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That's the best part here. Who remembers Mike being on Community? I don't.

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So the deal has been made. The GOP will allow the fraud to be exposed only if it can't be overturned on a technicality on Sine Die.

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The media wouldn't know either way. Just like when President Trump announced his campaign had been wire tapped. The media said he was lying. The media wouldn't know whether he was tapped or not.

Their rapid responses without research is all you need to know.

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How embarrassing that was. I admit I thought that was true for about 24 hours. Then realized we were being duped.

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This just makes me laugh. How the FBI and MSM got stuck with this weird Q thing and the potheads it attracted.

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And they can do whatever they want with Q. It's them. They tell Norah O'Donnell on CBS News what to tell the normies. Meanwhile Achmed is ramping up for another terrorist attack with open borders and a distracted FBI too busy playing the part of Q.

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They sure as hell didn't pick up the most important one. But that's okay. We will have the states go one by one and restore election integrity.

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Q is disinformation and you are their intended target. Step away. The awe that you give "Military Intelligence" tells me you aren't aware of the military.

But go ahead, throw me your stolen Valor BS about you being in the military. Reality is you were probably too overweight to get in. So you live and die by Q as a substitute for your failure. Too close?

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Uh yes. They have you all in a tizzy. They've created a right wing boogeyman that you have signed off on. Now they control the narrative.

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QAnon is ran by the government. Nothing more than a concocted villain for CBS Nightly News to point at. If it was really some grassroots effort we would've learned who it was by now.

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This guy has more influence than you or I. While we hide out here, he is red pilling the masses. Don't let the Left bully you into leaving society. Fight back.

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You missed the joke. Fauciasts don't know the difference. Call anyone they don't understand Boomers.

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You are confusing populism with direct democracy. A leader who looks to serve his own population (America First) over European aristocrats and the CCP isn't a threat to anyone but the oligarchs and their politicians.

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Hence why I said "opposition". Donald Trump was the first outsider candidate we've seen in awhile. Reagan was pretty well disliked by the GOP as well. But at least he was a politician before.

What drove the establishment bonkers is that President Trump owed zero favors. He earned his primary win against the powers that be. And because of that the GOP was in meltdown that they had zero leverage on their own candidate.

Populism terrifies the rich and powerful.

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