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You don't really, unless you want to learn the names of African countries from news articles about gang rapes.

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I’ll never understand why that is one mental illness that is celebrated.

I guess it's because it fits in so well with all the other gender and sexuality causes. Plus, the left needed something as outrageous as possible to top their previous causes. How else are they going to virtue signal their extreme tolerance and moral superiority?

It's also not exactly the first time they're trying to push transgenders. Happened during the Weimar republic, too.

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They already let their racism influence policy when they decided to deprioritize the elderly when it came to the vaccine because they were "too white".

Ideology-driven medicine is already a thing at the CDC.

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I can't wait for the day we stop pandering to the mentally ill.

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Hey now, don't shit on throwing stars! I totally had a bunch of them.

A local Asia shop used to sell them. They were decorative stars made out of stamped sheet metal without an edge. Perfect for a bunch of teenagers with a lot of time on their hands and a metal file.

Good times ... when you're 14 :D

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This video is unavailable at your location due to the following restrictions on the parent channel: Contains Holocaust Denial Contains Incitement to Hatred

Well, Bitchute was fun while it lasted, I guess.

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why would they think that??

Two words: mainstream media

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Pretty much the same thing. After all, the right is always wrong. Thus everything they say is a conspiracy theory. The left on the other hand is always right. Thus only the right has conspiracy theories.

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That's why they wear masks, full body armor and have no identifying marks besides their unit number. They have been disconnected from their own humanity by design, so they can be as violent as they want without fearing repercussions or feeling any emotions as they savage women and elderly.

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That's not a hard spin at all if the media doesn't report it and the feds and prosecutors ignore it. Far left extremists are above the law.

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someone will just toss a pipe bomb into a crowd of antifa

And it will be the Dem's Reichstag fire. They and their journo cronies would use it to destroy the right once and for all.

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And it won't stop at "racist". As I said "right wing talking point" is literally the state we are at around here to shut people down.

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Tolkien? More like LOLkien, amiriteguise?

Something Mighty Queer

Sums that list up nicely.

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Don't count on it. That's some "trust the plan" bullshit.

As someone living in Germany I can tell you: it will not stop. If you don't fight it they will push and push and push until the population is so indoctrinated and demoralized that the mere accusation of using right-leaning talking points is enough to control people.

Once you reach critical mass it's over .. for you ... because there's no way out of it.

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The author is such a shitty person that her own kids want nothing to do with her.

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Those cops then get what they deserve.

For example, Germany (a whole country like Portland) just had another couple of riots over an occupied house in Berlin. Far-left occupiers, tolerated by a far-left government and a police force that has no qualms beating the shit out of non-violent lockdown protesters. The result: 80 cops got injured by far-left extremists.

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they will fill that void with marxist cops

In this instance that seems ... fine?

They'll put leftist cops into the riot squad (it's just an extra position for existing cops and those who resigned from the riot squad are still regular cops). Then what?

Either these cops get beat up by Antifa/BLM, they get indicted for defending themselves or they let rioters run wild and the people get what they voted for. Win-win-win.

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Those "vegetable" oils they use now turned out to be much worse: https://www.rt.com/news/479111-soybean-oil-change-mice-brain/

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She doesn't look like a person who second-guesses what she shoves in her mouth.

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"Vegetable" oil and carbs ... 100% vegan.

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