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What are they both going to achieve from a fake break up Ice is irrelevant now

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Nope Kim wanted to do a Hot tub stream on her own (Twitch) but Ice said she can do one with him instead on his youtube, Kim got pissed off and Ice did the Hot tub on his own..Kim was pissed off...Thats what happened now you know

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Geezer getting pinned he going to have a right wank over this when he gets home...I guess he deserves it thou

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Explored the World then fucked off....What else can she say apart from she went on Holidays...I stayed on my bedroom all the time he just ignored me..Oh and the sex was awful

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No he said 3-4 Days that was roughly 4 Days ago now i think....Aint nobody going to wait for a week or 2 update fuck that shit, Its an Rv trip ffs shouldn't be that hard to do an update

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Yea i gave Dope and Speedy all the things to do for the contest and those fuckers were just to fucking Lazy to do it....Im just glad it didnt take me that long to do

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