I have sling and i cant watch any illinois teams play because of blackouts. I cant watch on espn plus either. Cubs games, blackouts, bulls etc.. even if its an away game. Sometimes for whatever reason ive been able to catch a game here and there but most of the time not. What total bullshit.

Lets be real guys. Khan is nothing more than an internet tough guy hiding behind his desk.

Who’s in your CFB top 4?

If bama beats UGA I think both are in.

If Michigan wins their CCG they’re in. Same for Cincy.

If a Big12 team has one loss they’re in.

Then I think it’s down to ND, and though I’m a fan I expect another blowout.


Do they see Vince McMahon as an analogue for America? Or that he's friends with Trump? Or is at simple as AEW = new hot trend and wokeness is a trend.



For a team that finished in 4th place 18 games back. Imagine where they would've been without him!!!!!

Reminds me of the news stories of vaccinated people dying. "It could have been worse had so and so not been vaccinated.

What's going on? (www.youtube.com)
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