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Can they do something if they get margin called?

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But not the shills...

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They are desperate. Pumping Doge to counter GME is not much WOW.

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Go away! Shoo!

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Thanks now I'm craving Pan fried baloney slices with mustard. Almost sandwich time here. Mmmmm

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No worries, my diversification is in real estate and precious metals. Crypto will come after GME for me. Congrats if you could profit from doge liftoff!

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He's a paid shill or a faggot with ADD (or both)

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Yes, sorry for my bad English. I've setup a limit sell 3 weeks ago for 90 days/2 shares/3000$ and I decided to cancel it because its really too cheap... Anyway I just bought 3 more shares 5 minutes ago at 167$ woot woot!

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Fake news like that means we are winning.

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From wsbets.win: "big media and Hedge funds and banks and others used the restructure of the sell option from 100million base to 1billion to make it sound bad... but it is actually good.

1). GME fixed number to 3.5 mill instead of up to 6 million 2). GME could have but did not sell those shares when the price was in the 400s 3). 3.5 million is a drop in the buck of the 100million plus that hedge funds need 4). our company can do really great things with a billion dollars in cash and a great new group of executives. 5). GME doesn't have to sell the shares, sell the shares all at once, sell them now or even on the way up the squeeze. They could do like many of us and sell on the way back down.

end soap box. kick the box over."

by ribble in WSBets
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That was very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like he picked the frame in the kids section at the Eyewear store

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His name is Simon Parkes. He supposedly have some insider friends who are well connected and feed him wild conspiracy info. He likes datefagging. You can find him on bitchute. He doesn't have any link to what is going on here. His wife is a 3 breasted alien.

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