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This is all illegal and would get your kids taken from you. Rightfully, for once...

Also these are the same people calling you "inbred sister fucking rednecks" when you espouse a conservative view.

Clown world.

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That is what Torba is alluding to, fyi.

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Problem is, they believe the top...they don't actually believe the bottom.

The entire covid plot was picked up because they knew it would rid them of orange man. If Obama were President in 2020, it would not have happened at all.

We know this is a fact because it did happen in 2012 when Obama was president, and they did nothing. Something like 65M people got swine flu. It was a blip on the news.

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"I stayed in my ancestral country."

The only based spic.

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Gardening is based.

If you can have a successful garden, it displays many qualities. Knowledge. Patience. Commitment. Being able to provide. Being able to eat...

Fuckers here saw what happened when Antifa dorks with degrees tried to make a garden in CHAZ/CHOP right? They displayed their complete uselessness as human beings. They threw dirt on top of cardboard and planted herbs for which they had no food crop to use them as seasoning. It was hilarious.

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People shouldn't share any private info here.

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But what about the niggers in Niger? What about the Nigerian niggers in Nigeria?!

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I've greatly considered taking out a lot of my oak and other trees to plant useful fruit trees. The oaks just drop massive amounts of debris and prevent grass from growing very well...and shade I guess.

I have like 2 acres of jackpines doing fuck all but falling over too...

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I was just trying to draw a parallel between an old comic and current thoughts is all. Same issues, same answers, yet the slow march continues.

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"The solution is to boycott"

Woooooo boy, the level of effectiveness of such stance has long been tested and found lacking. This is why we lose.

The solution is more than a boycott, surely.

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"I provide warmth for the whole city!" said the anarchist who burned down his whole city.

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Personal loans always have higher interest rates than, say, mortgages. 13% for a personal loan is pretty common.

My mortgage rate is like 2.6%. If you have to get a loan for anything let it be nothing more than your home. I'm hoping I can get my 15 yr paid off in 5 and the jew will have only made a pittance on his usury.

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"Based" has always been a word geared towards people who think like us. The left co-opts words of their enemies to destroy them, like the same way your grandma getting facebook ruined facebook back on the day.

They also stole "woke" - the concept of being "awake" was always a right-leaning and conspiracy theory crowd term. "Waking people up", "when will people wake up?", etc. The left stole the concept and claim that you're "woke" if you follow narratives & false authorities and question nothing but that you wish to destroy. The term woke used by the left is genuinely hilarious because they're the sleepiest people among the sleeping. They don't even desire being awake. If they knew how bad things are, they'd disassociate immediately and crumble.

They try to take "based" because they want it to be associated with degeneracy and thus, their narratives. "Based in reality", while they of course pretend to be things you can never be, and putting things into place which will never succeed. Pipe dreams. They're dreaming. Sleeping. They are again, not awake. Not woke.

Based and woke are both anti-leftist concepts, at the root of their meaning. They steal shit from us where they can because they know the power in language. Everything they do is subversive. They live to destroy and take.

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》are going to close down

Already are. Something like 15 Walgreens in the area closed up specifically because of this.

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Lol that account messaged me directly a couple weeks ago saying a communities mod was violating the rules by being racist.

He was talking about me, of course, and I had to explain to him that consumeproduct and the default wins I mod have different rules. He did not reply.

JIDF low IQ moment

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I find this constant flow of "newly discovered history" to be insane. The anal rape of male slaves was never discussed anywhere, although their beatings and murders were; and rape of female slaves was discussed. Suddenly, we are told "did you know the men were also raped? It's history bro." during current times being a period of great racial propaganda meant exclusively to enrage the nigger into an anti-white frenzy. And they believe it? Listen dorkos, they're just trying to piss you off so you'll kill YT. You are the clay golems of the Jew. They create your anger. They tell you what to be mad about, and you rage over their lies. They tell you that you're broke because yt is rich, meanwhile yt is just as broke as you and the jew has all the wealth. Look at your precious BLM organization - created by jews, run by jews, and they give a pittance to their head nignogs who then buy a house in yt's neighborhood while you get nothing.

Stop being stupid for once in your double-digit IQ existence, if that's even possible.

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He responded to her current stated dilemma by providing as a man would. She was then upset.

Woman moment.

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Yes. Everything that comes out of Japan is pure, irradiated homosexuality.

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