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Advertisers (media.gab.com)
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Any time I hear them say anything about anything it's the most inane shit. People need to be tested to grow, in mind, body, and soul. Women aren't tested. Their mothers enable them, their father fawn over them, they surround themselves with female friends who, at best, want to justify their own failures to themselves, or, at worst, want their "friends" to be miserable too. Then any "guy friends" are actually just a bunch of orbiters who refuse to correct her because they wanna fuck her.

Social Media makes massive echo chambers that nobody has to leave, to boot. And these echo chambers reward inane, destructive, or otherwise negative behavior. I know only a handful of women who have been able to string together words into something new and insightful, with the rest just parroting what they've heard from men, at best, for attention (CoughTomiLahrencough)

Cut off (media.gab.com)
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US army (media.gab.com)
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Biden has a double agent that poses as him and the real one is with his wife in a secured location under lock and key which is why unlike any other President you don't see his wife with him AND he doesn't quite do everything the left want.

What I would like to know is how they'd select such a close looking/acting clone to make it look real where the left and the media don't ask any questions?

In fact Biden's double keeps doubling and he has many 'imposters' that change like Double Mint Gum. Double the Biden Double the fun! Double Mint Double Mint! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6JnDMpjwN8


Double the videos double the fun! Double mint Double mint!

Greatest threat (media.gab.com)
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Largest rally (media.gab.com)
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This is a really depressing thing to admit, but it will be Clint's last movie for sure. The dialog was all over the place, the plot was terrible, the acting was miserable. Overall, it was worth walking out on if I hadn't been there with family members.

This is/was my Great-Grandfather. He died in 2018, i did not show up to his sea-funeral.

The title of his self-published book is "About Me and about God and the World", which is a rough translation from german "Über Mich und über Gott und die Welt" http://www.erinnerungsbibliothek-ddr.de/breinlinger1.htm Edit: The site can be translated. The english translation is actually pretty decent.

"Your great-grandfather was a decently-high ranking local party functionairy in the SED, in the small city of Wolgast" - That is what i had often been told at family get-togethers.

My grandmother had a viciously strict homelife. And STILL joined Die Linke (The Left, german political party), took part in local politics etc. And now that she has been in retirement for a few years, whenever i try to bring up the things that happened in the GDR or the things that happen now, she only gives me the "Not our problem anymore, me and your step-grandfather 'aren't part of this world anymore'" headdesk They seriously think that whatever is going to happen will be on a timescale where they are already dead.

And my family is seriously wondering why i'm a rIgHt WiNgEr. With a family history like that, who WOULDN'T turn to the Right-Libertarian-Antikomintern side?! As a human i loved my great-pops but as a person... Teens would say, "Yikes".


What if during the farce impeachment trials while we were all distracted with circular arguments online the socialist and communists were busy building their AI super powers to control the web and economy deeper and planned the election being diverted? In fact it makes me wonder how far ahead they planned this election and if COVID had anything to do with speeding their plans up?

Personally I feel Trump should've seen this coming as his son's often warned about the power of big tech and it would screw up the elections if he ignored it but it appeared the warnings went unheeded and look where we are! I REAAAAAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY wanted to scream in his face the obvious threats he kept ignoring cause I wanted him to win. I KNEW the left would drop the other shoe on us. I just wasn't sure how I figured it would be getting Trump to declare martial law in some BS false flag so he would be blamed.

Since the elections were not shut down by anarchists I figured we were in the clear BOY OH BOY should I have known!!!!

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