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That was such a nice rug they ruined... Why not do this beside a ditch?

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Well, alright. But we don't want the Irish.

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Yup, and the state court ruled against him there. He appealed to the supreme court, and they ruled for him. When the tranny heard he won on appeal, they put in a request for their tranny cake. Back to step one...

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Damn... I checked in in Texas, but my room is in California.

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owner of Big Bear... said he hired an off-duty deputy to help enforce the mask policy at the store.

After Monday’s triple shooting, [the store owner] said he may not allow customers to carry any guns inside the store anymore.

What a fuckin clown.

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I know a guy who had the same reaction. He had to go to the mayo clinic to even get diagnostics done, because none of the doctors in his home town wanted to admit it was a vaccine injury. His treatment was frequent plamsaphoresis to clean the spike proteins and antigens out of his blood. He's finally able to use the bathroom by himself again, but he keeps relapsing.

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Is that supposed to be Cortana? Wtf is that shit?

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I can't imagine playing this game on mobile, at least not anywhere beyond 0 boss cells. I'm at 3 boss cells on PC using a ps5 controller and it's a great game, but I don't think I'll ever get farther than that.

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I think I could actually be a more consistent sjw than sjws are

That's because you're applying reason and logic to an intrinsically illogical, irrational world view.

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That's some conspiracy theory level shit. You can't see jack shit in that video. Can't see any markings on the buses. Can't identify what fucking street they're driving down.

We're lookin at a blurry shit video of someone's phone playing another blurry shit video. Can't make out any details whatsoever and we're supposed to take his word for it?

Why is his phone copy the only copy of the video, and why hasn't it been shared online? How has no one looked up the charter company to see where they were, when, and if they actually did send buses into DC when claimed? Who is the guy showing us his phone and making these claims, and why should we believe him?

And how is this totally unrelated video of buses supposed to make this capitol building entry video evidence of antifa? You're making massive leaps of logic. Do we know antifa was there? Absolutely. Does their mere presence prove that the people in this video are antifa? Not even close.

The only thing we really have to go by in this entry video is the time stamp on the video and the location within the building. Who entered the building at that time, and in that location? Cellphone data would tell us, but we don't have access to it, unlike the lying feds.

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A lot of the homeschooling families I know participate in home school coops, where there are large group events such as field trips as well as weekly classroom sessions for labs and the like, as well as group funding for stuff like private tutors and crowd sourced curriculum review. The vast majority is self guided home study, but there is lot of middle ground between 40 hours a week in a public classroom and none.

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I know a lot of homeschool kids, and they're all pretty well adjusted because they engage in social stuff outside of school work - church, sports, music, outdoors stuff, jobs, etc. If anything, the homeschooled kids I know are better adjusted because they're exposed to society outside of the fucked up artificial setting that is a classroom. They learn to interact with people in the real world. The private and public school kids I know are all neurotic and think that classroom society is the same as the real world.

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Are these the same people traveling from game to game and getting kicked out over and over, or is it becoming a fad?

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