Version (10/25/2020) completely reworks how we handle comments.

There's a few noticeable differences:

  • a parent comment now only shows up to five child comments
  • child comments will be sorted correctly (previously if you sorted by new for example, child comments would not be sorted by new)

It provides a significant performance boost and grants a lot more control and customization to us, with what we can output. Previously, we were not realistically able to algorithmically determine whether or not to show children, how many to show, etc. We haven't yet utilized this new control, other than limiting the number of children shown to five - this allows us to show more parents instead of massive chains of children. Soon, we'll add a "show more comments" button where comments are cut off.

This is part one of a two part update.

Version (10/26/2020) improves on our local caching, reducing unnecessary trips to Redis.

Version (10/26/2020) fixes an issue where save folders would sometimes show a maximum of 26 results.

Version (10/27/2020) fixes a bug with our previous comment overhaul, which broke the context view.

Additionally, it has been streamlined to only show direct parent comments, rather than also all of the children of all of the parents.

Version (10/27/2020) fixes a bug where some users would get logged out after several minutes of inactivity.

This was caused by an update where we adjusted our 'remember me' cookie from prefixing the domain value with a period, which meant that the old cookies were no longer valid and caused the user to be logged out. When they logged back in, a new cookie was set without the preceding period, leaving them with two cookies.