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Edit: Since it's already been mentioned several times that Discord is a bad idea, this Discord is a temporary solution to the necessity of establishing comms while we set up something new, probably TeamSpeak. I'd like to hear other suggestions though.



Her damn Lightscale Trident is a piece of trash! It broke just as she was getting some good damage in! She should've warped herself out and got it fixed by Mr Denture or whatever his name is in the back of that shop with the Goron! But at least it's fixable!

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So I bought grime having recently got back into the Metroidvania Genre after playing Super Metroid again. Here is my review:


  • This is one of the prettiest Metroidvania I have ever played. Now though I said pretty, it is far from that as well…it’s gritty, rocky, surreal, and Bizzare. The visuals are if a Rocky Planet mixed with HR Giger art work, with Souls ambiance. Lighting is well done hiding secrets and revealing things as you progress. Particle effects are really nice as well as dust and dirt float around the rocky planet/world the game takes place on. Animations are smooth and the art design is where the game shines…this is an alien world, and it drips with that atmosphere. It pull you in pushing exploration with the visuals.


  • The trifecta of gameplay, visual, and audio is here. The music is unobtrusive, lonely, and haunting at times. This fits with the world seemlessly, as it truly feels alien as you play. The music is there in the background, and comes out more orchestrally during boss fights. Well done and there when it’s needed. This doubly cool when the music disappears and the ambient sounds of sand swirling and rocks falling give way to eerie silence when you drop deep into new places they are dangerous…this actually made me nervous at points to push on! Voice is not crucial as there is no real voice acting here.


  • This is Soulsborne to the core. Combat is slower and weighty, though there are fast weapons. The loop is a Metroidvania where exploration gives way to consumable items, new weapons and armor. You play a sentient singularity…a rock man with a black hole for a head. I don’t know why…yet…but it’s cool. You actually use your head in the games parry mechanic, weakening enemies, then parrying them which absorbs them netting you more Ardore (multiplicative stat the increases your gain of mass/experience). Mass is collected and spent as experience/souls to upgrade your 5 main stats to scale your weapons which you will imbue and make stronger as well. Now, the enemies you absorb will net you Hunt points which are spent on unique upgrades for your character so parrying and LEARNING to parry are crucial. If you suck at parrying, this is a Git Gud moment. You can parry bosses, enemies, mini bosses. Mini bosses are the most important to absorb though as they gain you the most powerful passive upgrades. If you die, you drop half your ardore, but it’s forgiving in that you do not drop the mass you collected. Now in Metroidvania fashion, you need to still beat bosses to get new powers to progress to new areas so that is still there as well. This all creates a great gameplay loop in a bizarre world. This game is also hard… once you get past the first boss, the gloves come off and shit gets real quick. There is some jank as this is an indie title, especially using ladders and almost auto stickying to them when dismounting them.


  • 10/10 would rock & stone in Grime again

If a topic of "Horror Game 1 vs Horror Game 2" comes up, some people will claim that Horror Game 1 is the better game simply because it's scarier than Horror Game 2 even though Horror Game 2 surpasses Horror Game 1 in pretty much every other category. What do you think of this?




This particular story is inspired by the round of D&D me and my friends played last night (me as DM), but any game would be acceptable.

So, for my own story:

My party has spent the majority of the campaign tracking down a Demon cult that wants to release the Demon armies to destroy the entire timeline, and have managed to track down their lair to an island that is known as the pilgrimage site for most of the worlds religions (using it to hide in plain sight essentially). They began looking around town to see if they could find any evidence, but the Bard in the party got distracted by the temple dedicated to the Bards goddess. He attempted to convince several of the other bards to help them....and rolled a Nat 1, leading to him being laughed out of the temple tavern. In order to have something to help heal his bruised ego, he hit up the magical infinite tap of enchanted wine and filled the remaining space in his Bag of Holding with the wine (about 700 lbs worth).

Eventually, the found the location and came up with their plan. The bard would use his Actor feat to disguise himself perfectly as a member of the cult and sneak into their hideout. Meanwhile, the rest of the party would be ready and waiting inside the magical orb the party has that has their own personal island and castle in a pocket dimension (they would be watching and jump out when the time was needed). The bard managed to BS his way in ("The adventurers we were supposed to be watching for?! They are here! I only barely escaped with my life, that is why I seem off. But luckily, they dont know where this location is."), and moved to the sacrifice chamber, ready to disrupt their ritual and save this timeline from Demon destruction.

The party pops out, ready to throw down, but the cult starts the ritual, which luckily for the party takes 1 minute to complete. The bard, still in his one surprise round, has a high enough passive Arcane knowledge to know how the circle works (at least on a basic principle), so he cast dimension door over to one of the people bound to be sacrificed and attempts to distract the cultist. He does this by......turning out his Bag of Holding and launching the wine at the guy.

...all 700 lbs...

Oh, did I mention that, as a magical substance, by my house rules the wine would be able to destroy the arcane circle (magic damages magic, unless otherwise hardened against such events)? I actually paused the game because I was laughing so hard, and I explained to the party that they just guaranteed the world was saved since the ritual now could not be completed. At which point we all started laughing. All because a bard filled a room about calf-deep in wine, for no other reason than "Lol, memes."

So, what are some instances for yourselves of situations that caused you to pause and say "That was so stupid, but somehow it worked."


Jade Empire is one if the best rpgs of all time and I recommend you play it! Its never talked about but it should be


Playing through Hollow Knight right now, charming and fun. Its rekindled my love of Metroid style games.

So I'm eyeballing Grime and Salt & Sanctuary. Anyone have any experience with either of theses two titles?

Grime looks weird and dope as hell, but I also love souls style games too. Im only picking up one right now.

UPDATE: Did a wild card, bought Grime. Its weird, soulslike, and pretty damn good. Ill pick up S&S on the next sale still though too, as I love the look of it.

Why? Because Game Pass, obviously.

What it is: a puzzle game aimed at kids. You’re playing a game where you take the role of a young girl who is writing a journal of the crap going on in her life, and half her writing a story to help her deal with it. About half the game is interacting with the journal, and half is controlling the character in the story (Because they’re never too young to encounter meta.)

It’s a short and easy game.
It uses a non-standard control scheme that works well for the concept.
The story is by Terry Pratchett’s daughter who’s been doing this at a high level for a long time. (Since at least Myst that I’m aware of.) She recently bent knee to SJWs, evidently she felt she needed to to keep working. But this isn’t really reflected in her writing, which tends to reach for what is universal and true. The story is good, and will hit you in the feels.

Spoilers follow.

The child is very close to her grandmother. The grandmother has a stroke, lingers on, and eventually dies. There’s a nice denouement when she picks up the journal as an adult and adds a new chapter.


It's set in Japan of course and I have no idea what their politics are over there, but man..when i was playing the game, it's one of the few times I had a great time just taking out an enemy that I could relate to.

"Bleach Japan" might as well of been Antifa to me.

However, I could have it all wrong and seeing the game as something else...and I'll proudly do that. Great game.



What are your favorite and least favorite and why? Mine are a toss up between Monster Maze and Hyrule Gamer. My favorite Monster Maze one is the one how shrines all connect and it goes pretty deep and why he thinks BOTW2 won't have them. After seeing how they work I am on that side of thinking........

Hyrule Gamer plans to do weekly 'shorts' whatever that means and tends to go more towards the boundaries of the series it seems like a recent good one is about the civilization beyond Hyrule and how/why they fled The Calamity event and which seas they used. Hint: There are 4.

Another good one he recently did is if the original Legend of Zelda would work in a 3D environment which is what BOTW was suppose to have been a 'reboot' of the series.

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