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the same mocking tone was bitch-slapped,

when TRUMP destroyed that traitorous cunt hilary, in 2016...

and they had been so butt hurt about it for years

that they were willing to do anything to 'get Trump out'


and here we are...

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but when your critics are ACTUAL scientists; the ones that INVENTED the vaccines and their process

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how many forms did you say were missing? ...

many months later

we found exactly the amount you claimed were missing!

oh actually... i lied, there are many many more missing...

oh, well you tell us how many are missing and we will print up, i mean, we will find that exact number

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oh so no fake crying cunts doing a photo0op at the border?

im SO surprised

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" we have nothing to hide, the data backs up our.... oh wait "

lol. can you feel it? its scared...


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a couple hundred billion dollars to all the college kids that they enslaved over the decades, should solve it

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they are suddenly now all affraid that people will secure the vote.

and since dominion is in the bulls-eye, they actually have to pretend to care that our votes matter...

its all coming to a head...

if the data and science backed them up, they would have nothing to fear

instead... its the complete opposite.

clown world. honk honk

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i would be happy to buy your shares, so long as they are below my initial average

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the data backs it up

funny then, how XiNN views the election results...

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funny how libs are not all booking flights to iran to live in 'the mostly peaceful' country

my friends in Ghana tell me that black americans hate visiting africa,

due to the shell-shock they get from NOT being treated differently.

snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere!

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I tend to look at what lenders are backing the veterans home loans stuff.

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the science says that theres also a tailored bacteria that can eventually
produce carbon-based fuels as they digest our 'waste' including plastics.

it was actually a lib fren of mine that showed me the link, oh so long ago...

Gasoline from Bacteria

theres nothing new, under the sun...

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disagree. there will be another; just not in our lifetime.

but, the drburry and dfv's of the world, inspired me to liquidate a lot of my assets

to buy into what i saw as the greatest blunder/bluff ever pulled by HF in my lifetime...

and here i was suddenly flush with six figures...

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these are the facts they dont want to spread

we are HODLing their naked (illegal) shorts

and if they want them back; sumbitch must pay

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i too feel that real estate is going to be cheap soon.

but of course, the potato in the white house might just keep
printing money to the pleebs for the sake of 'optics'

i had heard, this is the first weekend, in about a year and a half, that cali has been
able to be 'open'...

but of course, the tax-drain has already been habpning for a while

only now its accelerated. too little too late.

it will only be the ultra wealthy, and the tent-people on the streets.

as far as cash. i keep tangibles on hand;

ive got enough water and energy for myself for about two years

and ive been buying bullets since 0bama

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i transferred tens of thousands, twice, and it seemed to take longer than usual, putting into webull.

i think they think its all drug deals doing down...

its not the trading house, per se, but the laws governing the bank transactions.

large amounts, inexplicably, to any other group is seen as 'nefarious'...

i tell people to do blocks of 8000$USD

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Be sure to turn off Stock Lending, which is default on Webull

also, imo, it is better to have all the lingo and 'confusing' buttons laid out bare
so one climbs the steep learning curve of how to use webull.

it took me about a week or so. and i learned a lot of new terms and acronyms.

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Fight through K-12 hate lessons, mandatory #experimentalvaccination, A+s only for the woke box checkers, but nothing and I mean nothing removes the stain of being a straight white or Asian male. #ScarletLetter -M.J. Burry

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the reason the writer states is the same reason Martha Stewart went to jail...

and should be the basis for why nancy pelosi and her husband should be in jail

i digress

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Rule 1: conservatives can never be the victim

they know how to garner and wield power; the power of victimhood, like the nazis

its the same old game. rinse and repeat.

they have video evidence of floyd on drugs and it didnt matter one iota

the moment the perpetrator is non-white or politically 'conservative'

they all turn their backs at the speed of sound.

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