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Some furry with ze zir pronouns is saying it wanted to apply for some job with the company, but now won't.
I'm sure they all cry about one less insane attention whore freak at the workplace.

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When Miranda was the big SJW hero, he was a smuggerino. Now they are eating him. HAH.

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What risk? Bitch, I know a bunch of people who have nicknames different from their given name, because of different reasons and preferences.
Or suddenly "Yes, my legal name is Steven, but everyone just calls me Buddy" is a risk or are we admitting that trooners are a bit... not there in the head?

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By that logic you can say the exact same thing about the girls who start doing this shit the moment it's legal, you know.

You assume evil intent with every woman and victimhood with every man, that's my issue. Both can be both.

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The thing is, though, that you assume 100% victimhood for men and 100% calculated malice for women.

A bunch of porn industry bosses are men, so it's not even like the porn culture is just created by women. Now you will claim behind every evil man there is some even bigger bad woman and the man is just an underling, but the degeneration of society is far from a "women did it alone" thing.

Also, what I said, I can hardly imagine doing porn is hardly good for the mental health of the person doing it. Even if it's OnlyFans. Are you saying the average OF slut is some mega giga genius working as a Borg with all the evil women who rule everything?
I mean just look at what they do to themselves. Extreme plastic surgery is one of the ways that speaks volumes about how they try to distance themselves from the shit they do. Look at how many do drugs as well, have these spectacular breakdowns, have awful interpersonal relationships, etc.
I'm not saying they are the REAL VICTIMS or whatever, but to pretend it's some one sided evil plot to ruin boys is retarded.

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You think the self-esteem of someone who believes porn and whoring is what she should do is great? You think watching porn cripples you, but being known for taking it up the ass publicly isn't.
It's really odd.

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Because they themselves doing sex work won't harm them, right? Like teaching them their only worth is "hole and tits" won't make them crazy.
I know you can't stand women, but with that logic you should just kind of understand that convincing them about weird shit like that won't make them function better on the long run.

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Then again, most of them don't want to be a proper other gender person. We have talked about this and you don't agree, but I still think it's more often than not a sexual fetish or people running from their problems/past crimes. That goes for both FTM and MTF.

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There is this North Korean lady who wrote a book and has a youtube channel and all.
She basically says the same. So while before this she was called a hero and her book was on all sorts of feel-good type lists of Important People Who Say Important Things, now the libs are mad at her.

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Well, we have been doing the same since forever. Like what? We already said fuck no about rapefugees, you can't get an accredited gender studies education, we refused the Black Lies Matter shit, you can't change your gender legally here, etc.

If they are going to bring the libtars scourge, they already have a reason. That's like saying "oh, don't make this joke, it's bad publicity and we will be called Nazis". They were going to try the same leftist fascist thing no matter what, being the cancer they are.

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They already hate us so bad. Like I have seen multiple accepting and loving leftist on Reddit say my whole country should be colonized by Germany now, so they can teach us to be more accepting and tolerant.
I have no more questions about them.

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The ones like this in Eastern Europe are always from the capital and always work office jobs.

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This happens when you grow up being told you know best. She couldn't admit her own mistakes; that she fucked up picking the wrong dog, and she fucked up by not acting like a grown up and actually trying to help it.

That's it.

At least this time it was a Beagle and not a pit bull. Which are fine dogs, but every young bitch believes she can handle one. This specific one couldn't even do it with a Beagle.

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Mine accidentally bit me one time when I was reading. I had a blanket over my legs, which I kept wiggling while concentrating on my book. She thought it was some small animal, lol.

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Society has way too many media personalities, we need less of them. Less journos, less anchors, less talk show hosts.

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Also, don't tell me it's not part of the fetish to drag others into uncomfortable situations.

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Yep. It's all bullshit, but as a dental technician, if you could glue teeth back in with eyelash glue no problem, I would be unemployed, lol. Lie better.

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She is also a muchie cunt. Someone once made a post online about all her alleged issues/illnesses/traumas and the weird things she claimed. I copy the list so you can see she is a lunatic.

  • cervical cancer twice that everyone on The Good Place apparently knew about but haven't once come to her defence
  • mother says she Jameela is suffering from cervical cancer right now but doesn't want anyone to know (good job then, Shireen!)
  • breast lumps removed/breast cancer scare/breast reduction, contradictory about timeline (2014, 15 or 16?) - possible cover for boob job and being sacked from Radio 1 where she accused colleague of bullying
  • pre-cancerous breast cells 2016
  • bee attack/car accident that left her variously bedbound/zimmer frame/wheelchair (variously 2002 or 2003)
  • bee attack/car accident in LA where she took refuge in a juice shop
  • bee attack outside the UN (fell into a UN peace prize recipient and nearly got shot)
  • bee attack with Mark Ronson (who describes one or two bees)
  • accident with Olly Murs causing concussion, broken elbow, broken arse, despite video evidence showing otherwise
  • this also caused a broken tooth still held in by eyelash glue till this day
  • boyfriend describes endless concussions, high fevers, six months of seizures
  • allergic to peanuts (favourite snack) and shellfish from birth
  • or alternatively as a result of mercury poisoning to her gut due to leaking fillings, which then healed and allergies went away
  • allergic to peppers but still eats them
  • allergic to her own tears
  • coeliac
  • had multiple teeth knocked out by kids with tennis rackets in a racist attack aged 7
  • recipient of multiple racist death threats on social media
  • mother says J's spine was damaged by a schoolmate with a log and another schoolmate gave her a concussion
  • had crutches taken away from her as a teenager on a dance floor while kids laughed
  • never had a birthday party (even though I went to one)
  • teenage girls specially went round to her home to tell her they were going out and she wasn't invited
  • was somehow extremely fat at school despite subsisting only on two-litre bottles of Highland Spring
  • eating disorder
  • Hashimoto's disease
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • multiple suicide attempts, usually when someone else is talking about suicide or her contradictions are being exposed, most recently blamed on Piers Morgan for exposing her bullying of Caroline Flack (even though J was threatening suicide before he did that)
  • multiple rape victim
  • nearly dragged into a car by a man aged 15
  • 'grabbed by the vagina' on Oxford Street in the middle of the day in her school uniform until she bled
  • had her leg ejaculated on on three separate occasions as a teenager, all on tube escalators
  • taught EFL (or variously English literature) despite not being qualified
  • model but preferred to say she wasn't/was/wasn't
  • came out as queer when are was criticised for judging a show about Ballroom culture, but steadfastly maintains a heterosexual relationship
  • knocked over by a dead sea lion while out swimming -kidney stones
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Hah, same.
They also say you can't stay non-ultralib if you travel and shit. I used to be much more left-leaning before I lived in Sweden. Now? Fuck it all, I refuse to entertain the ideas of weirdos.

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