I would post an archived link, but Yahoo prevents it. The video speaks for itself. This was on the front page.


I just don't get what this shit has to do with news. Why it's being promoted. I can understand why they keep dropping in value.


So sick of all these "FBI Investigates X-Person" headlines. 99% of them are a bullshit situation, where someone has called in a false tip or a pol has sicked them on someone they got a hate boner for. The FBI has to at least check into it (make 1 phone call) if they are doing their jobs. (Of course, that is unless the person is a muslim, antifa, or other dem pet.) This phone call is then used by the MSM to discredit and harass the victim of the investigation.

How do I know? Was one such victim 20+ years ago. Stupid ass small town + Columbine = GeneralBoobs being harassed out of school.

So, word of advice to the wise, pedes, don't trust the MSM when it comes to any investigation.


Previously on Democrat-Z: The democrats and their pals were destroying America physically, trying to literally erase our history so they could rewrite it. They were so enthusiastic about it they even dropped a statue on one of their own. Some of them were arrested in an attempt to hold them accountable for their crimes. One, a state senator, was the mother of the local bitch vice-mayor who tried to get the police chief fired, a clear violation of federal laws and evidence of corruption.

And now, the conclusion:

The heavily biased news source: https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/portsmouth/lucas-naacp-leaders-due-in-court-for-preliminary-hearing-in-confederate-monument-case/

This first link is the story about how these criminals weaseled their way out of having to pay for their crimes, like all protected class democrats, complete with ass licking from the media. Virginia is just a fucking third-world shithole at this point.

Also: https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/portsmouth/greene-expected-to-be-out-as-portsmouth-police-chief/

The corruption continues, as Vice-Reich's Chancellor Bitch got the police chief fired with no severance package.


It happened a little like this:

A group of Democrats in pussy hats were happy to see the variety of white people and Kamala take the stage, not so much the two other minorities.

Along came a sack of potatoes with obviously fake blonde hair but a real mustache propped up by two not-so-secret service agents. The sack has on a hat and "not HRC" id badge. It asks one of the voters: "So, who are you voting for this year?"

Voter: "Well, we have a very diverse field. There's our favorite Indian Princess, then there's pretty Black Kamala, and I like that guy from Texas who Howard Dean screams like that guy in that old meme. I wish I knew who that old meme guy was, but the Howard Dean meme didn't say where the photo of him going "YAHHH!" was from. While they are all great candidates, though, I'm thinking of having another Weekend At Bernie's."

Sack blinks in rage: "Is that some kind of crack about m....Oh, you mean you are voting for Bernie. Have you considered Joe Biden?"

Voter: "Ew, no, bad touch Biden is disgusting. Oh, look, another white gay man just got super bitchy and took the lead! Yaaasss, queen, slay!"

Sack: "Maybe consider Joe Biden."

Voter: "Now, Indian is drinking, she is such an Outlaw!"

Sack: "Perhaps, Biden?"

Voter: "OH! Kamala! She's going to definitely....Well, shit. That white bitch from Hawaii took her out at the knees."

Sack: "Okay, that's enough. We're going with Biden. Your vote no longer matters."

Voter: "Oh well, I was going to vote for AOC anyways."

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