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Change your post view to "Condensed" and it won't show images by default.

It doesn't load all pictures at once, only about three.

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Exactly. And that wasn't possible (in a realistic manner) to fix without a new site.

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Noted, we already had this implemented (cutting posts to a reasonable length in feeds), not sure what happened to it.

edit: this reply was written when only the first two points were in the comment

edit 2: posts now correctly cut off, but not a long term solution

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Brave browser suggested making the web page into an "app" which is cool.

Yeah, the mobile beta site is a PWA. Wouldn't recommend installing it yet because logos aren't configured, and won't retroactively be updated once installed (as far as I'm aware), but I guess that's not important.

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Seems to load slower than desktop site.

I feel this, it shouldn't be (and won't be) slower, due to no server-side rendering. It will be addressed.

Why do I have to log in separately for it though?

If you're logged in on communities.win already then you should be logged in automatically to the mobile site.

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100%. This was already implemented, but I see it is not working anymore.

edit: fixed

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Current primary point of concern is the dark mode. We’ve had a blue dark mode on desktop and mobile, due to wanting to retain the same dark blue navbar on both dark and light modes. It’s not optimal. Possibility of switching to a more standard dark mode color scheme. Feedback appreciated on this.

Takes a different route from the old sites - card view is the default, rather than condensed. This means media (images, videos, etc) is shown by default, but it’s easily configurable.

The old site will always remain available, the new mobile site is entirely optional, but given time, it will be the better product.

New site will be available at m.patriots.win (and all the other sites) once in a later beta stage.

This project would not have been possible without u/lkhrup.

Update: Aware that loading can be slow, it's the new priority. Improvements will be made today. It will be faster than the current site. No doubt.

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That makes no sense.

First - where would they get the IPs from? Not from Win, as Win does not store IPs.

Second - a very, very small minority of VPN users have static IPs. They are expensive addons. For Nord, a static IP is $70 per year on top of the normal fee.

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We can't really trust anything except our own hosting. First it was Slimgur, followed by magaimg.net, and finally maga.host. People lost thousands of images each time one of those sites died.

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I don't disagree, but take into consideration:

  • we can't use cloud services due to risk of deplatforming
  • we didn't have the funds to setup the necessary redundant servers previously

This is a maintenance window which will move us closer to not needing maintenance in the future.

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Won't be any noticeable changes. Though they're coming soon.

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We do not have embedded Facebook or Twitter share buttons. We do have Twitter embedded tweets.

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Yeah, they monitor all the .win sites. They are next-level woke.

videy.co is the recommended clip host, although not perfect.

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We don't use cloud services (except short term when k8s wants more web server nodes) so automated scaling is not an option

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MySQL, not so much difficult but daunting.

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Agreed on monitoring, not sure if I agree on scaling our database. We aren't using cloud services for that.

Other services do scale in k8s

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Our application which generates listings. It was logging the hotness of each post every time it updated a listing.

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It is, but I don't recommend donating.

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Hashed IP addresses are necessary for matching alternate accounts.

You'll struggle to name a site which does as little logging as we do.

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How would you build this? If we can do a React solution for the embeddable element then I'm definitely interested

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thedonald.one is owned by the old domain holder. The others are fine.

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  1. How can I donate? To clarify, we did in fact accept donations for a brief period. We continue to accept Brave Rewards. We don't need money.

  2. Are there backup domains? Yes, thedonaldbackup.com is the main one. This would only be used if the main domain was dropped entirely, which would be disastrous.

  3. Logrotate? We don't generate many logs. We have all logging of user data disabled. Logging for the tool which caused the trouble today was enabled a few weeks ago when an update was deployed, it's not our intent to ever be logging bulk data. The data that we were logging with this tool was regarding the generation of listings, and not at all user data.

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We don't intend to handle any large number of logs. Logging of user data is entirely disabled.

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