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That's so retarded it's almost funny. Sodomy is a guy sticking his weiner in another dude's ass. Stretching the definition to encompass anything more than that just causes the argument to fall apart and makes the word lose its meaning imo.

It's like calling someone who drinks coffee a degenerate because you disagree with their choice

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I love this. I was a little dramatic though. I wont judge someone for denying a bj so long as I'm not judged for wanting and enjoying them.

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I dont have any advice there. Sorry. I'd just nip each problem in the bud as they arise without stressing too much about the future. If your wife agrees with you more, maybe she can talk her parents down?

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Either you submit to their wishes or they submit to yours. I'd imagine they'll stop eventually if you never bend the knee to them. My aunt used to be very pushy toward me with her stupid bullshit because her kids never resist her demands and she expected me to do the same

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I dont really blame him though, if I had that kind of money I cant promise I wouldnt buy a bunch of random expensive shit too. I sure as hell wouldnt give any money away considering how woke everything is

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Ok. Give me control to your computer so I can take a peek at what you have going on there. Maybe let me look around your house too? You know since if you're "modest" you have nothing to worry about....

I think you belong on reddit

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For what it's worth, I go to a super cucked college in Illinois and they are not making anyone get the gene therapy. Not all is hopeless

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If you turn down a blowjob from your wife cause you're afraid it's "sOdOmY" I might have to call you a faggot

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I'd say no as long as you're not dependent on it or drinking enough to have a personality change. My parents relax every night and drink a few cans, they're not alcoholics in my book. I dont want to enable you though if you think you drink too much

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Oh I see it now. I thought they were wine bottle corks for some reason.

Exhibit #918475920375 on why weirdo unnatural sex is bad: hideous man looking female putting clothespins on your nips

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Lots of gaythiests worship satan whether consciously or through their actions and that's exactly who the star of david represents

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You dont want one mrna shot? You're a HECKIN antivaxxer! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ’― Just obey the government goy they have your best interest in mindπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’…

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Very nice job man. I hate to be the internet scientist fag but please lift weights if you dont already and eat enough fat and protein. Losing weight too quickly will result in a lot of muscle loss

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All he needs is a fedora

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She started onlyfans and wants people to pay to see her naked. She isnt sorry at all and a whore will never ever repent.

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That pic is a total mindfuck. I dont see the woman anymore. I see the guy's face now and I cant unsee it.

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I agree. Being overly controlling will not work in the parents favor, especially on the video game/internet front.

Personal anecdote... I was allowed to play as much video games as my heart desired when I was younger and I turned out perfectly fine. My friend, on the other hand, had strict time limits and had to earn his time. He's addicted to gaming pretty badly now that he's older and his parents cant boss him around.

I think games are great but internet forums and reddit type bullshit should be avoided. I played a ton of games but never had forums or social media. That's probably why I didnt get screwed up

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