be editing and photocreation techniques available to intelligence agencies that aren't detectable by those free online tools).

Anyway, the image seemingly contradicts at least partly that one part of the conspiracy theorizing around the event. Unless of course he is just posing and never actually used these guns.

However, with regards his supposed physical or social inabilities; there is also a short video online (i've seen it on 4chan) that shows Lanza was a master at those dancing games in arcades - very quick, agile, precise and controlled. He looks like he could compete in an international competition. It's a video he took of himself in an arcade, clearly he was proud of his ability.

So, to add to this, an article was published just the other day detailing another theory of the event (admitedly speculative and unsourced):


..saying that Sandy Hook was a Satanic / Occult event, children really were killed and presumably Lanza was some kind of MKUltra'ed killer like Sirhan Sirhan. It's a wild theory, out of left filed, but it fits with some of the very odd behaviour of some of the victims parents - i.e. they are satanists who helped organise the event and sacrificed their children (if they even were their biological children). Mixed in among the Satanists, some unwitting familie's children were also sacrificed, creating some parents who seemed genuinely grief stricken and some who were obviously pretending.

(Interestingly, this article seemingly was quickly taken down by Makow, which is odd since he posts all manner of stuff on his site that never gets removed)

This theory admittedly doesn't adress any of the many other strange anomalies or evidence from the day of the event or the ensuing investigation - for example; the photos of the supposed crime scene that lacked any evidence of a blood bath or mass shooting.

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Incidentally, has recent low solar activity caused the worldwide recent spate of volcanic erruptions, even from volcanoes though to be dormant?

And while people have connected the apparently extremely low incidence of flu recently (according to official statistics) to covid-fuckery; could this actually be attributed to that same low solar activity?

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It's not something that occurs just after the shot, but later when your immune system is triggered by something. Immune response goes into overdrive, is a very simplified way of explaining it. It killed ferrets in tests after they had the mrna shots and later caught colds.

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Looks like she died within a coulple of weeks of her second shot:


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The cytokine storm was noted in prior-to-covid-19 tests of mRNA shots in ferrets. It's unique to the mRNA shots as far as I know. The ferrets had no immediate reactions to the shots, but subsquently caught fairly normal colds that caused cyckine storm and killed them. This all happened before anyone ever heard of covid-19. New animal tests for the current covid-19 mRNA shots have so far not been conducted, at least according to public knowledge.

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Yes, you did read that correctly. Third-wave deaths will predominantly be driven by people who have been vaccinated.

SAGE document source (Page 10) (pdf link)

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"the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15% and ~1.5-2.0 billion infections by February 2021 with substantial differences in IFR and in infection spread across continents, countries, and locations."

-Feb 2021


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