I'm a .net developer and want to set up a simple website, but it needs auth and an API, so a simple static website won't cut it. I've used GoDaddy in the past, but I recall that they've made some bad decisions recently despite their attempts recently to clean up their image. I reached out to Epik, but they don't support .net core and I don't have the time or inclination to learn Python just to make a small site.

Any recommendations? I'm starting to think that self-hosting might be the way to go.

I used Linux years ago and it was a bit of a pain in the ass to install everything I wanted, so I ended up using Wine halfway through and I still didn't like the result. Which distributions are great to use once installed?

It's so weird and unnatural. Obvious virtue signaling.

Im trying to beef up my security and awareness.


https://www.frankspeech.com - Use your browser to view source or view network requests

  1. Doesn't have basics - missing DOCTYPE tag
  2. Uses the enemy's supply chain - scripts and styles reference bootstrapcdn.com, fontawesome.com, and even googletagmanager

Granted, Mike isn't and can't be expected to be technical, and I support is efforts to diversify us away from big social media. But by golly, can conservatives trying this stuff please hire competent tech teams?

He got sold a bill of goods. They didn't even make their static files served by their own server and proxied by CloudFlare - even though they are using CloudFlare!


I understand why film does cause film isn't really locked at resolutions. Film scales ridiculous amounts.

But in the age of shooting most movies on digital, especially things shot in 1080p, how does it look good or even passable when blown up on huge screens. Like if you blow up a digital picture and zoom in, the quality degrades significantly. Wouldn't a movie shot in HD look like crap on a huge imax screen, or even a standard cinema screen?

Now that coinbase is trading on the NASDAQ the stock traders are liquidating all of their Crypto in a planned effort to bring it down. We're seeing this right now. And at the same time Government gets to learn the best way to track the investments

I'd like to think he would've fought back against the big brother, big tech censorship he so-often spoke of in the early days of apple, even directly referring to it as the "dark ages" should Microsoft and Bill Gates' overtake the market for personal computing.

I have a Virtualbox Windows 10 VM I use when browsing the web and it works great, except if I minimize the VM and then lock my Windows host system, when I go back to the VM the sound doesn't work. Anyone have any ideas why?


Recommended programs or program that is the best for archiving a massive physical collection of DVD's?

I've made this thread before, but want to gauge the crowd again and see if the responses are similar before I pull the trigger on a program.

I've heard AnyDVD is the one to beat.

Any suggestions?


So the FBI just put out a presser that says that they will be going around and trying to catch a Chinese hacker group and remove malware at the same time. Of course, it's being sold as a noble effort to help out these poor unknowing server owners. What's not really being highlighted is that a federal judge ok'd the FBI to hack into these servers without the knowledge or consent of these U.S. server's owners, have full control, pull files off of it and only then remove the malware. To me, this seems like a massive overreach of the government to hack into U.S. servers without consent.



What is the general consensus about putting a raspberry pi and an external hard drive inside a fireproof safe and using it as a NAS that is fire/water proof within spec of what the safe advertises?

The raspberry pi has a fan on it and seems to circulate the air and as I have read on several other places online, the raspberry pi has no ventilation requirements.

I've been trying this for a week under very careful observation and both the pi and the external hard drive are idling at about 35 degrees Celsius.

It gets a bit warmer when in use such as transferring data but cools down fairly quickly afterward. I'm using a flat usb cable to get power into the safe to the pi and the power cord for the external hard drive is flat as well so it's no issue to close the lid and there is no visible sign of damage to the cable.

The idea is to put this somewhere in the house near power but away from the hasetful attention of would-be robbers.

Given the pi and hdd are remaining well within operational temperatures in the air tight fireproof safe and the fan on the pi seems to be circulating the air within the safe, are there any other concerns I should worry about in terms of potential fire hazard?

Thanks in advance


can we start using metric prefixes for money, you say something cost 50k, but you never say kilodollars.. lol


Sons IPhone (don’t know the model) won’t charge and now it is bricked. What needs to be done to it.

I have been using an ASUS G73JH (circa 2010) and just recently upgraded the RAM and added a SSD. An unfortunate accident happened and now the keyboard does not recognize several keys... I havent started the teardown to see if I can repair it, but from what I remember of the multiple other times I had it apart the keyboard is a stand alone unit and the individual buttons cant really be accessed. Anywho, Im requesting some recommendations on a replacement laptop thats somewhat gaming capable (TF2, CSS, Diablo 3) and might be able to use the RAM and SSD previously used in the G73JH. I'd like to keep the cost below $1100.

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