Seeking feedback on whether in 2021, Win should still follow Reddit's old format of being full width on desktop, or whether we should restrict it to somewhere around 1200 or 1400px.

Thread will remain open for feedback for some time.


Seeking feedback on whether Win should have user icons. These would be around 32px in height and width, and would be displayed alongside the username next to posts and comments.

Thread will remain open for feedback for some time.

We're updating our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service soon.

I want to confirm that there's no effective change in policy. We're making the changes because our current policy is entirely focused on looking good, and less on actually serving their legal purpose.

With the new policies, we'll be putting the legal liabilities first. I hope it can be understood why this is necessary.

With that said, we're also very conscious about the fact that the policies will be misinterpreted, taken out of context, etc. For that reason, we want to show the updated policies before they go into effect, and eliminate any major points of contention.

To clarify again - the policies are updated, but there's no actual changes in how we operate.

These are the links:

Please give feedback in the comments.


Lefty troll harassing people on just about every dotwin. He’s also collecting information on us for some nebulous reason. If any of the moderators aren’t dead ban him from your respective wins.

I understand this is primarily a political forum, but this could also be a place to bring back other forums like TheRedPill, NoFap, Technology, along with others that I dont know about. The reason for the above 3 is as follows:

  1. The Red Pill - Men need legitimate dating, sexual and social advice in todays world where masculinity is basically banned from the public forums. The red pill will be that forum. It exists still on reddit, but is on life support

  2. No Fap - Porn is ruining a lot of young men's lives. Reddit is consistently on the verge of quarantining this sub because of "misinformation" and "hate." It would be useful to keep this alive

  3. Technology - Any right leaning technological criticism is removed. There is vast censorship in this forum for any right wing thought. We need a place where we can aggregate technology news and changes that are going to be effecting are day to day lives, or will effect it in the future

If users will not have the ability to make subs, please consider adding these 3 as I think they would be very useful to the site

Thanks, MAT

That’s all.


Mods, please enforce ON TOPIC.

Perhaps merely relocate to the proper sub.

I'm not someone who tends to want to ban users unless they are spamming. I even like dealing with the lefty trolls from time to time. However, sometimes I notice repeated patterns of behavior from some users , and it would be nice to give them a custom label so I can remember it and decide whether interacting with them is worth my time or not.

Nothing fancy, just a simple text label. Maybe several. That way I can look at someone's username, read "Thinks Trump is cabal" and recognize that I've seen them do this before.


It just took me an hour to fix a typo.

  • I edited the comment and it seemed to stick after a few refreshes so I thought it was good.
  • Nope, half an hour later it's back to what it was.
  • After about 200 edits and refreshes it finally looked fixed.
  • Another half an hour later, it's reverted again.

I don't want to hear excuses, this is unacceptable. Fix it yesterday.

This post took me ages to type because of whatever the last "update" was. Every time I try to click a link, or simply type, every button must be hit twice. The first pops up the nav buttons for a second, where you have a brief window to either type 3 letters or manage to follow a link.

I have a Google Pixel 2 XL and I use Chrome. Haven't had any issues until yesterday. The site is impossible to use on mobile now

I can’t access it at all. Do y’all know why? Is it down?

It's something I've been missing since day one. When you hover over a link in the comments, no pop-up with actual link appears and that way you have no way of knowing where the link directs to.

Not that I've seen any phising or something nefarious but sometimes it could save me couple of seconds instead of opening a link to a story that I'm not gonna read.

There have been times I unknowingly click the icon thinking it's a text post. I don't enjoy clicking on links, so it does pose a bit of a problem at times. Would appreciate a different icon to denote between the two.

I wanted to reply to a post using an image. How can I do that without making a post that doesn't need to be made?


Far too often, right-wing sites tend to be bloated and filled with annoying pop-ups and javascripts.

The .win sites are clean, free of crap, quick, and responsive. You harken back to the good old days before data harvesting and ad-selling and monetization and shitty coding ruined the interwebs.

Thanks. Regardless of your politics From a technical point of view, the .win websites are a case study in how to make a good website.

Hi all.

This is my fourth attempt, over twelve days, to contact the moderators of c/Positive regarding the removal of a post.

I would prefer to remain discrete, and bear no ill-will to the moderation team, but since I have had no reply, I am uncertain if my messages have been received.

My initial protest is below. Mods, would one of you please respond to this post so I can know that something is happening in this regard?

Without animus,


INITIAL PROTEST: "I'd like to protest the removal of the post https://communities.win/p/12jJZG8hvQ

"I recognize that the post was unusual material for c/Positive, but I'd assert that it was important for this sub. It can get discouraging to a weary, disheartened visitor from The Donald, to see a front page full of beautiful things that feel far away and out of reach.

"By contrast, I wish to encourage the embattled here that the positive stands right before them - that their stand is beautiful and not in vain.

"Positivity is not hiding bad. It is the choice to set one's mind on what is good and noble."


Since the topmod of this .win community is allowed to do that, does the rules apply to everyone? u/C


Reddit is censoring us and as soon as we reach 100,000, we are toast. I'm on very friendly terms with the mod at NNN and he's set up a ruqqus board for refugees. I prefer here than ruqqus because this place is more fun and gets more traffic. Plus the Donald is here. I was hoping to have a .win board for refugees up and ready when that shutdown occurs. I was hoping you guys could set one up real soon, like in a week or so.

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