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Person1: Are you vaccinated?

Person2: Well,I am chosing my poison like you so I vaccinated myself last Friday with Johnnie Walker.

PS for Person2: RUN !!!

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Asperger or something alone is not source of evil and problems. Being surrounded by leftists and other such crooks and being weak - that's the source of such evil and problems.

Not only people with Asperger lust for being accepted by other people. But life teaches that acceptation of wrong people could have terrible price...

Linus is weak man whose daughter become leftist,man who allowed leftists to invade his project (linux kernel). He is simply avoiding confrontation in fear and the rest of his "scientific" behaviour is rationalizing cognitive dissonance or being already brainwashed or corrupted by people surrounding him. He probably believes he has so many to lose - and it is why he is losing & loser...

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There is a reason why Sagan not used this term. Using terminology is the key to finding knowledge. And those kike & freemason was not good guy to help use it for good cause - or to share it. Understanding psychology and manipulation is very powerful knowledge by the way. Especially powerful and dangerous if somebody uses it for manipulation without qualm. Cabal members are doing that of course...

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Why would they so effectively destroy the trust they've worked so hard to build up?

Destroy ? No.Use when it is most needed.

Why would they wake us up?

Pre-emptive strike & Damage control. Maintaining some control over the narration and view over those too smart to not notice what is going on. Are you sure we all really were needing waking up by Q ?

Notice - there were many whistle-blowers revealing many important part of the puzzle... And why cabal can do that ? Because this their operation may be critical one - and after it they would get with probability >99% get what they want - extermination of us,and gaining absolute control over sheeple for eternity...

The key would be how many sheeple will be in comparison to awakened ones in such scenario.And releasing some of the truth about their plans may be also control tests before moving forward towards next stage of their plan.If too many people would be against them they would simply move the date of achieving next stage... Do you remember bird flu 10 years ago ? Unsuccessful for them. But isn't it similar to Cow-id19?

More - if we wouldn't be majority releasing the truth and mocking us already would make sheeple ignoring things when which will happen when those things would become obvious. There are many awakened people - but enough ? Hope so,or we could get into more serious trouble than majority of people here could imagine...

I hope my view wouldn't make you too scarred. Hope everything will be fine and Q wouldn't be psyop against us. I would be glad to be 100% sure it is so...

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I feel bad for you for not having complete trust in anyone.

It wouldn't be so bad if/when GA.win will be again under siege of MSM as it was on january 6th. In such moment I hope I might be useful. And I await this moment as that would mean plan is somehow working (or even if not - that would mean that enemy is engaging us what would mean he is losing resources needed somewhere else)

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Remain CALM. We are here for a reason. Patriots are in control.

All would be right if it would be surely confirmed that patriots ARE in control. We are still waiting, some Qincidences look like suggesting that Q operation happens,but what if that is only pareidolia ? Or what if we are lied ?

Ok,easy way would be calling me a doomer or shill and deporting.After all it is all against the rules here - isn't it ? Indeed doubts could do big harm if Q operation is active and if everything is fine. But those things are after "if" nevertheless. If cabal wouldn't be stopped / isn't already stopped quick death would be best of the best what we could get...

Cabal want to "vaccinate" children in America.In Poland where I live they plan this too from september. And claims "remain CALM" are not enough when you know what are consequences. Some people claim deep state is scared of audits,other claim deep state are just actors to wake up the people - any cohesive conclusions then ?

Maybe I am "not anon".I did my small part in research, I support you all people - even if you may be wrong you are great people nevertheless. I just have habbit to not fully trust anyone.Well - if Q is military intelligence real intelligence shall have those habbit too isn't it ? But in comparison to them I am ignorant,as I am still not sure what the heck is really going on - are we seeing real signs,or are we delusioned by pareidolia ?

Q have mercy, if that is really "film" I would like to see closing credits soon not in 2999 or so...

Personally, I am immune to FUD.

Nice,but such immunity is so beneficial like no feeling pain during the battle. Berserker is best warrior until he accidentally bleeds out (not noticing it before falling)

And about those FBI bullshit about "incoming attacks" ? Nobody shall do anything until shit hits the fan,we shall prepare,make those preparations more intensive - but even if Q would be proven to be enemy psyop we will have the duty to hold the line before we get critical mass or we are all dead.By falstart we would make other similar thinking people extremely vulnerable - and their families too. No option any patriot not being completely dumb would do such thing, as that would do only harm. But be armed and be ready,as all of us able to stay and finish them anytime is best psychological weapon ever - and checkmate for them

And of course if anybody will do any attack alone all Q supporters have duty to condemn such person,even if such person would look like a hero in our eyes.

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u/newuserfromreddit: And on your red.dit its users were talking about subjecting Trump supporters to just the same. Also red.dit commies were talking about harming or taking children of conservatives. And were promoting "denouncing" and rejecting conservative family members -case of infamous Helen Duke promoted on red.dit - young woman being in fact American version of Pavlik Morozow is just the example.

So simply : fuck you and go back to your red.dit supporting pedophiles (like for example formed red.dit moderator Ghislaine Maxwell) you commie piece of shit !

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My theories: some russian not understanding russian version of "no-smoke" & cyka blyat moment, or mafia or some Chechen looking for his virgins...

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u/pizzakek: well of course there is some link,the question is that IS NOT solid proof Trump is one of them. That and photos with Epstein suggest there they were at least trying to get hook on him/make him joining them. That isn't however still NOT the proof Trump is one of them.

That indeed shall be investigated more and unfortunately there will be problem on GA.win with asking to research it because of dogmatism of many Q theory supporters.

PROVING Trump is on cabal side,OR PROVING HE IS NOT would be critical as Q may be as well disinformation operation where providing all the truth about cabal' might be a tool to give credibility to claims that US military will arrest the cabal and we all should do nothing. In such case unmasking such operation would be critical and lifesaving for both America and conservative Americans being possible target of such operation. We shall know is that real operation against cabal or operation of cabal

Definitely they wanted him,and videos when some journalists are asking Trump about becoming president on 80-ties or 90-ties is interesting,but... https://www.npr.org/2017/01/20/510680463/donald-trumps-been-saying-the-same-thing-for-30-years

' - link you provide is spicy also because it proves some Q claim about cabal. Middletown & Anushka,you got it ? Royal family confirmed.

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u/ghost_of_aswartz :

first of all some people here on c/conspiracies indeed look and behave LIKE shills,but caring about it in conspiracy sub is pointless ok ?

second of all - well GA.win were too raided by "flat earthers" and because of "fringe conspiracy" being used to discredit in mainstream media GA.win PURGED flat earthers and IS PURGING anyone who look too much like a shill. Simply conspiracies.win isn't on mainstream media & radical left siege, so all we have to do about for example flat-earthers is mocking those idiots - censorship is no needed as this sub,as conspiracies.win is NOT so political...

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While Germans would answer that she stole presents...

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Well... wooden hammer may be not such toy only. You know, it is something between metal hammer and elastic hammer from rubber. For example - bodywork for some cars after some small crash... (Of course those for bodywork have usually another,more cylindrical shape).

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Small but nice.

However for those small garden it looks you leave to much place unused.

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Radiation isn't really so long-term dangerous.72 hours and only radionuclides near epicentre remain deadly. Of course there would be much higher cancer rates and mutations,but chemicals used in Vietnam war can cause such things too...

It is of course not healthy,too many people would get radiation disease,cancer and so on - but population can survive.Actually despite much higher rate of mutations Chernobyl zona in Ukraine is full of wildlife (except some very irradiated places like red forrest).

By the way - nuclear bomb causes high temperatures and shock wave. So of course wooden structures had no chance.

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u/614Patriot : It is rather about disarming Americans. 2nd amendment protects all the others and yourself citizen.

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u/Quackchinchin: First of all - wait what will happen. Second of all - if you really would allow them to kill you by your own hand and do it unpunished then are you a man then or a pussy ?

If things go wrong Killdozer way would be better way to die than just simple suicide or other way of allowing them to kill you without punishment.

At least - that's how I personally see it. I am too thinking about dying as possible outcome of shit happening, but if I would have to die - somebody shall pay for all of that. Just quietly dying,especially by suicide is cowardice. We cannot control our environment,all things happening around us (and as we couldn't control it those things shall not matter to us) - but we can control our decisions.So you too !

But don't think about death.Maybe things shall go better.Have hope,it is still not over,things may go better.Believe it,it has no sense to agonize over, it is only harming you now.What will happen will happen

If there will come situation where there is only death then ok, but now you are alive and there is still some hope even if things which happened are disaster.Disasters happen. Looking for death is stupid,if death will come it will come,and you shall spit on grim reaper with contempt.Dying or living shall be done with DIGNITY. If you can still live and your family is alive - keep being alive,keep wining with depression and fear.For your family and for yourself.Have faith and NEVER,ever surrender. You understood ? NEVER SURRENDER !

Be strong.Have faith.God bless you !

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u/ AlfredicEnglishRules : Were you ever reading original Heinlein's Starship Troopers ? Let me quote old teacher colonel Dubois:

This was the tragic fallacy which brought on the decadence and collapse of the democracies of the twentieth century; those noble experiments failed because thepeople had been led to believe that they could simply vote for whatever they wanted . . .and get it, without toil, without sweat, without tears.

And old Major Reid:

To vote is to wield authority; it is the supreme authority from which all other authority derives -- such as mine to make your lives miserable once a day. Force, ifyou will! -- the franchise is force, naked and raw, the Power of the Rods and the Ax.Whether it is exerted by ten men or by ten billion, political authority is force.""But this universe consists of paired dualities. What is the converse of authority? Mr.Rico."He had picked one I could answer. "Responsibility, sir."" Applause. Both for practical reasons and for mathematically verifiable moral reasons,authority and responsibility must be equal -- else a balancing takes place as surely as current flows between points of unequal potential. To permit irresponsible authority is to sow disaster; to hold a man responsible for anything he does not control is to behave with blind idiocy. The unlimited democracies were unstable because their citizens were not responsible for the fashion in which they exerted their sovereign authority . . . other than through the tragic logic of history. The unique poll tax' that we must pay was unheard of. No attempt was made to determine whether a voter was socially responsible to the extent of his literally unlimited authority. If he voted the impossible, the disastrous possible happened instead -- and responsibility was then forced on him willy-nilly and destroyed both him and his foundationless temple.""Superficially, our system is only slightly different; we have democracy unlimited byrace, color, creed, birth, wealth, sex, or conviction, and anyone may win sovereign power by a usually short and not too arduous term of service -- nothing more than a light workout to our cave-man ancestors. But that slight difference is one between a system that works, since it is constructed to match the facts, and one that is inherently unstable.Since sovereign franchise is the ultimate in human authority, we insure that all who wield it accept the ultimate in social responsibility -- we require each person who wishes to exert control over the state to wager his own life -- and lose it, if need be -- to save the life of the state. The maximum responsibility a human can accept is thus equated to the ultimate authority a human can exert. Yin and yang, perfect and equal."

Well I could call it indeed prophecy.

Indeed - lack of responsibility leads to people behaving like stupid children. Including women in case you mention.

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