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I guess we should just put the Queen on all the money then.

It's not there has ever been a Prime Minister who would fulfill their criteria.

Speaking of Canadian money I remember a story about how when they were designing art for the back of the hundred as a tribute to Canadian Medical Research, they put a woman scientist in the middle. In the article they talked about how heavily focus tested this woman was in order to be inoffensive, but also sufficiently "diverse". I think they decided she looked too Asian in the original version, so they decided to change it to avoid the Asian doctor stereotype. Just pathetic. Heaven forbid we actually put a famous Canadian scientist or doctor on the bill.

They feature insulin on the bill, so you'd think Banting and Best would be a natural choice, but they're both white men, so of course that's unacceptable. Generic focus tested scientist woman is so much more deserving to be on the bill.

Fucking clown country.

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No it's almost the opposite. The wordiness was always a way to justify illogical positions, but now they've decided to try a new tactic and just deride logic itself.

Think about anything for more than 2 seconds? Lol conspiracy theorist.

Do any research? Lol you're not at expert, don't you know experts have already come to the correct conclusion. If you realized how stupid you were you'd know that it's impossible for you to even comprehend this situation.

That kind of thing. Is it projection? Probably. But it's so basic and malicious that I don't understand why normies wouldn't call them out. It's not like they're hiding their point behind a wall of text like usual. Just covid paranoia.

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I've just recently decided to sit down and work through Heinlein's entire catalog. Seems like the time to do it. I've been reading a lot of old sci-fi lately. It's so refreshing reminds me of when I wasn't so jaded and sci-fi was about asking open ended, big questions, and not space socialism.

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Hey, some of them look more like the greasy guy at the comic book store who creeps on teenagers.

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I got the water propaganda too, second hand form.

Teacher said: "When I was a kid my teacher told me that we could run out of water, and we said how could you run out of water, you turn on the tap and there's tons of it. Now we're not so sure."

It's now over 20 years since then, and likely around 50 since you and my teacher were originally sold the line.

You can still turn on the tap and get tons of water. Water levels in the great lakes are higher then they've been in decades. Probably more beachfront property got damaged by the fresh drinkable water than rising sea levels.

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Just stumbled upon someone's old stash. A very prophetic paragraph caught my eye. Apparently it's about a book. Might be worth a read, if just for a perspective from 20 years ago.

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That's not true. If they are accused of something by someone with more oppression points, then a left winger is always guilty as well. Though, they're then retroactively branded as "Far Right", so I guess you're sort of right.

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Yeah, I can't remember where I heard the line about objectification, but I can't take credit.

But it is definitely true that it is a deeply and instinctually meaningful thing for men to provide resources to and defend something, whether that's a woman, a tribe, or a country. Now in the age of feminism and globalisim, it's sexist to provide for a woman and racist to support your country in any but the most superficial way.

It really shouldn't be too surprising when men spend their time, money and affection on an anime or video game character, a pet, a car, a motorcycle, a boat, or any other number of things they are passionate about instead of chasing women.

Seems healthier to me than simping, in any case.

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It's easy to degrade bronies as horsefuckers, but if people took a second to understand why the horses are sexually appealing in the first place it makes a lot of sense.

First note that 90% of the characters are built on the same generic flash puppet. It is colored differently and hair and eyes and whatnot are interchanged like in a simple character creator. The designs are stylized and over simplified to a point where it's easy to project many details you want as a viewer onto them.

On the flipside the abstraction and stylization confuses feminists and others wishing to attack bronies as the cry of "Impossible beauty standards" the use against most animation just doesn't work here.

And from the creator's perspective as you pointed out, the stylization, the 90%+ female cast, and the very young target audience meant that they can't rely on physical characteristics, girl power, sex appeal, sexual traits, or any of that surface level bullshit to sell the character. Instead they went in and actually gave the characters, rich, distinct, flawed, and feminine personalities. They are a litlle bit clichéd on the surface, but the writers used those clichés as a starting point and actually built them out into well rounded characters.

And here we arrive at the crux of the issue, it's the same as with anime waifus. There are thousands of young men who are desperate to find something feminine to throw their affections onto and invest emotional attachment in, but all that current culture is offering them is Girl power feminists who don't need or appreciate them, and thots who will leave as soon as there is more reward to be had with another guy.

I'm not saying that good women don't exist, just that they aren't represented in culture as roll models or sex icons anymore. And then here we have a show that has to fill out an ensemble cast of characters to play role models to young girls, and in the process created 6 well rounded, likeable characters, with very different expressions of femininity, and dreams and interests and asperations that one can relate to.

Now imagine some sort of speed dating/ princess Kaguya thing, where you interview a bunch of girls from the other side of the screen, and pit female characters from different franchises against each other. In this situation I feel it could reasonably be expected that one of the ponies would come out on top against almost all other modern western media.

See how this is different from rating them as a character, plenty of excellent characters would be horrible people in real life.

Sure it's strange to seek a soulmate in fictional media, but once you get past that, is it really so strange to think that a pony might be closer to someone's ideal than anything that the modern leftist media is trying to sell. There's a reason this phenomenon occurs so readily with Anime and MLP, but is fairly rare elsewhere. (At least with men, I know there were weird superwholock, and twilight girls around that time, but I'm not going to attempt to explain or claim to understand the female perspective on this sort of thing.)

Bronies are just another subset of men that would readily settle down and start a family, if not for the incredible destruction that the internet, social media, and leftist thinking has wrought on gender relationships.

If you won't let men objectify women, they will womanify objects to suit their purposes instead.

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For bitcoin maybe, most of the other crypto can be mined on GPUs. I think Ethereum is the big one right now.

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Let's hope it crashes enough to flood the market with used mining graphics cards.

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Got my freedom of movement papers today at work. Totally surreal.

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The interview that came out when it was new just clicked for me. They compared it heavily with the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. I didn't get it at the time, but you just made me think. It's the same elevator pitch (Link goes on adventure, solves puzzles, fights Gannon, yadda yadda), but for modern hardware, and absolutely nothing else. They just set out to make the best game they could with that premise, and ignored almost all the conventions that have popped up since.

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If I made a stereotype of black people based on only the ones I had met personally, they'ed like anime, fighting games, starwars, and be very active in their church. And have normal, maybe a bit biblical, names. Sure they're loud, but in a fun 'bringing the hype' way. Of course that says more about the crowd and culture I run with, than it does anything else...

Gehtto, Gangster, and anti-snitch culture has done more to harm black people than anything white people have done in the past 50 years.

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I hope that's acceptable. Uploading videos is a bit of a pain with my internet connection.

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At this point, Red Skull needs a show where he helps people with their problems for 20 minutes then, after everything been solved, and everyone's happy, he randomly pulls out a weapon or explosives and goes "Okay, now how about we go do some terrorisim?"

That basically seems to be his characterization. Self Help, Civic Nationalism, Let's work together to do something meaningful together and make the country a better place, while growing as individuals, SMASH CUT, terrorisim.

I guess that's what happens when your writers can't tell the difference between white bread conservatisim, and Nazis/Fascists. At this point they wouldn't even recognize actual Fascisim for what it is the meaning has been so distorted.

Hence why there's all this screeching about Jordan Peterson, but the continuous government overreach during covid must be defended as justified response to threat.

A lot of this you don't even need to be conservative to find agreeable...

This isn't even "Hitler was a vegetarian, animal lover who breathed air and drank water". This is like a bizarre Nega-Strawman:

"Nazis say you should eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, and improve yourself to achieve independence, so therefore the only moral position is to be a fat sack of shit who lives off of a diet consisting mostly of soy, and sits around waiting for government handouts all day."

Maybe they aren't quit there yet, but it's certainly starting to feel that way.

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IIRC, mostly intact from the knees up. Not about to go watch it again to check.

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Want to push a bit harder for second...




Okay, I think that's a decent score.

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Animememes was the one that was already lefty, full of draconian mods and had already banned trap long ago. Having their own place is never good enough.

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Don't underestimate the number of young men and boys that are groomed either. There is a large culture of gaslighting boys and young men with self esteem issues.

Not saying that most of the people who transition past 30 don't fit your description, but I think it's important to emphasize that the perverts (predators) and those they groom (their prey) are not the same. Even if a few of those that are groomed later go on to become predators after realizing that they've ruined their lives.

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I'm an industrial programmer, but I mess around with a number of programming projects to keep myself sharp, but I'm not really driven enough or artistically inclined to have much to show for it.

It's always been a dream of mine to release something targeting an 8-bit. Messed around on the amstrad and the gameboy, but never got very far.

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In that hero-shooter boom window, ther was overwatch, then there was Paladins, which was sort of a free to play overwatch, then there was Battleborn which was not as good as either of those. To be fair, it was too soon after Overwatch to really be called a clone as it must have been in development at the same time, but really it was gutted on release by the two I mentioned, and I'm mostly surprised to hear it was still around, as I figured it would be dead within a year of it's launch

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To be fair, I think the drug abuse and frankly terrifying eating habits had a greater effect on cosmo. It disturbs me more than a little that a public figure can have a pretty obvious psychotic break like that and no one can even attempt to reel him back in without being labeled as a biggot. As for Jim I think this is something more akin to advanced narcissism, I don't follow him very closely, but he did marry a clone of himself.

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