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Whoa dude, you need to take a step back. If you don't understand my reference and understand how it applies to crypto, you're in no position to be insulting me.

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Oh, that's no good. I'm more likely to get a job for ISIS than a clearance lol.

That's sad. I remember when all programmers were making 6 figures. Is the industry that dead already?

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Same bro.

My logic was simple. Anytime a "conservative" picks a woman for the sake of picking a woman, it will almost always be a failure. It's how it goes anywhere else it life, it won't be any different for the Supreme Court.

There were plenty of better qualified men that were passed over. No conservative should try to appease equality. ACB would he better served to her family and our community at home with her children not working.

Conservatives need to stop supporting women outside of their traditional role.

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I have met trannies drunk at the bar and I have never been fooled by them even asian ones in southeast asia.

There are admittedly some trannies that can fool men but these trannies are like the top 0.01% of trannies out there. There's no way that tranny posting on reddit is in fact this "caliber" (if we'll even call it that) of tranny.

Sometimes men do like to confirm their instincts and they'll ask but it's not because they were fooled. Also, a lot of bluepilled men will pretend they didn't notice to make the tranny feel better about themselves but they did in fact notice.

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Culture is a factor of race. Why don't Chimpanzees have intricate culture? Sure, you might be able to teach niggers a better culture, which was tried in the USA until the civil rights movement ruined everything but even if you succeed, if this culture is disrupted, they won't revert back to the better culture, they'll revert back to what their race dictates. You'll also never truly succeed as evidence from colonies that became black dominant. The societies always degrade into what the race determines. This is why the more Jews you get the more any white culture degrades because culture is a product of race.

Let black people handle their own problems. We need to fix white culture and that means getting rid of blacks and Jews.

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Cryptos are mostly a scam though. I'm basically selling tulips. Not really something that interests me from an ethical/moral point of view. Fintech in general is a decent idea, especially any that have the ability to disrupt global banking. Now sure how that space is though for careers. What sort of companies work in it. Almost seems like it's just your Apples and Amazons trying to become their own global bank in time perhaps. Replace one evil with another evil.

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I don't think I can afford a $40k/yr pay cut. Would need to move from $100k to $100k or it's not really worth it. Just more chasing carrots and I'm way passed that point in my life.

It's not the worst suggestion though, thanks.

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I'm getting downvoted because this community is very focused on improving oneself and one's community. An attitude like mine says there is nothing in one's control.

A lot of people realize that there has been a concerted effort to decrease the white population so my attitude also leads to less children.

Lots of men want to believe they can change things on at an individual level. Hit the gym, buy new clothes, talk right and you can get that wife! To admit that things aren't in a man's individual control seems far too defeatist for some and "giving into the enemy" so to speak.

I would assert that the issues are systemic and too large for any individual man to actually make any changes. For the most part there isn't much any man can do to improve his outcome with women because by the time a man desires women, the women for the most part have already been created by the society before. No individual man can truly change a woman in this society except in very rare circumstances that amount to essentially luck.

For most men, they will not find a quality woman to marry in their lifetime, which is the fact. Some may think they've found quality only to realize in time they were mistaken. The majority of men will not. The only way to truly solve the problem is to change the entire society but no single man can do this.

Since this is a self-help forum for the most part, concluding one must raise an army of 1 million men, start a revolution and reassert the patriarchy before they'll be able to find a quality wife sounds like a defeatist attitude and simply making an "excuse".

Well, the question I would propose to the downvoters is what of all the men who committed suicide in Germany during the Weimar Republic years? Were they all losers? Was Germany just a country of losers with no systemic problems caused by Jews leading up to Hitler's rise? Was Hitler just a man making excuses? Maybe if German men at the time just hit the gym and talked right all their problems would have gone away? No, there were problems and today we face the same structural problems in our society. Short of a Hitler 2.0, no individual man can solve these problems and for the vast majority of men that means you won't find a quality woman to marry, period. You can settle for a low quality woman and take on all the risks associated with it but the payout isn't really there. You're likely better off just finding a surrogate and being a single father if you truly want children that badly than simping for low quality women; but I wouldn't recommend this either for the child's sake and for our community's sake. It's not healthy. The more men who boycott the system and align their frustration with wanting a violent revolution the closer to a solution we get. The more people willing to entertain a broken system the worse we all are for it.

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Kind of. Women do like family men but women won't just take your word for it. You'll need to prove that. Dogs + Relationship with Parents is generally how women gauge "family men". If you have a pet you show lots of care and affection for and are constantly busy because you're helping your grandma paint her deck or something, women see this as high value for "family man".

What I'm saying is, you cannot attain a woman by wanting a woman. You attain the woman by building the other things (dog + strong relationship with parents) and then women see you as attractive and they want you for those things.

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Agree but there are decent churches out there and being Christian is about community. The church is about fostering a sense of community. You're better off going to a non-based church and trying to make the church based then to recluse yourself in my opinion. Some churches are hopeless like big mega churches where you can't have an impact but if you find a smaller church that is traditional leaning, these are the kinds of places that could use your influence to better the community.

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For me personally, I've tried everything and am currently at a loss. I have given up in the sense that I don't expect anything but I don't not take action still. If I was so given up, I'd already have killed myself.

Me personally:

  • Divorced
  • Met me ex-wife when I was 20yos, married at 26yo, divorced at 28yo.
  • Ex-wife was a small town conservative woman, then went to law school and became a huge feminist. Started using me for money, treating me like garbage, even suggested blowjobs were demeaning to women so she refused to engage in them. She ended up cheating on me at least once but I suspect twice. She was mostly fine until law school and that's what changed her, though I suspect even if she didn't go to law school once she opened up to western society outside of her small town experience, she would have been swept up completely by our culture's degeneracy so I don't entirely blame law school.
  • Cost me about $40k to get out of the marriage.
  • Since then I have dated over 100 different women. Met them from career, bars, online dating, friends of friends, etc.. (essentially everywhere).
  • My attributes are 5'10", white, 165 pounds (was 170-175 pre-covid but lost muscle mass which I'll be getting back up this summer. Gyms only opened here last week), I make $105k/yr at a job I only put in about 3 hours of actual work a day, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment downtown in the nice area of downtown in a major city, I have two masters in finance and financial risk management and probably about a 7/10 on the attraction scale.
  • My previous jobs include sales and I was quite good at sales. I also was in the most social fraternity in university and my social skills are top notch.
  • I have no issues talking to women, I just don't like doing it because I hate what actually works. Most of the things women want to talk about, I don't want to talk about. If I wanted to be a sleazeball I can just bring up Mean Girls, comment on how the girl reminds me of Regina George, make her laugh, seem like a great guy and go from there. I hate it though because it's all so fake but it works; however, if your basis for a relationship is this then the relationship fails.

I have had a number of women show interest in me but I have no interest in them. I honestly haven't met a woman I have interest in. Modern relationship structures and the way in which women act in relationships don't work for me. I am 32 turning 33yo now and I disagree with how you think older men still date young. This appears to be false from my perspective. Women seriously looking for long-term relationships are not seeking older men anymore for whatever reason, they are mostly seeking men their own age. The youngest I can reasonably date is around 25yo but that's like a 1/50 girl, most women who show interest in me are 30yo+ single mothers.

It doesn't matter how much I hit the gym more, improve my personality, etc... if I don't like the women, that's not something I can change and that appears to be my issue. There has been a distinct change in the last decade in women's personalities out here in the west. I like extremely feminine women that embody traditional feminine personality traits like shy, innocent, modest, etc... The new age assertive, combative, confident, independent, etc... women are not attractive to me. I literally feel nothing for these new age western women. I can have sex with a 9/10 (real story coming up here) but if she's busy acting bossy at sex, is extremely clumsy and just overall doesn't act submissive and obedient (not just in the porn acting sense but in the actual personality sense), then I can't even stay hard. It's not what I'm into at all. As more time goes on the number of women that I am attracted to decreases. A woman may look hot but 99/100s as soon as she opens her mouth, I'm not interested. I truly believe most women would be better off if they just shut up and stopped trying to think while letting the man do the talking and thinking for them. I never used to be like this but this is what I've becoming the more experiences I've had with women. I wish to a degree I had my innocence back because when I was young and naive, I still found a lot more women attractive because I didn't understand them truly. Now that I understand these women, most are just entirely unattractive to me.

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I just don't like the fact that I'll never be able to attain what I want out of life at the current trajectory our society is on. I need things to speed up we end up going back in time 1000 years. I just wish I knew how other than raising an army of 1m people are starting a WWIII.

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I'll add a couple things: KosherConservative isn't wrong from his perspective but neither am I from mine. You'll find there's a balance in men between two sides. Those with hope because actions they've taken have led to the results they seek and those without hope because actions they've taken have not led to the results they seek. No matter how anyone tries to look at things, we are still animals. If you do an action and get a treat you think action leads to treat so action is good because you like treat. If action doesn't lead to treat then what's the point of action? I would argue things are a lot less in a man's control than someone like KC would let on but I do take an extremist point of view because it is the correct one from my perspective given my observations and experiences.

I would say not to let my words lead you to inaction but don't mistake action for any guarantee. You can't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket but buying a ticket is by no means a guarantee of success or even a reasonable probability for success.

The numbers don't lie. The number of single people today compared to 60 years ago in western countries has more than doubled. Single parents are on the rise. Marriages hardly last. White people are decreasing in total population. Anyone who says "oh, things are fine, just hit the gym..." is ignoring reality. Things are not fine. It is harder now than ever before to start a family and the issues aren't economic (don't believe marxist lies), they are social and come down to the way in which we treat men and women in society.

KC's assumptions about me are wrong. I agree with KC that some seemingly "hateful" or "hopeless" people like myself are fatass losers but the idea that all of them are is just as misleading as believing all women are "stuck up whores" (because most women aren't). The issues with women isn't about them being stuck up whores. It comes down to masculine and feminine energy. Too many women in society suppress their feminine side in order to be more masculine while too many men do the opposite and the end result tends to be a messed up relationship. Few women fully embrace their femininity and attach themselves onto a man who displays his masculine energy. Without this "yin and yang" relationships are doomed. Even if they work as a business partnership transaction, they'll lack the energy (love) that most people seek and dissolve in time as most do.

Anyway, long rant. You should talk to women and try things out before giving up. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky. But focus on improving yourself first. Don't focus on women. Women like men who are already leaders in their own realm and then women attach themselves to the man's world. If you are essentially nothing on your own but are seeking a woman and your identity as a man is to "want a woman to raise children", you will never find a woman. This is female thinking. Women want a man to raise a child (or should anyway). You should want to better yourself such that woman would desire you for who you are. Women don't desire men for how much men desire women because every man does, so your desire is meaningless.

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What's the difference between the redpill and the blackpill? The redpill is just another layer of the matrix while those who've taken the blackpill have actually left.

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You are misled if you think they are anything more than a talking head. Women are great at talking but neither are actually accomplishing much. Relying on women in politics to better your country is a false end. MTG already bent the knee to Israel for example. Just look at how Kristi Noam faltered once the pressure got too much.

The fact that the "conservative" movement is full of women is already a warning sign that there is no true "conservative" movement anymore. All the real warriors are not allowed in. You won't fix society relying on women to do it for you. Any political movement that isn't male dominated won't be a positive movement.

You are correct that if good men do nothing, we're in trouble. The fact again that you think our "strongest fighters" are women, is further proof that good men are doing nothing.

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Step 1: Don't marry a woman who believes in equality and thinks women should work like men.
Step 2: Have traditional catholic circa 1100s wife stay home (obviously) to raise children
Step 3: Home-school children with based curriculum
Step 4: Ensure no Jewish Television sets or "Entertainment" is allowed in household
Step 5: Have father instill a good sense of morality in the children and show the children how to live properly
Step 6: Go to church
Step 7: Stay married with wife forever

Result = Happy children who live a fulfilling life with purpose and aren't spiritually, socially, morally and overall frustrated with life.

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The guard of a [legitimate] king is composed of citizens: that of a tyrant is composed of foreigners. (1310B31)

It is a habit of tyrants never to like anyone who has a spirit of dignity and independence. The tyrant claims a monopoly of such qualities for himself; he feels that anybody who asserts a rival dignity, or acts with independence, is threatening his own superiority and the despotic power of his tyranny; he hates him accordingly as a subverter of his own authority. It is also a habit of tyrants to prefer the company of aliens to that of citizens at table and in society; citizens, they feel, are enemies, but aliens will offer no opposition.” (1313B29)

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A man had masculine tendencies and was told this was bad in our society so they were turned into a woman.

And you still think we live in a patriarchy? Hahahahah

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That's all most men want out of life but not all men get it. 200 years ago at your age you'd likely be drafted into a war and then die still a virgin. That's how the life of most men go. Without wars, we still have all the duds kicking around that normally would have been killed in a war. At least you get to live a full life even if you don't get to be a father? I know, it's no real consolation, is it?

I recommend you find other aspirations even if it's difficult.

Poland... why does that ring a bell??? Oh yes, this video:


Who are the guys on the left? Find that group and join it. Might be a decent start.

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Out of control so they need to be controlled? Makes logical sense to me. Men do naturally control women but our government and social structure is designed to remove all the power men have to balance the playing field but in reality we've created a matriarchal leaning society. Only exceptional men have a chance to navigate above this. Your average man has no chance because of the barriers in place that oppress men. In an anarchy or society completely void of government, it is the men that run things, not women.

Most men's weakness is that they lack the power to gain anything they desire. A society that for example makes hitting women illegal takes power away from men and that is a weakness but it's not a natural one, it's one created by the society to oppress men.

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