I think I need a career change. Technology careers have always interested me but the biggest hurdle I have is that I imagine programmers as nerdy guys obsessed with computers at a young age who started learning programming at like 12 and I'd never be truly competitive.

I currently make $100k/yr in finance as a risk manage for commercial credit. I dislike how I am stuck to big banks mostly for work. I like the idea of working for start-ups or smaller-medium sized businesses but none of my skills/knowledge really transfers for that. Programming or tech related skills also seems like the sort of thing you can just start your own side project with. My current knowledge/skills are useless unless you have tens of millions of dollar to lend.

The issue I have is that I realistically can't go back to school because I can't afford it and not work. I could maybe learn a skill in my spare time but how I could turn that into earning money, I am not sure.

I don't want to transition into another corporate job just earning $100k/yr with no real upward mobility either. I want an actual career that has growth potential or at least move into more start-up business ventures.

Is there anything I can learn/do that might be worthwhile?

That's the only thing stopping me from using it. I want my password manager addon.


Out of college 1yr and looking to exit my Fortune 100 company over their remote work policy and vaccine bs. What are some good companies to work at for software engineering/where are you working if you are willing to disclose? Not sending resumes atm.

I've put it off for too long, and many on here keep suggesting it for quite a few of my challenges.

I want to create a Docker that has Python, Mongo, and Shell programs, and data in it. I'm starting to learn by watching this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXAD8qfkuJk

Does anyone care to share some useful tips or resources for learning the right way?


I need to get a large (2GiB) file to a friend, but it's too big for email. I don't need it to stay there permanently, but I also want to stay anonymous to all but my friend. As soon as he says he has the file, I will take it down.

I don't want our site to be censored.


I will likely utilize the Linode Cloning tool, for the time being, it is not perfect, but it works.. Then from the advice of other users, I think that I will learn docker, since an entire System Clone is not necessary, all of the Cloned servers are very simple ETL Nodes. Thanks so much for everyone's advice on cloning servers!

For reference, I am using Python3 for my ETL work, and for almost all of the Project, I also integrate some Bash, and I am using Mongo DB.

I'm using one Development / Scheduler Server to send tasks to several ETL Servers that will be running all day, and night doing various ETL tasks,.. Likely I will use a single Cron Tab on the Scheduling Server, and then I send commands over SSH to the ETL Nodes, which will all use TaskSpooler to queue the Jobs as they come in.

The ETL Nodes will convert XML files to JSON, and place the Completed JSON in a local Directory, where I will have a Cron Job running to RSYNC the ETL Node Directory with the Master Scheduler Server.

So my question today for all of the win Tech Users..

What is the best / most efficient method to send SSH commands to the ETL Node Servers?

At the top of my list is Paramiko, which I have already tested, and researched.. It seems to be a good solution, but before I implement it, is there any other Library or Method that is simpler, or faster? Security is not a Huge Concern for these Jobs, since the commands/data won't be sensitive.

Another User recommended Ansible previously, which I would really like to use, but the learning curve is a bit steeper for me, so I want to ask if it is worth it over Paramiko?

Thanks again all of you, you're very helpful!

I'm not claiming to be an expert on this issue, which is why my searches aren't doing that well.

A complaint by a lot of folks about 3D rendering is that humans and living creatures don't look right. The reality is the polygon doesn't work the way the human body does. However, there is a separate way to present a human using cloudpoint technology. By what I have read in academic papers they already have filters, and specialist programs to predict what something will look like as it is moving. However, no one has taken cloud point and put it into a game. Not everything needs to be this, just the faces. I think that will help overcome the problems presented today.

Does anyone know more than this? I am only looking at it theoretically right now. I have the information, but not the hands on learning yet.

EDIT: Quick follow up...

Recently picked up the book Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes and its very project based. I should get through it pretty quick and it teaches all the things you were suggesting.


RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding is used.

Unless somebody finds for example collision for public key bellow QR will probably not be possible to be faked properly (and they would easily change it in new versions too !).


MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEA1AY0/6cxMwi+i1u5f/m8 H91vvhQAQfUdPJjqSuerN9sjOzt6hD/8iUq0fELh4ZkES1YUf+ygzfWdewIRRNsn YXQcWEY02wPelqxmzWv1JPskCgKwkNPpiFxO8phLnJTts9xRwLDs2W2Y0zrf7EWD tpHaTuDASy8ipMo9fect7t3epN48A2//K9iA1y+5e0bUtxRba2lVf6x7VBMbXlrx qsjaeC72J1mjs3flGGoINhHtVZF6g4YhJkRAhqX2IsNPRJa6yRCKXKm2anDeFoLI BtgIym6oERdTtUAWK05U1ozgjC24mOIIpqQOAqdvatq0dhFRWPL2hBjoJwc8JxHN


-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

those above is current public key found by specialists in Polish app decoding it.I don't know how in the rest of EU,but probably that would be somehow compatible,maybe using even the same keys.


Encrypt with private key (unknown) data in format:


Where: 12345678 is "vaccine" number (id),

1 is "resource version" (immunization),

dates are "vaccination" dates,

Name is Name,

15-12 is example birth date without year.

X is Surname first char.

10 is probably one of "vaccine" types.

Write version of app encoding by number - now 1 and give ";" + Encode encrypted data using base64 encoding. Code into QR.

Simply main problem for better forging it is private key or generating collision on it.

Probably some codes for now would be vulnerable if someone has the same name and first letter of surname by simply copying those shit from "vaccinated" person but anyway this shit would be more problematic that those CDC cards in USA :(


Decided I need my own domain, and looking for a stable, based registrar that will protect my privacy and not cancel me. Not planning to do anything public-facing other than possibly an innocuous blog.

Looking for reviews, pros/cons, etc. from those here who have tried them.


Initial results: not bad. Most of the searches I tried were spot on. The index supposedly isn't very large yet, but they're off to a good start. I tried a variety of technical searches, and a few political ones (communities win returns communities.win as the first result).

There is also an option to include "anonymized Google results", but I didn't try it. Their stated plan is to phase this out as their search index grows.

Patent Law Must Be Reformed (www.gamingonlinux.com)
posted ago by DennJW ago by DennJW

I just updated YouTube Vanced, now, every time i switch to full-screen, my YouTube screen brightness dims automatically, i have to re-adjust the screen brightness every time.

Also, every time i load a new win community it shows me as logged out, i refresh and im logged in. When I loaded this community, i was logged out until I refreshed, why does that happen and how to i get a site wide login?

The only always logged in community is GA.W, Anyone know how i can fix this?

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