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Sorry but I didn't save or commit to memory the exact contents of an Instagram story I didn't expect to be yeeted because I found it so inoffensive.

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Breaking: Portland Mayor @tedwheeler has declared a state of emergency in the city. Oregon state police and national guard are also on standby. #Antifa have put out flyers calling for violence tonight regardless of the trial outcome.


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Rebel doesn't have a 24/7 cable channel. Or any channel.

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Canucklehead here, for me it's Fox or CBCNMSNBCTV :(

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I can't remember the specifics of the OP but it wasn't in any way threatening or organizing violence.

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Bail revoked as well. This is 100% political, there was reasonable doubt out the wazoo...

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Yes, he stretched the definition of "public official" to include paramedics and harassed the guy over a Hamilton.

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It must be nice to be a hispanic woman in America, where you can become a millionaire for singing and be so not oppressed you can whine about walking past desserts you don't like to get to the ones you do.

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Didn't know that. Then he could have given the difference to black-owned/employing businesses destroyed by the mostly peaceful protests.

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The transformation of newsrooms into political oppo shops - recognizably, with the infrastructure, tempo, ideological aims, tactics, and sensibility of oppo shops - is probably more of a symptom than a driver of our political moment. But as far that cluster of symptoms go, woof.


I wonder what this journalist would say if someone showed up uninvited at his door to "get his side of the story," and put pictures of the front of his house and posted it on Twitter for all to see?

I know what they would say: we're being harassed! I'm endangered! They would beg social media companies to delete the picture and ban whoever did it. These journalists think they can do anything they want to private, powerless people and nobody can answer back.


This isn't journalism, this is stalking. Delete this, you psychopath.

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Games suck because of micros, DLC and "we'll just patch it later"

Back in the day you bought the game & enjoyed- they mostly made sure it wasn't fucked up because there was no way to patch it.

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Her tweet: https://archive.is/pat0E

People who think I'm a super doxxer but also DM me disgusting messages from "private" accounts with laughable OpSec are really something.

Public service announcement: If you're going to med school and have your whole life ahead of you, maybe don't harass women on the internet.

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As Lauren mentioned, they made sure to discuss that evil alt-right tactic of slightly adjusting the contrast:

As he often did, Mr. Robertson sharpened the video’s visual contrast — lightening the white colors and darkening the blacks — to subtly make the scene seem more dramatic.



Can you imagine writing about a Youtuber improving their video contrast as some sort of manipulative behaviour - right while people are being banned off twitter for exposing @CNN deliberately using propaganda to influence elections. Oh how the mighty have fallen @nytimes


Did you find out about his pre-TR days of attempting to find game through reality TV? And wonder, just maybe, if the third major identity shift in about four years suggests it's perhaps not totally genuine?

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LOL this guy actually says mocking a Trudeau Liberal for BEING FUCKING NAKED WHEN HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING why men don’t come forward when they’re survivors of sexual abuse or victims of intimate partner abuse. I'm serious: https://archive.is/QJcYH

Pronouns in bio, natch.

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