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ebz on national geographic (pomf2.lain.la) QUALITY 🔥
posted ago by deuces ago by deuces
Attila maces girl (cheeto angle) (pomf2.lain.la) CONTENT SPRAY 💨
posted ago by nonstopirl ago by nonstopirl


First I'm happy to see you and Blade are completely fine. I would never spend the time to write a long letter like this to any streamer, I am only trying to knock any sense into you I can as last might was a very disturbing stream to me. Hopefully last night was a wakeup call that this aaron carter/fan girl/ groupie streamer obsession is not for you and you're too old (almost 50) to engage in this kind of behavior.No matter how many times Blade tells you "yeah people love me and pay to watch me get lit", it's a lie and the reality is far from it.Blade is the biggest piece of shit fat loser on IP2, no one can trump him in being a pathetic blob of a person. Before you ran through Captain and Mando trying to become the next streamer groupie (we have seen dozens in the years) we were all watching Blade nightly to see the progress of his toe deterioration. We watched blade because it will always be funny to watch someone who self sabotages themselves, pisses themselves and get into situations even a teenager would be smart enough to avoid.Blade should have proved last night he is not a real man and instead a pathetic cuck who was cheering on the mexican felon who wanted to rape you. Both of the guys were clearly scoping out the situation to see if there was a gun on that RV because they knew they could easily beat the shit out of Blade who is a fat slob who gets winded just by standing up.We all know how pathetic Blade is but you are very pathetic and selfish yourself. You have a 15 year old daughter and you are allowing Blade to bring home these 2 gang members back to your shitbox 30 year old RV to hang out for some content? Blade knew it was a bad idea the moment they stepped on the RV as when he saw all his prison tattoos he told them it was late and wanted to go to bed. He has zero self awareness, zero street smarts, zero common sense and zero respect for you and your daughter. This fantasy of being on an internet reality show needs to end. You need to find yourself a man who can protect you and your underage daughter because Blade isn't that man. I hope you rewatch that VOD last night and come to the conclusion this isn't for you and there are plenty of men who make enough money who will support you and your daughter who can physically protect the both of you and not be a coward who shakes the hand (and hugs) of the man who is trying to fuck you. I personally know you are more than likely cheating on Blade and only using him for his income, hoping he can rack up enough money to buy a house and pass on in the next 10 years but there is a better way you can deal with this, I know this is too long for the attention span of most IP2 users to read but I know you will read this word by word because you are obsessed with attention as I can clearly see. You want to be part of a real world show. Move on, get your life together. Last night could have ended really badly but luckily nothing happened. I feel mainly bad for your daughter who has to spend her teenage years living with that rapist loser who has zero disregard for the both of you and would hug the man who rapes and kills you and your daughter so he can hopefully be spared. He snitched on his friends, he'll sell you out just as quickly. You have been love bombed by Blade and its a nostalgic feeling you need and crave. Blade only love bombs you because you are the only girl he's ever been with in his entire pathetic life, and thats for a reason. Because most women want nothing to do with that loser. Be more like most women.




snot dangle tessi (media.communities.win)
posted ago by ygukhi ago by ygukhi

Don’t listen to that faggot donator. Continue doing you. If blades wants you to fuck dudes on the RV, then fuck them. Tell the faggy donators to figure it out


does this nigger think his sick stream is fucking content lol why wants a chelada but cus its bud he dont want it what a fucking faggot lol if your hung over drink a fucking beer faggot lol guys acting like hes dieing lol

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