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Is the used market cooling down, or is that propaganda from the potato admin? Trying to decide if I need to wait a little longer and drive my car till the wheels fall off (which is coming soon). Thanks all.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/wGFGzVYd05c8/ Based on the 3 battery generating system from energeticforums.com

Post for discussion, and new thread for hidden technology.

I posted a variation of this previously with little interest. This is a fresh configuration, and I want to share the results. I have tied in the output to the primaries, with an increase in speed, but better batteries are needed. Please post any of your projects if you would like to share, or discuss any of these technologies.

Based on the 3 battery generating system from energeticforums.com

If you've come up against an obstacle in life you had trouble getting around, how did you get around it?

What things help you get out when you're "stuck in a rut"?

This might be the most profound way had heard this in reading and I'm not sure he knows how big this is/


It turns into a bunch of little nuggets in the mixer isntead of a smooth dough.

The IP2 Fucks Are Making This Place Unbareable

from NoTechMagazine

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has released a new report, “Cyclists love trains: An analysis of the bicycle friendliness of European railway operators,” which aims to guide industry and policymakers in identifying ways to improve the combination of two of the most sustainable modes of transport: bikes and trains.

This timely new report analyses and ranks 69 European train companies and services according to six key indicators for combined bike-and-train travel, such as bicycle spaces in trains and the quality of bike ticket or reservation channels. The report’s rankings show that there is much room for improvement in Europe.

Only one train service, NS-DB (Intercity Berlin), which runs between Amsterdam and Berlin, scored in the “excellent” category. Operators that scored in the “good” category in facilitating bike-and-train travel include SNCB/NMBS, SBB, Deutsche Bahn and MÁV-START.

One fourth of the 69 operators and services scored in the “moderate” category, including České dráhy, SNCF and Trenitalia, while the rest perform either “poorly” or “very poorly” on most indicators, including Flixtrain, Greater Anglia, Renfe and Eurostar.

PDF link to report


How is .win funded? We need transparency here. Clearly doesn't seem to be a popular subject but you don't do advertising and the sheer volume would be expensive. Who's paying for it?

We as members (coming from reddit) deserve that transparency.

Nitter - a privacy respecting front end for Twitter Invidious - dittos Youtube Bibliogram - dittos Instafag

It would be perfect for the .WIN communities to be able to link to their own front end for these sites. .WIN could even add an option to use these front ends when someone posts a twitter link, etc. so the links stay away from Big Tech automatically.

These are opensource server packages you can run on your own gear for yourself (or publicly), but would be awesome to add to .WINs.

The WIN of this:

  1. No data being shared with twitter/youtube/etc.
  2. .WIN quality of service (some nitter/invidious instances have a hard time with a lot of traffic)
  3. Seriously, screw giving clicks to Big Tech. - You can give your favorite creators $$ directly through however they collect it or spend money in their gear store, creators don't need youtube ads if we support the good ones direct, and the shit ones can go cry.

I think this would be a great addition to the .WIN sites and community. Thanks for reading.

P.S. I already use the Privacy Redirect addon for my browser for Nitter/Invidious/Bibliogram, but it'd be great to have Nitter and Invidious baked into .WIN communities for my mobiles, etc. where add-ons are unavailable or don't work well.

Did anyone else realize that if you searchbfor patriotswin.com on google it says no page like that. Any other search engine you can find it. Google needs sued also. Google has supressed my website and a few of my friends websites for speaking tuth...... cantmaskthetruth.com

Modern roaches (media.communities.win)
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I can see this community isn't for drama, and I certainly don't wanna start some. I just am wondering if someone is willing to give me the cliffnotes?

Side note: i never used reddit. Never liked reddit.

Full circle (media.communities.win)
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