Version (08/02/2020) fixes an issue with the dynamically updating comment score breakdown. began dynamically updating the comment score breakdown.

This incorrectly visually adjusts the comment score breakdown for all child comments, as well as the intended target comment.

Update by Trinadin.

Version (08/03/2020) adds a new test feature which allows moderators to provide context for posts.

In fast moving communities, it's sometimes hard to keep up with the meaning behind memes and other content.

We've added a new button for moderators where they can set a link which explains the topic.

For example, if the front page has memes about bears, that could be confusing if you haven't visited the community earlier in the day. It'd perhaps be useful for a "(context)" link beside the post author's username, which links you to the original post which explains the bear situation.

As a demonstration, I have set an example context for this post - which you can find beside my username.