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Please use the right term. This “ur the real NaZi” shit needs to stop.
These people are LITERALLY Communists, call them what they are.

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Pay attention to what they vote for that actually has legs. There is activity that they can be involved in that isn’t explicitly kabuki theater.

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A minority has always exceeded the majority in quality.
That’s the definition of how bell curves work.

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Bro, Fox News is not “right wing” and yes republican politicians do watch Fox News.
Fox News is the problem. It represents the governments “right wing” not the people’s right wing.

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War costs money it doesn’t “help the economy”.

The Nazis can to power in 1933 and the war didn’t even start until 1939, so your entire point on their economy is completely upside down. Are you really trying to tell me they funded their war effort by sacking Poland? Lol that’s ridiculous.

The Nazis implemented German first policy and that kickstarted their economy. They kicked out a bunch of international banking interests, refused to acknowledged debs imposed by the treaty of Versailles, and eliminated the anti German media.

Where the Nazis totalitarian? Yes. Where they effective? Yes. Can we learn things from them? Yes. Should we be them? No.

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And? He says a lot of very nice things about Israel.

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That’s strange, because Chuck Schumer is an Israeli citizen.

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Literally retarded.
Hitler killed how many compared to Mao?
Hitler killed how many compared to Stalin?
Even Gen. Paton said the communists were far worse.

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Isn’t it strange how on a right wing American first website we talk positively about exactly 2 countries?

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He did ban trans surgery in Germany, so that’s something good.
He also banned communism, and fixed the economy.

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You will never be a real woman.
None of these corporations actually love you, they only fly the fag flag because they know your atrophied brain needs to consume,
Go back home to Reddit.

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To the average public school teacher socialization it means indoctrination.

If you listen to the media you will notice they want to use schools to “adjust” children, and marking sure they aren’t exposed to “extreme” ideas.

Public school is and always has been the state’s propaganda program, it’s just that the government has only recently become horrible enough for people to notice.

And yes I agree that children should have friends, and that there are far healthier options than school. I also agree that’s it’s important that children learn how to interact with adults, a concept that is mostly missing in the school environment.

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I think you're scaring people off with how you just made that sound. As long as you aren't some kind of weird fucker who lock their kids in the basement and refuses to let them have friends or bring them to events to hang out with other people, they will be fine. Public school can and does have just as many (and I believe far more) negative consequences as homeschooling

My little brother is home schooled, he is in a band, he just graduated high school at 17 (a year early), has a girlfriend, he is an eagle scout, and he is very popular in his church group, he was also dual enrolled in a local college so he has 30 college credits done, he graduated with a 4.4 GPA. My brother is objectively happier, more successful and has more friends being homeschooled than I did over a decade years ago in public school.

Public school turned me into a social wreck until my mid 20s, I barely graduated with a 2.7. I had very low self-confidence, and though I was stupid. Turns out I have an IQ in the upper 130. I graduated college with honors, I am married with a kid on the way, and am now working a great job.

Turns out I'm not the imbecile my public school teachers thought I was.

In my personal opinion public school was designed to destroy me as a person, something my brother is fortunate to have avoided.

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My favorite arguments against homeschool!

"I would like to raise my kid, but I'm preoccupied." - 'Super mom'

"My kids school, that follows federal standards, is different and better than other schools that follow those same standards." - Dad that goes to some PTA meetings

"I want my kid to have good socialization and not be weird" - 'Single mother on anti-depressants'

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Dear god that was well written.

If only people realized how much money we spend on an education that has worse results then literally refusing to educate your child at all.

If you want just one example of the extraordinary corruption that exist within the public education system just consider that math and history textbooks get a new addition every single year! Math which literally does not change except at the highest levels of education far further than 99.9% of people will ever get and certainly not before they’re in college. And history which should not change, but as we know the left is constantly changing it.

If the government was looking to provide good education at a fair price they could easily have chosen to pen a series of standardized textbooks by subject , they then could have chosen to allow any book publisher to print these books for kids to buy. If they would’ve done this the average book would probably run 5$ to $10. More expensive special additions could be made that include material above and beyond what the government had written. Every five or so years the government could revisit the books and adjust them if needed. And because these books would be standardized across the country it would be easy for concerned parents to speak up if they believe the government was putting anything false into the books.

Now I know some people would feel very uncomfortable with the government writing all of our textbooks. And I agree, i’m simply saying that the above option is better than what they currently do! Let’s take a look at how it works TODAY!

The government uses its power to make books MORE expensive. The government doesn’t say what the books should say, but they do mandate a series of “minimum requirements“. The only people made aware of these requirements are people in the industry that make the books or a few Watch dog groups that give a shit, but there are so many textbooks available they all say the same government crap in different ways that it’s impossible to form any coherent argument against the textbooks. What this means is hundreds of different textbook publishers are writing affectively the same exact information, but each of them gets to sell their book as a completely unique product. These textbook manufacturers then enter into exclusive deals with your local district so that only those books can be sold to that campus! A simple high school math book can cost upwards of $200!!! Every year a new edition of these books is released, often times the only thing changed is the page number! Our schools small schools spend tens of thousands of dollars ever year on books that are “technically different“ but still contain the same exact information that the government mandated anyways.

So instead of standardizing in a way that would lower education costs, lobbyists managed to get the government to standardize in a way that would actually raise the cost of education. Our politicians get kickbacks on overpriced books.

Why did I spend such a long time talking about textbooks?
Because textbooks are only one facet of our labyrinthian, antiquated, arcane Government mandated indoctrination program. If you look at any element of the public school system you will find endless waist and stupidity.

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“But if I don’t send my child to public school how will they be well socialized?” - some weak sauce ‘conservative’ parent somewhere.

Hold up, wait a minute, let us put some thought in it!

You want your child to be well socialized?
Socialized by the government.

I see. Huge brain!

Public school is abuse.

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Weird as in they have less rates of mental illness?
Weird is they do better on standardized testing?
Weird as in they’re typically higher wage earners as adults?
Weird as in they show higher emotional intelligence?

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Anti-think, I love that, did you make that?

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Hmm well that’s unfortunate. I found a woman who cooks and cleans for me, is in the process of bearing my child, and is generally a petty cool chick. She also avoided the cock carrousel before we met so she wasn’t mentally cock fried. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Ya, I would rather not degrade myself.
Looking for a wife > chasing sluts.

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I liked living near my childhood home, I like having family near by, I liked my lifelong friends and my church, I liked visiting my wife’s family, and seeing my elderly grandparents.
I gave that up to live somewhere my children can be free.

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But again it sounds like your problem is with California leftists not California right wingers.
Imagine people telling you in 10 years that you’re probably a leftist because Arizona is filled with leftists and if your going to move to wherever else you’re from to check your Arizona values at the door.

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