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This is quite on point. So much so that I do not believe that Julie Marie is really a woman.

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Texas just invoked 10th amendment two days ago, feds threatening to raid the Arizona audit and the most based governor in the nation sending law enforcement to help them both. Is this about the border or is it about states sovereignty?

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The AZ AG is already out in front of this. He pledged use of state law enforcement to defend the election audit as well as called out the unconstitutionality with interfering with states rights as the constitution is very precise in its language about elections.

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A friend of his, Blaze Foley is an even more sad story. A vagrant basically, what I like to call a "Jack Kerouac 'On the Road' existential hobo" But also an extremely talented song writer who shared the zest for life that Townes did albeit more liquor than drugs. There has been a recent influx in interest of him and his music mostly in part to a so-so film about his life as told by his only long term romantic interest. He is the mad who wrote "if I could only fly" Merle made it famous and Foley was murdered within a month of its success.

Here is a Mike Judge retelling of his story from those who were around Foley. Its 30 minutes long and absolutely worth the watch. You may even come out of it with a new favorite musician.


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Now do it without Hispanics. White legal gun owners are the least dangerous people in this nation and if not for the Asians it wouldn't even be close. The only people we are dangerous to are the communists who have usurped this nation in the name of cheap labor.

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Wew, you almost had me. I'm glad you didn't throw constitutional republic in there!!! There is still hope.

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I meant the app that poor people without bank accounts use.

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That is an all-time great sheboon chimpout. I wander what the fuck was it so pissed off about.

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Michelle is going to find herself using CashApp very soon.

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Grohl would be a fucking nobody if he hadn’t been gifted Kurt Cobain. There are hundreds, thousands of people more talented than this ass jack. Doubt me? How many of you have heard of Marcus King? How about Townes Van Zandt? Townes has been called the greatest American songwriter by Bob Dylan. The greatest country song writer by many. While many of you will know who one or both of them are, countless more know Dave Grohl (who according to the not so lovely Courtney Hole was hated by Kurt Kabang)

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It looks like Greta the climate potato’s aunt. Who is it?

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It’s because Putin knows what happened. He has never respected Barry or Joepedo. What occurred in our election has proven us to be a corrupt banana republic to the entire world. This nation and its “leaders” lack the respect of legal head of state in the world.

Consider that, it is truly an embarrassing time to be an American.

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All the drain babies I had to dodge on the USS Constellation say this is a completely reasonable request.

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I’m kidding.

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