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Just got through reading the "Who's going to buy BF6" thread and it just warms my heart to see practically 100% of the board tell EA to eat shit.

You guys are just tremendous. Everyone knows it.


After months of putting it off, I finally decided to pay the $15 to get Starsector for PC. I've been interested in this game ever since I watched SsethTzeentach's entertaining review of it (which you can watch here if you're interested).

Starsector is a single-player, open-world sandbox RPG/space combat simulator with strategy game and business sim elements. At the beginning of the game, you are the commander of a small fleet of ships. By completing tasks ranging from deep space salvage operations, surveying uncharted worlds, bounty hunting contracts, smuggling black market goods, and many, many more you will build your fleet to include more ships that include fighter squadrons, bombers, carriers, and massive capital ships. Every ship in your fleet can be customized to suit your needs. In time you will even be able to found your own colonies and become the leader of your own faction that will decide the fate of the entire sector.

The game has been almost universally-praised for its space combat mechanics (which I'm still getting used to). Combat is fast-paced and hectic, while also being very strategic. You directly control the flagship of your fleet, while using a tactical map to issue orders to other ships in your fleet. The game's AI is actually quite good, so you usually won't have to worry about your ships getting themselves killed by doing something stupid.

In terms of setting, here's a brief rundown: The game is begins in the year 3126 AD. Throughout the previous millennia, humanity created interstellar gates that allowed them to quickly travel across vast distances (basically they were like the mass relays from the Mass Effect series). Humanity spread throughout the galaxy, colonizing thousands of world and entering a golden age under a government known as the Domain of Man.

However, 206 years before the start of the game, the interstellar gates abruptly stopped functioning in an event referred to as "the Collapse." Humanity is now in a dark age as travel, shipping, and communication has been disrupted throughout the galaxy. The game begins in a sector of the galaxy that is currently divided between multiple factions, these are:

  • The Hegemony: A militaristic faction who believe themselves to be the successors to the Domain. They are the largest faction with the most colonies.
  • The Persean League: An alliance of worlds rebelling against what they view as the illegitimate martial law imposed by the Hegemony.
  • The Tri-Tachyon are the remnants of the Tri-Tachyon megacorporation. They are the wealthiest and most technologically advanced faction.
  • The Sindrian Diktat, a military dictatorship ruled by a charismatic admiral who opposes the Hegemony. They are the faction that produces the most fuel.
  • The Luddic Church: A theocracy that believes technology is responsible for mankind's downfall. They seek a return to a simpler, more primative form of existance.
  • The Luddic Path: An extreme sect of the Luddic Church who believes that violence is the only way humanity will be compelled to return to a simpler age. Basically they're ISIS in space. They are hostile to every faction except the Luddic Church and Pirates.
  • Pirates: A loose alliance of mercenaries, bandits, and looters. Bounties are often placed on the heads of pirates, which is one way of earning money. Pirates are hostile to every faction except the Luddic Path.

In addition, Starsector has an active modding community. Fans of the game have created mods that add new types of ships, new factions, and even simple interface improvements like reminding you to save your game if you haven't in a while.

I've seen the game mentioned here a few times so I know some other people play it. Any advice, tips, or tricks to offer? What's your most memorable moments in the game.


I have been doing research on this myself but was curious if anyone on this forum had anything to add. I know the main thing is to have a good battle system that's decently balanced along with some unique mechanics that are different from the standard turn based rpg. I suppose maybe a bit of action hybridization might help. Your thoughts?

Also how do you think an 80 s retro art style would work for a turn based rpg. Are the any more modern ones out there already that use a similar style to this


It works decently as a survival horror if that's your jam, but is a pretty shit Alien game because it ignores the lore and universe.

Now before I get into this, I have to let you know I'm the kind of asshole that will immediately 180 on something if it makes no sense or shits on whatever experience I'm enjoying. I'll drop TV series 2 episodes into the second season, games I'll uninstall and never complete and I'll just stop reading in the middle of books.

Got into a discussion with my wifes brother about this game. He really enjoys Isolation and thinks it's a great Alien title.

When I said I didn't care for it, he got curious and asked why.

Here are my responses:

At some point during the games playtime, the sneaking around gets old and tiresome. Even before my "quit moment" I had already resorted to running through sections of the levels and relying on the aliens RNG to get me to safe spots.

From my experience, zerging through sections as fast as you could was just as quick as "enjoying the experience" where you pretended to sneak around everywhere.

I could die 4 times and finish the section on try 5, while my "sneaking" doppelganger would still be hiding in vents.

So that about broke the whole mechanic of the game. I was no longer scared, anxious or on edge. I was irritated and bored.

But my quit moment.

At some point during the gameplay, certain weapons can be discovered. One of these includes a magnum revolver.

Now, my mind immediately goes to: "Well, survival horror, I probably can't kill it, but maybe I can stun it, injure it or at the very least, get a cool death animation as the acid spray melts my face.

So I waited. I became the Alien. Slowly hunting my prey. Setting up the perfect corridor and shot so that I could test out my new found power. I was fucking Schwarzenegger.

Heard it in the distance. Waited. Pulled it in closer. Waited. Saw it. Waited. Saw it running towards me and knew this was my moment!

I fired! Direct shot right in the face! Bullseye!

The Aliens response you may wonder? NOM NOM NOM

Absolutely fucking nothing happened. And I guess what pisses me off most, is that I understand why nothing happened; the whole decision to make weapons ineffective. But the laziness and sheer "meh, whatever" attitude that must have been moving through the developers brain brought my piss to a boil.

First of all, weapons work in the alien universe. Guns can hurt and kill aliens. We've seen this in multiple canon sources.

Second of all, if you're going to put fucking guns into your game, have them be accurate to the lore of the world you're creating. If you don't want the player to kill the alien with guns, render out a cool death sequence like in Tomb Raider where it shows your character getting brutally killed by the acid splash, or maybe maiming the alien but it still impales you with the tail before it dies.

Having absolutely nothing happen felt like the game was flipping me off.

So, I uninstalled and haven't played it since.

Thanks for reading my pile of rant :)


I can't remember the last time I saw a physical CD/DVD/BD Rom for a PC game. The last one I purchased (sort of) was The Division that came bundled with my Gaming PC in 2016. I still had to activate it with my Ubisoft account anyway.

I've recently moved to a rural area and my Internet now has a data cap on it. Downloading games from my Steam library is starting to get expensive.

Does anyone know if there's still a way to get physical PC games in 2021? Maybe a 3rd party company that converts them onto discs? I wonder how that would work for DRM.


This was the first entry in the series to be released by NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. This comes after the closure of Midway games where their last MK releases were duds such as Armageddon and vs. DC Universe.

MK2011 rebooted the franchise, and was a retelling of MKs 1, 2, and 3. The violence was shocking again with the X-Rays and Fatalities being unlike anything seen in the franchise at that point. Classic stages and fighters with more being release as DLC later in the year.

It brought back the Krypt, versus screen codes, test your might, test your sight, and introduced test your luck. It also had a very enthralling story mode.

This was a fun experience, especially the King of the Hill mode. Been a MK fan since the 16-bit days. Did anyone else like this game?


Still planning out my game but now the question of how to maximize my return. I am aiming for my first game to be priced 3 to 6 dollars.

Now though this begs the question of how much bang for their buck the players should get.

For a game from a first time developer what length would you expect in exchange for a game with the current price target. The game genre I'm going for is a turn based rpg so any answers more specific to this genre are better.

Secondly what would say is the minimum amount of quality content + length for a decent turn based rpg.


Generally in my experience video games made from movies or TV shows are crap, but every now and then I find one that's actually pretty darn good. Have any of you found any? What are they?

As an example, I got mad max on ps4 for free a while back and was actually very impressed and really liked the game.

SPEZ: why is this getting downvoted?


I bought this pc because I was getting bored with console games and the limits they have. But now I find that nothing keeps my interest anymore except for 2D platformers and turn based strategies that I pick for a week or so. Im starting to wonder if I need a new hobby.


Well, who are they? When you're looking to buy, who do you trust to give a fair and balanced review?

steam reviews don't count.


I personally am a bit iffy on it. After all the crap EA has done, also the whole bf5 issue. I'm definitely holding off on it.


Been playing since it came out. I enjoy the changes made to the game. The decreased time it takes to do hunts makes it a lot better for me compared to the last game MHW. Only thing I don't real like are the base defense missions. Really looking forward to the free DLC that is coming out for it.

If anyone else has played it what are your opinions of the game so far?


I was an Ebay junkie, then they decided to give BurnLootMurder $1.3M. I'm trying to move away from them. I have at least one resource for my Japanese games, but I'd like to find a good handful of local shops (i.e. "mom & pop" shops) for everything else. Bonus points if they have an independently run online store. I'm into more obscure stuff (think FamiCom Disk System, PC Engine, PS Vita), so the more eclectic the selection, the better.

Any suggestions?

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