"Imagine running your favorite Windows applications and drivers in an open-source environment you can trust. That's the mission of ReactOS!"

"ReactOS is an open-source operating system for x86/x64 PC intended to be binary-compatible with computer programs and device drivers made for Windows Server 2003.[3]"

For basically this computer:

I have the win10 version but everything else looks about the same. Tried putting a graphics card from my other pc in it but didn't boot up afterwards. Need to purchase one but don't know what is compatible, and calling them for the answer was a joke.

ICI is a C-like, high level language originally developed by Tim Long and placed into the public domain. ICI marries C's expression syntax, control structures and overall feel , with a dynamic, garbage collected, object-based, data model.

Although ICI superficially resembles C, and is easy to use for C programmers, its data model is very different, higher level with types such as (real) strings, regular expressions, dynamic arrays, sets and dictionaries (struct). ICI's aggregate types are immediately useful without any extra programming typically required in C. ICI's automatic module loading, memory management and error handling frees the programmer from much of the drudgery associated with developing in C and lets you concentrate on what the program is doing rather than how it is doing it. With programs that are not overly performance critical or are I/O bound ICI makes a useful alternative to compiled languages. Even for performance critical applications the use of native-code modules in the correct areas is typically all that is required to allow development in a higher level language.


How badly affected do you think this pandemic has hit other companies. Most gamers rarely ever even consider the implications it has and the ship shortages going on in Long Beach and our shitty economy,etc.

I believe a lot of devs are affected as I've noticed a lot of simulators on Steam are half assed or delayed,etc. We have seen a lot of half assed content come out the last two years from most companies.

First, I am no Apple fan.

However, I have over a 100 songs on my itunes account.

I want to either download them to my Samsung phone or some kind of more reasonable technology.

I am open to buying an MP3 player, maybe that is outdated, hope you will know. I just want to be able to access them without having to deal with all the BS it takes to get a single song.

Anybody got a solution on how to download itunes songs and more favorite songs on to a player?

Your help is appreciated.

Does anyone have a recommendation? Typical... get it for Mom, load it remotely with pics of the grandkids from my house.

I opened a pic from thedonald which had two guardian posts. The same author said "why ivanka trumps new haircut should make us very afraid" and "the uproar over AOCs hair is a reminder women cant win under the patriarchy".

I'd never searched for either of these, but typing in "why ivanka" or "the uproar" led immediately to these exact two titles being autofilled in my browser's address bar (which is integrated to DDG search).

Nothing you do is secret. They know all.

Winter is coming and Collapse OS aims to soften the blow. It is a Forth (why Forth?) operating system and a collection of tools and documentation with a single purpose: preserve the ability to program microcontrollers through civilizational collapse. It is designed to:

  1. Run on minimal and improvised machines.
  2. Interface through improvised means (serial, keyboard, display).
  3. Edit text and binary contents.
  4. Compile assembler source for a wide range of MCUs and CPUs.
  5. Read and write from a wide range of storage devices.
  6. Assemble itself and deploy to another machine.

Additionally, the goal of this project is to be as self-contained as possible. With a copy of this project, a capable and creative person should be able to manage to build and install Collapse OS without external resources (i.e. internet) on a machine of her design, built from scavenged parts with low-tech tools.

(Note: I saw there was a post on this maybe a year ago so this is kind of a repost for visibility)

I'm gonna go with VERY terrible.

I had a very nice Windows 7 computer for years, and then it just died suddenly, so I bought a newer refurbished model running Windows 10, and after 3 weeks I was pretty well accustomed to Windows 10 and it wasn't as bad as I expected. But then that one died at just under one month of use. So I got a new computer (not refurbished) running Windows 11, with Staples employees assuring me that it was just slightly different from Windows 10. Boy howdy, were they ever wrong! It's a horrible environment. I'm trying to adjust to it but I can't think of it as my PC, my personal computer. There's nothing personal about it! I call it Microsoft's Computer. God, I hate Microsoft.

Thanks for listening!


I use my PC for gaming, pretty good PC, Aorus Master motherboard, 32gb ram, Ryzen 5 3800x, with plans to get a RTX 3080 sometime in the very near future. I am considering buying a Ryzen 7 5800x, and would like feedback on performance jump from the 5 to the 7. From my research i am seeing about a 10% increase in processing speed / power. Thoughts on if the upgrade is worth it?

I play a lot of fairly resource-intensive games like HOI4, EU4, and Minecraft. I also use, which is quite laggy at times. I am looking for a 3.6 GHz processor or better, preferably Ryzen. I also want a computer with at least 0.5 TB of space and 16 G of RAM. Any OS besides Windows, please.

My current PC has served me well but it lags a lot doing routine things like opening a program or running Minecraft with or without mods. It's also a Dell Optiplex so it's not even designed for gaming, graphic design, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

If you were installing a fresh copy of SQL 2019. Would you install all of the cumulative updates that are available? If not, why?

I think I have tried to do too much at the same. My brain is fried. Lessons learned so far are that unless you have a team DONT DO MORE THEN ONE PROJECT AT A TIME! rant is over......

Anyone here game on a machine that pipes through a KVM? I have my main PC and I have a work macbook. I need to be able to easily hook both up to my monitor since the HDMI controls are not easily accessible.

I would prefer a dual monitor KVM, but I can settle on 1 monitor. I need the KVM to be able to handle 1440p @ 144hz since that's the resolution of my main monitor. My secondary monitor is 1080p @ 60hz.

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