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Good question. Usually it’s a matter of self-worth. People working low-income jobs, not supporting family or supplying values to family, asking the government to help, are usually the idiots watching this shit.

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Oh well. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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It takes a special kind of retard to allow their children to take an experimental vaccine that allows for absolutely no recourse if and when adverse effects kick in.

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He made light of it and it decided to laugh back.

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Aw. Don’t be such a sourpuss, pussy. Your kind don’t contribute to society, so you are about done. I can’t wait.

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So you don’t contribute to society. Thought so. You’re a pro-vaxxer, worthless sub-primate. Why are you here, exactly?

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Hey pussy. Do you actually contribute to society in any meaningful way? Yeah, I’m not going away.

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Meh. Not worth my time. You sub-primate pro-vaxxers are gonna have a reckoning soon. I’m excited.

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These are the pro-vaxxers that we are about to go to war over. This is how they think and process information.

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Yes, title is not quite accurate to what the article says but...it doesn’t take a leap of faith to see where this is about to lead (if it actually happened).

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Get new friends!

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