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Honestly this is the best possible thing that could happen. It's going to fail miserably and be one more nail in the coffin for the ideology of communism.

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I also came here for answers

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She claimed being unable to shave herself worsened her gender dysphoria

How does making himself look like a woman help him to come to grips with his true gender?

Also I like this dudes behavior is exactly the "toxic masculinity" these types go on about. Raping people. Assaulting people. Threatening to kill people.

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I don't remember you making any points to be mad about. You're just not a good Christian is all.

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I love that "Fat Suit" is a genre of movie. Lazy comedy, maybe people should be sorry.

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Damn Mexicans? I thought trump was gonna do that?

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That sounds like something a villain would do which would be a nice change from the "super weapon to destroy the entire planet" that we always get now

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"Somebody dangerous is following me... I'd better approach them."

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I'm sure it would be fucked up. Either just a love story between him and his wife with his life story as the back drop. Or he ends up single handedly winning the war or something.

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Skip to the bottom for my actual point. I'm just making an argument for fun. But that's not gonna be my main point

Sure sure. I agree. Objectively, if the universe is just a cosmic coincidence (which I think it is), then from the universe's point of view, my existence is meaningless. Totally valid.

But I'm not only a product of the universe. I'm also a product of evolution. So immediately, from my conception (all going well) I'm programed with a purpose to ensure the survival of my genes (pass the butter). Immediately, my children, but also my siblings (since they also carry half of my genes), and even their children (since they carry a quarter of my genes) and even all of humanity (since they carry the same basic blue print as me). So that would be the very base programming of my purpose which produces morality. Of course evolution accidentally produced an organism (me) that can design more complicated moral systems. But they are still all in service of the primary goal of replicating my own genetic code, as closely as possible. Even religious systems are in service of this kind of utility function.

So just my point there is that yes an inanimate, coincidental universe could produce an organism which perceives a universe with intention which then acts on that perception.

But that's not really anything I want to prove to you or anything. Really what I want to say is

Dude who cares? So what if I'm content in believing that my existence is coincidental? If that's a crime, then God Himself will sentence me with the just punishment. That's not your burden to bare. I don't care that you are religious. If that helps you make sense of the world, then awesome. But what is shitty is you proclaiming yourself as the Sword of God by laying punishment on people who disagree with your personal world view. And what is pathetic is that you think internet points are the way to go. If you really think you need to be doing God's work for Him, then grow some balls and start killing the infidels. Otherwise you're just some pussy wasting your time on a website with less than 1,000 visitors. And you make God look like a soy boy, if you are the best punishment He has to offer. And what is the point? Is He making the world better through you? No. He can handle me on His on.

He doesn't need you. You need Him. Start acting like it.

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Purpose is literally defined as "snorting cocaine off a hookers ass while your girlfriend gives you a rim job."

Haha jk come on man you can't just redefine the word "purpose" to include only things you want out of life and then use that as evidence for the purposelessness of everyone else's life. That's clownish

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Kinda like wishing there was a God to give your life a purpose? You're relying on external conditions for a sense of self worth. That's a very fragile state of mind.

Also You're about 100 years behind the conversation on nihilism.

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You're confusing atheism with nihilism.

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Government is not your friend. Stop asking for the government to keep you safe from shit so tame as weed.

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I'm an athiest and I guarantee I'm farther right than you are

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