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Dude was on a hotel balconey that overlooked part of the Rose Garden and pretended that there was no way that a WH press confernce that was on TV could possible be live. It kinda made sense as there was no activity from his impaired angle

We thought he was on to something UNTIL an ambulance passed by as he was filming and that same ambulance was heard in the background of the TV.

So after that I knew that he likes to present half the story and he backed it up witth the boarded up FBI bldgs a few days ago without explaining that they are in the process of moving....

Sensationalism...these were not his only half stories , just two that come to mind.

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Richard is pretty much a teaser....he lost credibility with his Rose Garden stunt....I dont dislike him and may watch a vid or 2 but the dude is mostly full of shit.

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Well if that is true then Trump was either in on it or was tricked by someone to be in on it.....

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Would a plane from Barcelon take off from Madrid? Not sure how to read that chart exactly.......

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Pepe Walker

Kracken Rodriquez

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Can you explain what you mean here about "directory title of the link"

I see a picture of Shiff, is this correct?

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That is why I dont dismiss her , yet I cant ignore my gut.....just because I want it to be true doesnt mean I ignore signs of questionablility.....

:Lets keep an eye out and inform each other if new info about her breaks...

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Why pay for bread? Steal a marble rye from an old lady.

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Well if she was under a gag order then how can she even say anything?

At one point she says she cant say where they were held then later mentions DC.

I didnt like the fact that she referenced a clearly "flipped" image of Biden siging documents.....it was presented a couple months ago as evidence that the Biden was different because he was using other hand to sign papers when the image was clearly flipped in PS or other editor.

Id have to listen again but there was more and these little details add up when I listen to someone's claims.

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Huge IF true and that is a big if....couple or 3 things she said didnt jive with me...

Will keep an eye on her though....

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I know , this one had so much potential though but I already know he will be like

Q only said the 7 minute delta AFTER the post ....and he wont be wrong ....Ill get him on the next one....lol

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