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I post all the free games I see that don't look bad from the screenshots.

EGS has at least one free game every week, I don't post it every week.

As far as this particular game goes, I already pirated it when it was an EGS exclusive because I don't use EGS launcher, I only claim the games. I bought it as a Steam key on Humble Bundle a few weeks ago to replay at some point.

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Does everyone sort by controversial on reddit?

Or were these comments near the top before the hive mind decided that a potential pedo must be protected from such questions.

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You can think that if you like, there is little point arguing about it.

If people don't like what I've posted they are free to ignore the posts.

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I get paid by china to post a free game to a dead site.

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They turned them back on for the inauguration video (and a few others) then they turned them back off after ~8000 comments.


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This is the last ~23 hours, so after the initial removal of dislikes.

Likes are pretty consistent, maybe a little to consistent.

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I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.