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Can we start a boycott thread? We keep giving money to these companies who don’t only not care about staying out of politics but appease and normalize a small vocal minority.

Can we start a list with some decent alternatives?

  • CNN
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Sony
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Google
  • Disney
  • McDonalds
  • Chase
  • Reddit (LOL)

This list could go on and the alternatives might not be better but the point should be to drive down their business so the other isle is heard. A bunch of kids in Wall Street bets took on the hedge funds.

I think If organized right, planned a day to boycott and to continue that day forward, the momentum could build.

ie) say Disney plus for example, we gain traction in the community and set a date to cancel ESPN, Disney, Netflix etc.. the cancel requests hitting their servers will be overwhelming. It will cause panic in the companies. Especially a week or so before earnings calls. When they have to report active users month to month to their investors.


I just got into a road rage incident. I was driving down my street. 30 mph, plus it's a school zone with kids in school. Some asshole starts tailgating. I'm not even 500 ft from my house and already being tail gated, great. This asshole then passes me. He drives into the bicycle lane to pass me. So I gave him a honk. This dude then slams on his breaks and tries to cause an accident. Well fuck this, there's only 2 types of people that do that. Ghetto blacks or big dumb Russians. I didn't engage so we go on down the road.

I catch up to him at a stop light, I'm turning left, he's in the center lane a car length ahead. Well, out from the shitty beat up minivan steps a big giant dumb Russian who looks like he's piss drunk and he start mad dogging me. I had my sun glasses on so I ignored him. My blood was pupping and all I could think of is running the guy over is he comes near me.

He gets back in the shitty minivan. Then he pulls out into traffic, as the light is still red. He almost causes a massive accident. Center lane, drives out takes a left.

Fuck, I was just going to the gas station to get some beef jerky.

I've been on Reddit long ago, and this software looks somewhat like Reddit. What are the limits here?

  1. Are there limits on image sizes?
  2. Can I post an image directly here or does the image have to be on an image hosting site?

Trump's last couple years in office didn't see this many shootings in a whole year. But then, he wasn't trying to push gun control. Weird.

With the good cast. Norm Macdonald, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler.

the 90s was the only time I think SNL was hilarious. Netflix used to have all the seasons, but I have no idea where to watch it now.

Legally would be preferable. Anyone know?


edit: LMAO BANNED BY THE BRAZILIAN MOD https://files.catbox.moe/uo06zt.png

never forget, germany vs brazil 7-1

Hi, frens.

Did you know that this chump - https://greatawakening.win/u/NessInOnett/ visits subreddits that hate you and I, and asks them to brigade us?


Mod team is, and always has been, compromised.

Hi folks.

I suppose this is a shower thought. Hope you don't mind me sharing it.

I have the bad habit of forgetting to lock my workphone's screen when I put it in my pocket. It's a terrible thing, I know; but I don't have this phone hooked up to bank accounts or my personal email, so it hasn't been too bad yet.

Yesterday, though, when I pulled my phone out and saw it was on a website for fantasy baseball (something I'm uninterested in), I began wondering whether there is a bot or marketing software trying to figure out what my left leg's interests are.

So far, based on my memory, my leg

  1. Is obsessed with the weather
  2. Likes to learn about insurance
  3. Is interested in ferns
  4. Listens to funky jazz

I'd like to think that someone is hard at work trying to find that perfect advertisement that will encourage my leg to finally buy something.

Looking for a room to rent in a house w/ garage and yard and a big dog my big dog can play with

Long shot posting on here but w/e. Cant continue living with hive mind scum

Any whiskey drinkers here? (media.communities.win)
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The longest ten seconds in music history starts @1:46

DMX - Damien (www.youtube.com)
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I'm so sick of seeing this community, which was intended to be an open forum for discussion for conservatives being reduced to race bating posts by shills and leftist operators.

We need to take it back.

Shut these fucks down. Downvote them, and call them out when you see them.

It's gotten absolutely ridiculous. People scared to call out the overtly racist fucks because you're scared of a downvote. Might as well be "racist reddit" at this point.

Most of these mouth breathers are likely racist reddit shills here to make us look bad, anyway.

Shut them down.

It's possible to talk about legitimate issues regarding race without tolerating fuckers that have to sling slurs and overt hate.

We're better than this. It's why we exist. Downvote and report these toxic fucks so we can have adult conversation without them associating ALL OF YOU with their overt hate.

SO sick of it. I just wanted to be on a forum where we could discuss shit without fucktards nastsying it up with their low brow stupidity.


So the real question is: How many of them are reddit shills here to make us look bad, or how many of them are reddit shills here to make us look bad while actually getting to voice their true thoughts?

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