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on the rv maybe but dude was baiting hate donos off bjorn early on like crazy while he just got banned on streamlabs, making snarky remarks about the shit like "should i cut bjorn in 20$ since hes always crying" "oh I cant give bjorn any of my donos im getting now or else people will chargeback"

dude was a piece of shit, best moment of rv5 was when that hillbilly fuck manhandled captain nonent after he hit blades glorious leg with his smashed guitar

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Honestly shit was crazy how people rode captain contents dick back in the day cuz "he was the only one who does irl" Bjorn had a great start to his america trip at the compound, then he was flat broke cuz his streamlabs got banned and he was sick so obviosly he was in a shit mood and the whole community turned on him

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Community let Bjorn be killed off on RV6 by captain nontent, after dude puked up blood and shaved a hitler stache

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you where unbanned because sonofman told me he already worked out the issue of you encouraging users to spam threads that where removed by mods, you have been given chance after chance and continue the same shit

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show me ever saying anything pro pedo without deflecting to another user and claiming im there alt,

you received the same warning chadfe got after he kept making comments about kim_jong_un getting raped as a kid and you dont want to take it

you have been given multiple chances

zobeezy wanted you banned for stalking and harassing him and doxxing him, then you where challenging him to a fight that you ended up no showing https://i.imgur.com/9MoTifh.png

JustGood wanted you banned for stalking and harassing him telling him to kill himself https://ip2always.win/p/12j03jeQjw/icypenis-a-stalker-and-a-sociopa/c/

You were encouraging users to spam threads that were removed by mods earlier but I guess you worked it out with sonofman

you have been unbanned twice for other rule breaking behavior

including threatening to report users to FBI

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forget about this you doxxing faggot, also whats with you and the wierd fantasies involving pedophilia

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modlogs dont show any comment or post youve made thats been removed recently and your profile also doesnt have a removed comment or post

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yeah exactly just make shit up, we all witnessed it btw but I cant name a single user it happened to btw

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scamcast got 2 days of hate and nuked the entire community, if he had to deal with just the bitching that therightstuff has to deal with he would swear off the internet for good

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