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The "no mask if you've been vaccinated" is a ploy. Anyone who doesn't want a vax can pretend they have it and the mask cult people can pretend "there's a lot of people getting the vaccine because they're not wearing masks."

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There's nothing to suggest the virus is "fake news".

All the numbers around it and the rhetoric and screaming "sCieNcE!" demanding you listen to faucis ever changing mind are all bullshit.

I think after his buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, didn't kill himself bill gates tried to enact his plan to depopulate the planet. Only it wasn't as deadly as anticipated/desired.

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Not only did I watch it, pal, but I sourced the video with stills proving Bailey, Brazilian immigrant and BLM extremist, Murdered ashli Babbit after posting about murdering trump supporters on Facebook.

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"fAkE nEwS!"

So the black immigrant guys hand, same bracelet, even the fact that bailey posted on Facebook about murdering Trump supporters never happened because you don't like it?

Ok, bud.

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Yeah, it could be false positives but this is the information we have to go on.

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Why don't you FUCKING READ THE PAPER yourself:

I'm not the one pretending to be a doctor. Go ahead and explain what the fuck a "Ct" is then why you think it's missing. Along with whatever "going on" you were talking about.

did not present with any COVID-19-specific symptoms,

Yeah, that's "asymptomatic" which doesn't fucking exist. Those are false positives. What the fuck you think you're correct because you quote random shit? Let me get my doctor Seuss reference book over here because it clearly says

"One fish, two fish, red fish"

And so on in that fasion. So you can clearly see the "CT" values are absolutely fine. Anyone who says different is a "fAkE nEwS!" crying faggot.

Typical people of today ,expect everything to be spoonfed to them by others.

Or, you know, EVIDENCE instead of crying like a bitch. You do whatever you want though, pal.

Learn to fucking apply yourself.

I provided the study. What do you have? Feelings? Take it to your blog, kid.

They are blaming it on COVID-19

I don't see that

AND blaming that the BNT162b2 vaccine is not effective enough in protecting from death nor sterilizing against infection/transmission.

And nothing. And you're fucking wrong. Not only wrong, you're a damned liar. Shut up.

So you think you can randomly paste NIH papers? Anything in that bullshit paper is irrelevant.

Regardless, the paper is still crap as I stated above:

That's the problem. You didn't PROVE shit, kid. You're just talking.

wrong gene targets

"fAkE nEwS!!!"

too high

YOU'RE too high if you think crying "fAkE nEwS!" makes you correct at fucking all, child.

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I could go on

Please do

results might suggest that the first vaccination induces immunogenicity but not sterile immunity."

They are blaming it on Covid-19 infection, not the jab.

How? They didn't say anything about the virus in your quoted text.

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It's funny your source doesn't mention anything about Jesuits. It's almost as if you're a zionist trying to scapegoat everyone else.

All the jew media are "Nazis" too. Yeah fucking right.

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Can the conversation around immigration be shifted to israel? Tucker Carlson pissed of the zionists by showing how they push immigration on every other country while demanding the land they stole remain jewish.

Stop saying immigration is bad, say America is racist and the world's downtrodden must relocate to israel. If there's a "homeland" for the European settler jews then it's a "homeland" for everyone else.

Expose them.

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How about the BLM extremist immigrant who posted on Facebook about murdering trump supporters before he went on to..... MURDER TRUMP SUPPORTERS?

Anybody? No? Your fucking "feelings" outweigh the facts, do they? "fAkE nEwS!"

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So you are suggesting that a binary compound like ammonium nitrate would not make the type of explosions that Stalin did?

I didnt make the assertion, you did. That means the onus is on you to prove, first of all that Hiroshima and Nagasaki was "fAke nEwS!" and secondly all the bullshit you purport about Stalin.

ammonium nitrate seems to me at least very similar to "nukes

Oh really? Because "it SeEmS tao mE" Stalin was the tooth fairy.

it is not sufficient evidence a


Then my "feelings" prove Stalin was the tooth fairy if you're calling your "feelings" "eViDeNcE!".

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I think they're far more preoccupied with simply existing. Some smooth brain might try to get on a plane with sparklers in his shoes and underwear but it utterly pales in comparison to mossad doing 9/11 and their cohorts in government pushing war for all the countries AROUND israel.

It's not about a building, it's about trillions going missing from the Pentagon. It's about the records being kept in the trade centers and the people that benefited from it's destruction.

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You say tunnel vision but I'm not the one supposing all Muslims are in on some gigantic plan to destroy the west. It's not the "Arab lobby" bullying governments around the world pretending to be victims. That's the zionists.

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He later found out and faked his own "nuke" using the same method of the recent Beirut harbor "nuke".

I want evidence. You stated something which is completely ridiculous as fact.

It was a binary compound, genius. There's absolutely nothing at all to suggest it was a "nuke".

My "theory" about Stalin being the tooth fairy has literally EXACTLY as much evidence to support it that your ignorant assertion does.

You don't get to blurt out any stupid shit without criticism by calling it a "conspiracy". That's what leftist zealots do with everything from russiagate to "algebra being a tool of white supremacists".

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