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She retired at least 15 years ago. She's been a pro-Trump conservative since he announced he was running for president.

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"Dude, remember that time Elrond got so baked he ate 15 lembas bread wafers?"

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I had never even heard of the game before I watched Sseth's review of it. Apparently it drew so much attention to Starsector that the game's official forum crashed the day the video was uploaded, and the site remained unstable for days afterward. The game's unofficial Discord server nearly doubled its user numbers after Sseth reviewed it.

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The M41A pulse rifles used by the Colonial Marines in Aliens fire "10mm explosive-tip caseless. Standard light armor-piercing rounds." They probably pack more punch than the revolver rounds in Alien Isolation.

When Vasquez and Gorman make their last stand in the air ducts, Vasquez fires her service pistol at a xenomorph. The rounds appear to be stopped by the xenomorph's cranium.

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This will piss off some people here, but I'd also like to mention that loudly announcing that you're boycotting a company is another form of slacktivism that doesn't actually require you to do anything.

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It's already illegal for businesses to force employees to take the vaccine. None of the Covid vaccines have been through the FDA approval process (which takes years). Because, they are considered to be experimental. It's against federal law for businesses to force employees to take an experimental drug.

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Project Veritas has good lawyers. They've won every lawsuit (or nearly every) they've filed. Let's hope the trend continues.

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He's got enough money he'll never have to work again. He's now living his dream of being a traveling photographer.

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He mostly does movies, but occasionally he reviews games. He did a Cyberpunk 2077 review a few months back.

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I've also heard that the game has a very active modding community who have made entirely new ship types, new factions, etc.

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Yeah, pretty much every review of the game I've heard has said the space combat is very well-done and fun.

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Starsector looks like a very fun game, and last I heard it's only $15. I'll probably give it a try once I get bored with Valheim.

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Here's a fun bit of trivia: He-Man originated as a line of action figures based on the 1982 Conan the Barbarian film. However, it was decided that they shouldn't be making kids toys based on an R-rated film. The figures were remade as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and a Saturdat Morning Cartoon was created to help sell the figures.

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Same thing with Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, who is currently the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. He actually spoke at the 1996 Republican convention, but now he has to act pro-BLM and anti-Trump so that he won't ruin his own career.

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Of all the sad words
of tongue and pen
there are none more sad
than Alex was right again

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His review of Starsector has put that game on my to-play list.

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When it comes to YouTubers who review video games, I like the Critical Drinker and Razorfist.

EDIT: Also SsethTzeentach.

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The problem with the last Terminator movie is that the producers didn't realize that Terminator isn't Linda Hamilton's franchise, it's Arnold's franchise.

When people think of Terminator, they think of Arnold. And while he was in the last movie, they made him a laughable cuckold cyborg.

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I think you mean front hole, bigot.

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Back in the 1990s we would joke that lipstick lesbians (a term for attractive lesbians) only existed on the Playboy Channel.

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