We can open it up to good or bad ones and it filters to our subconscious level with either good or crap. An add bonus is having the armor of God to reduce the level of crap and provide us warnings when they try to infiltrate but we have the choice to act or ignore the warnings AS they try to find kinks in the armor.

Humanity has chosen to listen to the bad ones that 'tickle their ear' and now we have a full industry bent on negative crime/shooting in movies,video games,etc so we have an entire generation raised ONLY on that not knowing things can be better.

I don't play them myself but have looked at world map videos and reviews to see what the trend is after a long period of absence since the early 00s and it's pretty sad to see us flushing our spiritual potential down the drain with stupid at best shit.

Most films and games are socialist training simulators making the 00s generation have ZERO concept anything can be different!

We have a LOT of good we are just trashing for mindless junk and it DOESN'T have to be that way. It's only that way because investors have bene replaced with bone headed fools whom don't care if something fails so LET'S CHANGE IT!

Truth (media.communities.win)
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Yes. It does. (media.communities.win) Uplifting
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If you like trains here is a great seven minute video from August 27th 2021.

Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 Steam Train Accelerating and Sanding Flues


What is the purpose of going to the movie theatre?

To have fun, to see a show, to learn things, to have experiences.

How is this achieved to maximum effect?

You enter into darkness. You are CUT OFF....FROM THE LIGHT of the outside world. The outside sounds are muffled down to nothing, and the smell of popcorn masks any remaining hint of the outside world.

Why? so that you may better identify with the characters and the story you are watching. for immersion.

Now, consider: What is preventing further immersion? Your memories. You know you are not the people on the screen.

So: What if there was a way to wipe your memory for the duration of the movie? (For arguments sake, this process is completely reliable and trustworthy. no side effects or hidden motives.)

Would you pay an extra 20$ for maximum immersion? It would be a VERY intense experience, and I'm sure they'd make you sign a waiver or two. But would you be brave enough to forget your life and live another story, just for an afternoon?

You wouldn't know it was a movie. Just like the cave allegory, you'd think that theatre was your life... that it was the entire universe...

until its over, credits roll, you blink a few times, and then resume panicking about your daily chores.

My point is that stories are most effective when you have total immersion. That's why your life sucks. Because we are in this life for the STORIES. And they wouldn't work if we knew they were just stories.

This is your life. Enjoy the rest of the show, and have a happy awakening afterwards. Personally, I can't wait to remember what the real world is like.

We could live
For a thousand years
But if I hurt you
I'd make wine from your tears
I told you
That we could fly
'Cause we all have wings
But some of us don't know why


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And that's not a bad thing! (media.communities.win) Motivational
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THIS. (media.communities.win) Good feelings
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Our family (including my wife and I) spent our September without tablets, tv, smartphones, etc., to get into the swing of the homeschooling year. First time we've tried it.

The month wasn't without its hitches (and failures), but we were surprised how well it went. We were less agitated, we found time that we didn't know we had, and we genuinely enjoyed one another.

Last week, my middle son actually asked me if we could do a screenless January, too. I'd call that a success. :-)

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