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Doesn't your body have zero defense against mRNA? If your immune system destroyed all mRNA, wouldn't you be dead?

With the shot, you are exposed to massive levels of the spike protein mRNA all at once, and the spike proteins have harmful effects. If instead you are exposed to the virus and get a mild case, you may have much lower levels of the spike protein. This is probably why the vaccine kills or hospitalizes a fair number of young, healthy people, while the virus seems less harmful to them.

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Libertarian here. The Libertarian Party is compromised, just like the Republican Party.

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Pepe's facial expression does not change, because he is not the least bit surprised.

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Combinatorics, i.e., counting things. First course usually is called discrete math.

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Holy shit, you found a glowie. I guess this means the FBI is scared of blowback from their role on January 6.

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I think they simply will dismiss it as biased. They don't really care what anyone thinks, because the surveillance state has everyone by the balls, including the judges.

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My take is a similar. Paddock had testified earlier in court that he played video poker 12+ hours a day, 365 days a year. That could make anyone bonkers. Combine that with watching CNN in your hotel room and you have a mass murderer. Remember, CNN was going full tilt back then with decapitated Trump pictures and Charlottesville propaganda. Finally, we have the genetic component because of his psycho father... so he was extra vulnerable to harmful environmental factors like video poker and CNN.

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The demographic with the most money to spend is Congress with the approval of the potato. For example, consider the proposed $10 billion bail-out to Jeff Bezos' failing woke space company. A year ago, the CEO had written:

"The institutional and individual racism that has long plagued our country was pulled into plain view by Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting death in Georgia, through the lies of Amy Cooper in Central Park, in Breonna Taylor’s killing inside her Louisville home, and, most recently, the Minneapolis killing of George Floyd.”

There is no easier way to make $10 billion.

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Did George Soros install this sheriff for exactly this reason, to protect the steal? The timing works out, right?

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Trump had called for Snowden's execution. He doesn't flip-flop like Fauci. There was no possibility of a pardon there.

For Assange, because of Russia-Russia-Russia, a pardon would have looked bad in the eyes of Lefties and probably even normies.

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She reached Pulaski levels of unlikability just in that quote. I wonder what possessed the TNG directors to bring back both this actress and aspects of the unlikable character she played in TOS.

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Trek website Memory Alpha points to the TOS episode "Is There No Truth in Beauty?" as the origin of IDIC. It has a scene with the extremely unlikable Dr. Pulaski (aka Dr. Jones) and Spock reflecting on the moral lesson learned during the episode:


That is pretty vague, but earlier there is this scene:

JONES: Or of their own thoughts and emotions. I was just noticing your Vulcan IDIC, Mister Spock. Is it a reminder that, as a Vulcan, you can mind-link with the Medusans far better than I could?

KIRK: Well, I doubt that Mister Spock would don the most revered of all Vulcan symbols merely to annoy you, Doctor Jones.

SPOCK: As a matter of fact, I wear it this evening to honour you, Doctor.

JONES: Indeed?

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