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I just hope to never see Kirby getting ruined by woke. That would actually put me on suicide watch.

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because it's something I am genuinely concerned about and want to vent it out widely

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What? No. It's legit, not a shitpost. From what I looked up, the covid vaccine is basically a bioweapon meant to cause mass genocide later..

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Well they've already killed people but I believe it's far less than 1% of all vaccinated right now.

I just hope it doesn't end up being a 100% fatality rate in the future, or even 40%.

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The GOP hated Trump just as much as the democrats did. They cockblocked him at every turn.

China also has them bought off like the democrats.

They are not on our side. We should be treating them as enemies, just like with the democrats.

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The constitution says that the people have every right to overthrow the government if they feel it's illegitimate and treasonous.

And honestly I don't feel like we will even have a country left by 2022.

All that's required is for us to grow the balls to do it. Maybe that could happen if the left officially declares civil war on us.

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Jenna's words mean nothing imo.

Trump himself admitted that this country would be too far in the dumpster by 2022. And remember his words? "How do you govern if you lost?" I think he's just not saying the particular phrase out loud.

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Oh. I wouldn't suicide unless my vaccinated family members actually do die. If they don't die I won't suicide. That's the thing.

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I have seen lots of people saying that everyone vaccinated will die within 2 years. There was nothing else I wanted to be wrong more than this rumor. But unfortunately I heard Yeadon say this.

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