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Definitely Compromised, and definitely a huge loser.

All Politicians are the same.

No real Politician can even get on stage, in this JewMockracy

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If it was ok then, wouldn't it also be ok now? (According to his Take)

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40% + Of political viewpoints are Genetic.

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Women hate Men, for the same reason that Jews Hate Whites.

They will never be us.

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Any one expressing their disdain for Subverting our Nations, and working for the Genocide of the White Race?

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Cuskservative indeed.. He became even more so after the big donors started to come in..

Here is a video where Spic advocates for Christians to kill White Pagans. https://www.bitchute.com/video/yDKukAS1qzpi/

I don't have any problem with that

He is Anti White, Pro Jewish, Anti Nature.. He knows nothing about Christianity, or Paganism for that matter. Just another good actor.


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All of the Greatest Poets, Writers, and Creators overcame the Dread of Sin.

Notice , the Serpent introduced the Concept of Sin to Adam and Eve, and Here we are today.

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Patrick Little was one of the first to lead the way.

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Doing the Lords work.

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Both Presidents married SEVERAL of their Children into Jewish families.

THE VP's Husband is a Jew. BTW.. He is our real leader at this time.

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Sometimes what they don't say is just as important as what they do say.

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Dems suck Jew Dick slightly less.. Because they don't have the added Jewish Supremacy coming from the Bible to compel them, to lick the boot of the Jew.

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He is Compromised better than the others too.

You think all of those Child Abuse claims were just scammers, and they just Disappeared!? Nope, this guy is a real sicko.

Sick, and also Anti-White!


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Imagine a world where it was replaced with White Lives Matter.

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They will be back.

They just don't get it.

Though, Whites will be back at the Boots of Trump as well.. It doesn't matter which Trump, the Boot will be licked

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These people are literal nobodies.

No Skill, No Beauty, No Creativity, No Value.

But plebs continue to worship, and admire them.

Why are we so weak, and fearful of Self Reliance?

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Parasites are a Symptom of an Unhealthy Civilization.

When a Nation is Whole, then Parasites will have no place to thrive.

A Nation is whole when Blood and Soil are United. Like a Body is whole when Soul and Flesh are United.

If a Nation that was ill, becomes whole again, the Parasites will scatter and die.

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Jews always did Religous Ceremony with Acacia Tree... I wonder why.

Then they could see the Thunder, and hear the Lightning.

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