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I wish so many talented programmers nowadays weren't such easy pickings for the trans movement.

I'm not sure if it's the weakness of character, the desperation to make yourself likeable, the lack of social skills or the desire to conform, but it's a real pandemic among the gifted.

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I didn't miss that point, see my last paragraph. My point is that most of the boomer-era artists (and even the still-living ones of one generation prior) have drifted left enough that they basically hold the same opinions as the SJW leftists and they are about as unhinged. Worse, the grifters like Coates are self-aware. They know that this is all performative. They act differently behind closed doors. On the other hand, many of the previous-generation artists got genuine TDS a couple years ago, so their lunacy is the real deal.

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Bring on the downvotes, but this is mostly nonsense and a comforting delusion. Most popular writers are leftist. This has many explanations, including: gate-keeping, groupthink, peer-pressure, economic status, shifting political narratives and of course, the simple fact that literature and fiction tend to appeal to people who are on the left more than the other way around (for reasons that are irrelevant to this discussion).

Unless you're into some very specific niches, most of the work you like and cherish was written by leftists, full stop. As the overton window slides leftward at ever-increasing speeds, and social media echochambers make people lose their minds, it is quite likely that the talented artist you remember as reasonable and moderate is now a proper leftist ideologue in 2021. Probably an insufferable asshole, too. Now sure, often this "progressivization" process makes them worse artists, who do display some of characteristics discussed in OP. But not always and pretending like there's some hidden league of "true moderate artists" out there, who are the real architects of American popular culture, is nothing but a lie.

Now, pay attention: this is different from grift "artists" like Ta-Nehisi Coates that haven't actually produced much work of value (if at all) and are simply carried by social justice or are politically-savvy opportunists. I'm talking about the real juggernauts here. The vast majority are at the very least left-of-center.

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Here's something I'm still puzzled about: on one hand, the American deep state/establishment wants to reinstate the endless wars ASAP, because they're very profitable. On the other hand this same apparatus is knowingly weakening the armed forces by feminizing it and pandering to trannies. Why the self-sabotage?

Or are the wars a short-term goal while demilitarization is the longer-term plan?

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Indoctrinated whites are indoctrinated by Jews.

do you honestly think Jews are the only ones doing the indoctrination, especially in recent times?

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Once white women will realize they are on the losing side of the racial divide they will change their tone, we can already see that.

this is a bunch of crap and you know it

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If you are profiting from known monsters YOU are a monster

...said the person profiting from [what she claims are] rapists and harassers.

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my guess is there's millions in those plans sent to rebuild Democrat states that were burned and looted last summer. they did their part, and now they get bailed out by the taxpayer.

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wow thank you, based establishment conservative who did fuck all for the past 4 years.

edit: imagine talking about "requiring a personal sacrifice" after not doing anything about the election fraud (among other things).

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Thanks for doing your part in bringing this to people's attention, it's way easier to just get outraged instead. I couldn't be bothered to read past the first few paragraphs, I'm sure other people read even less.

(It's still absolutely abhorrent that they put people in jail for stating their opinion.)

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you guys realize they might have vandalized it themselves for a publicity stunt, right?

it's still readable and they left the keyword "jointhewhiterose" and the QR code completely intact. c'mon.

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"so don't loot back in anger, I heard you say"

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I don't think your logic is sound. It's very possible that the Chinese vaccine is of poor quality due to Chinese incompetence (which is very well-documented at this point).

Another possibility is that China has already achieved their goal, by forcing the West to basically shut down for over a year. In such a scenario, helping the West distribute an effective vaccine is not actually a priority.

For the sake of argument, it really doesn't matter whether the virus leaked intentionally or not. Just that, once it leaked, China did some damage control and realized the West is about to enter a long period of shutdown. This obviously benefits China's anti-Western aspirations.

This also raises the question of why China was researching such harmful viruses in the first place, which everyone seems to ignore.

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yeah. it's easy to tell people to have a backbone and stand up against cancel culture (or some other issue) when it's no skin off your back and you're anonymous.

the people there are malicious and incredibly petty, and when circumstances call for it, can bend the rule of law as they see fit.

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also this shouldn't be used as a precedent to ban more episodes of SpongeBob, or episodes of other popular children's cartoons

(all of these things are still gonna happen, of course)

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useful rule of thumb: whenever you see a statistic that is used to promote diversity, assume that it's misleading (at best) or a complete fabrication (at worst)

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While you're of course correct, I think looking at the left's targets and judging them by how left or right-leaning they are, is often misleading.

It's not that they assign scores to people based on how "evil" they and then pick the top offenders. They don't even know most of these people and couldn't be fucked to research them. They just know little tidbits like "this person once said that thing!" and that's all they want or care to know about them, since it's already enough motivation to want to destroy their life.

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yes. just smugly bury your head in the sand, that would surely stop the acceleration.

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