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I blame the jew when the weather is just less than perfect

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It's certainly an insidious jew move, in a long line of insidious jew moves to further create social pressures and change the country, it is notable in that regard, but barely. The whole industry is a moral cancer from it's inception. It's one of those stories that bothers conserative consumer types. God save them

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That's the worst. Who cares about knowing big words? It's far more valuable to be able to convey ideas simply than using outdated language. It reeks of trying too hard

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at my darkest points I've been the most successful and creative. Now that I'm pretty content I don't finish as many projects nor am I as creative. I always thought it'd be the opposite, only in retrospect can i see it

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Does that mean leftists are secret white supremacist

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Fuck you. Why didn't you save the world pussy? What is culture but the collective consciousness of individuals? These people were being indoctrinated long before I got here. I was in my early teens when gay marriage was legalized and I still openly opposed it. It takes decades of social engineering to change the will of the people. I'm concerned with my purpose, my well being and that of my family. When things come up that coincide with that purpose, that I can be a benefit to, I capitalize on them. But if you want a hero, YOU be the hero bitch.

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I think it was Socrates who said something like "the most important question we can ask is, who will teach the children and what will they teach them?" If he didn't say it, I probably dreamt it, accredit it to me. It's literally the heart of every single social issues debate

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Sorry, this dude defended little children being made to twerk in public https://youtu.be/aNxZePvV5bs

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Lmao, I'm just imagining someone reading this like "why would i be embarrassed about porn? Its natural" Thank you God, thank you, for showing me mercy and never letting me succumb to that level of depravity.

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Yes man, you have a very difficult task, instill confidence and self respect in her, as well as an understanding that all that vanity stuff is never ending and soul crushing and it'll take care of itself. Out side of some catastrophe, being a plastic bimbo will be out of the equation

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Yes. Didn't want to put you on blast :P Other guy looks cooler so I didn't care Lol, ideally should've whited out everyone.

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I think they're nicer to people with long post history

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Im certain made by 20 something year old woman

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Very important comment, I figured it was fake, I don't even think they would let you keep that. Extra profits out the door. Their sentiment is real though

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Lol They're not gonna see combat

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Man I hate modern country music. Yet older country music has become one of my favorite genres. I'm still new to it but i love Hank Williams. Johnny Cash, Buck Owens. It's hard to pin point exactly where it went sour, but the mainstream country music of today is a joke, it's the worst of pop with a western lisp, not very enjoyable.

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