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These people are lunatics but if this doesn’t wake up Seattle I don’t know what will

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This is off the charts insane.

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I’ll never understand why that is one mental illness that is celebrated. People who hear voices or have multiple personality disorder don’t have cheerleaders demanding that you accept their subjective reality

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White guilt is such an idiotic term. If only students would get up and walk out of these garbage classes

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So glad I decided to just read older comic books

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Hard to feel sorry for the people there when they vote for this moron.

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Totally get where you are coming from. I’ll never understand how these celebrities can cry about oppression with a straight face.

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Honestly if these idiots feel so strongly about it then they can give their own money away. Don’t need some government edict. Then I’ll wait for the shocked looks on their face when the race hustlers say it’s not enough.

I’ve had it with monthly designations. Internet exists and so do libraries. Research whatever history you want to your hearts content

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Do these morons ever get tired of finding racism everywhere?

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It’s offensive to acknowledge reality

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Don’t identify with their name? Wouldn’t it be more helpful for these people to not play along with their delusion? I remember at some point my parents stopped playing along with with my imaginary friends as a kid

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I’m black and pretty happy but then again my parents despised the “blame whitey for your problems” mentality. I too wonder why these very wealthy celebrities can’t shut up about how oppressed they are when they have the money to move to a non majority white utopia of their choosing.

But this goes beyond race. I’ve seen plenty of young black, white, and Hispanic college students who seem to feel a sense of moral superiority by being outraged.

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Then move. I’ve had it with these idiots. Is this a perfect country? No. Cane we work toward improving? Yes. The problem is when you have idiots like her that constantly complain and are not interested in making things better. She needs to move to a non majority white utopia

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Exactly. They also can’t come up with any concrete solutions. Or get mad if you ask them to give specific incidents. Of course every disparity is the result of “evil white man” and woe into anyone who uses actual stats or data

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I mean how is something designed to make whites feel guilty and for some reason denounce their “privilege” not anti-white? I’m black and I saw fairly quickly that the diversity push a few years back was rooted in an anti-white motivation. I was raised to look at people as individuals and judge by content of character. I never would’ve dreamed that it would result in me being called a white supremacist or Uncle Tom for saying I don’t focus on skin color.

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I thought this was a parody like Babylon bee. Scary that there are ppl who believe this

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Agreed. Can’t believe so few called out BLM. I remember Candace Owens saying that people told her they supported her after she made the video calling out the glorification of “Saint Floyd” but they wouldn’t publicly support it. We need people to not be so scared.

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