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My mind has been so destroyed by memes, that when I started reading your headline I thought you were talking about people with 0 vaccines being Chads.

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I've only seen Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and like you I was a kid at the time so don't remember very much. The Gnostic stuff I think is mainly in the books, the movies didn't convey it as well from what I was told.

[obvious spoilers ahead, if you care about that sort of thing]

The main gnostic concepts that I can recall were

  • The creation of Narnia as outlined in the Magician's Nephew. The idea that the creation story took place through musical notes or some kind of harmony, and the symbolism of the singing Lion as personified by Aslan.

  • The Last Battle, where Narnia ceases to exist and Aslan leads them to a new universe, and explains that the old universe was basically a lesser imprint of the greater one. This is an obvious allegory of Gnostic views that this physical Demiurge-created world is a lesser imprint of higher, more "spiritual" worlds, which is summarized in the old saying "as above, so below".

Those are the two examples I can remember that were specifically gnostic, there's probably others that I'm not remembering at the moment.

There's a lot of other interesting things in that series that fall beyond the scope of Gnosticism or Christianity, I can go into them if you want but that's rather off-topic for this group.

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Thanks for the reply.

My understanding is that they believe the physical world is a creation of the Demiurge (basically satan) and that Christ gave us hidden knowledge on how to escape it. I've heard conflicting beliefs on the exact nature of Gnostic Christ, some believe like you said that He was a spirit and not incarnated as flesh, others claim he was human but learned how to "ascend", the most orthodox-ish gnostics say that he was sent by the true God in a manner similar to conventional Christianity's narrative.

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These are (probably) the same people that unironically argued in favor of illegal immigration by saying things like

Who will clean the toilets? Who will do the jobs that Americans won't do?

Putting aside the argument that Americans WOULD do those jobs for a living wage, that talking point (just like the ones about voting ID) highlight how they see the minority group they claim to advocate for, as inherently lesser.

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With regard to the vaccine, I'd argue the opposite actually.

They know the sheep are the majority and the independent thinkers are the minority. Furthermore they're not stupid- they take advantage of the sheep as much as they like, but sheep are just that- sheep. They can be herded as one needs but are ultimately a burden unless one plans to use them for labor or harvest them for resources. Which they have already been doing, but now the sheep are overcrowding the planet, and the sheep are becoming redundant due to technological advancements.

Furthermore, they know that the vast majority of advancements come from intelligent people who are "independent thinkers".

So taking into account their stated goal of population control and culling of the useless members of society, and taking into account who is taking the vaccine, it seems more likely to me that the vaccine itself is their method of culling.

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I don't think that's proof that they knew the earthquake was coming. Leading figures make humanitarian visits to lots of places for a variety of reasons.

But, it seems likely that they already had all the legal issues worked out for the foundation, and were waiting for a suitable disaster as an excuse to move it into the public.

So I agree that they definitely set up the foundation in advance and took advantage of the earthquake to implement it, but that's not proof they caused the earthquake.

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Here's what I find especially interesting about the vaccine numbers, that give me hope.

The official data, as of the time I am writing this, is that about 32 percent of the US population is vaccinated according to NPR (https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/01/28/960901166/how-is-the-covid-19-vaccination-campaign-going-in-your-state)

It is already well documented that vaccine distributors are having trouble finding people that want to take the vaccine, even though around 68 percent of the population is still not vaccinated. This is encouraging since it suggests that many people, possibly even the majority, have not fallen for the vaccine hype and Covid scare-mongering.

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Apparently they're in the mountains at 10,000 feet of elevation, and the pictures show sparse arid scrubland. They're going to bankrupt themselves on Uber eats, starve to death come winter, or become the Donner Party 2.0

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Well people tend to put the beginning of the Zoomer generation somewhere in the late 90s- one good defining standard I heard was that if you're too young to remember 9/11 you are a zoomer.

Some people put it a bit earlier around 1995-1996 but I've heard convincing arguments that there's kind of a mini in between generation in that range that doesn't fit into either millennial or zoomers and has its own identity.

In any case I was born in early 2001, so definitely a zoomer regardless of one's definition.

And yes I agree with regard to the people staying in academia the longest being the most leftist. It's a chicken or egg situation as to whether they make academia more leftist by their presence or they stay in academia because it was already leftist to begin with.

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Speaking as an older zoomer, it's extremely politically polarized. Especially among gender and racial lines.

Men in general trend right, women in general trend left. White zoomers tend to lean right, males overwhelmingly so, females around 50/50. Thing is, because of immigration (both legal and illegal) white zoomers aren't the majority in their age demographic.

Nonwhites trend more left overall, but that is largely depending on gender and the specific group. Cubans for instance trend right, as do native-born Hispanics. Asians trend left but that may change in the future with BLMs general hostility towards that group. Immigrants from India and the Middle East are mostly to the left as well.

Blacks are in a weird position where most of them vote left for handouts or because of perceived racism, while simultaneously being one of the most religious and socially conservative demographics overall. Seriously, ask an average black person their thoughts on LGBT in public, and leftists would be horrified.

I don't think this division is by accident. It's pretty clear and has already been discussed to death that the elites are creating demographic division through immigration and propaganda, to weaken the US.

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The people on .win are more "awake" about what's happening than your average irl conservative. Ancedotally speaking I still see a good number of thin blue line flags and I don't live in an especially conservative area.

But then again anti cop conservatives irl probably aren't rushing to advertise themselves, so they could be a higher proportion than meets the eye.

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Police are not in themselves good or bad, they are simply enforcers of state authority.

I believe the end goal of the current anti-cop push, is to abolish the current system of local jurisdictions maintaining their own police departments, to implement a central federalized police department that is more directly under the government's control.

Both the left and the right have anti-cop elements that are being subverted to push the ultimate goal.

The end goal of the "Back the Blue" movement among the mainstream Right, is to build support for the coming Federal law enforcement agency that will be used to further control us. It was not long ago that people on the right (particularly the libertarians and Dixie-flag-flying rednecks) were generally anti-cop and anti-authority. The Dukes of Hazzard shows how common this sentiment was as recently as the 1970s and 1980s. It is only recently that nearly everyone on the right became "pro-cop", and this is not an accident.

On the left, the anti-policing movement was always more prevalent than on the right, and thus instead of trying to change their opinion with patriotic rhetoric, the left is being manipulated into pushing the abolishment of the current policing system in it's entirety.

As it stands right now, the police have considerable discretion in which laws they actually enforce, and there are numerous instances of laws being rejected by state congresses because the police said they wouldn't enforce them. The most recent example would be from Virginia in 2018 when they tried to pass some gun control bill and after sheriff's said they wouldn't enforce it, it was rejected.

Naturally, the endgame of the global elites relies on absolute control of every level of society. They cannot push the policies outlined in the Great Reset and Agenda 21, in the United States, if individual US Law enforcement agencies refuse to play along.

Hence, they demonize the current policing system by any means necessary, specifically by alleging that (despite the current systems decentralized nature) that all police agencies are inherently racist. They argue this even to the point of pushing made-up or exaggerated cases of race-based brutality. Simultaneously, they get the more "nationalist" right-wing types to defend law enforcement by any means necessary. The end goal is to make both sides open to the creation of a centralized law enforcement agency that is completely under the thumb and control of the Federal government.

It won't likely happen all at once, there will probably be a period of "two steps forward, one step back" to create the illusion of reform instead of replacement. But make no mistake, the end goal is federal cops under the complete control of whoever is in the White House and Congress.

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What, you're not 6'8 mega chad with powerlifter arms? Guess you're uncomfortable and need to become trans

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That's fairly normal. Most people didn't think highly of them, historically. Wasn't til the hahalocost that they had an excuse to make people think otherwise.

Lots of medieval fairy tales like Pinocchio and vampires are obvious anti-Jew allegories. Most famous historical figures pre-WW2 would be considered antisemites by modern standards, hell even a few figures after that including some that are still living.

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One of my great-something-grandmothers was Hannah Duston- She was one of the early settlers in Massachusetts, part of an English Puritan sect. She is relatively famous in the Northeast, and has a statue in her hometown.

Her claim to fame: Her village was raided by Iroquois Indians while the men were away. They kidnapped her, her baby, and two other women, and fled back north towards Canada. The baby was slowing them down so they killed it by smashing its head against a tree. But they never made it to Canada. One night, Duston waited for everyone to fall asleep, then she took a tomahawk, killed and scalped the entire Indian raiding party one by one in their sleep (10-15 people, I think), then she and the two other women fled back to Massachusetts.

This took place in the middle of winter and they had to travel over a hundred miles with basically only the clothes on their back. When Duston got back, her husband thought she was a ghost at first as they had already given her up for dead. I think she had at least 12 children by the time she died, and I am her direct descendent through my paternal grandmother's side.

Her statue is still there but has become controversial because apparently Indians were good boys who dindu nuffin wrong.

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Karl Marx married a noble, insulted Jews, niggers & half-breeds, disliked his female children, refused baths, kept a sex slave, refused child support

Like him or hate him, dude was based and gave zero fucks, lmfao

On a more serious note, Marx isn't getting cancelled for the obvious reason that many of the cancel culture people have a neutral or positive opinion of his ideology. If you've been following their behavior for the past few years and still expect them to have consistent standards, then I really don't know what else to say.

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Alright, I'll take the bait.

That's stupid. If you accept the premise that all or most Africans are incompatible with society, (not necessarily true, but for the sake of this argument, I will) then the most humane thing would be voluntary relocation to Africa or some other place.

Keeping them as slaves is pointless in the modern age. Besides the economic uselessness in the age of automation, it just reignites racial resentment, which solves nothing in the long run, and it is unnecessarily cruel.

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Nah, in my experience you can get away with saying almost anything here as long as you're careful about how you phrase it. Coming here and screaming "Sieg Heil" isn't going to fly, but making real arguments against mass immigration or against feminism is very commonplace here.

Basically, don't be a sperg.

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The mexican natives probably have a higher percentage of native blood, plus a lot of them have black ancestry somewhere down the line, because like 90% of slaves during the slave trade went to latin America.

Plus after the first few decades of conquest, the actual white spaniard upper classes stopped intermixing with the rest.

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